The Empire State of the South: Georgia History in Documents and Essays

The Empire State of the South: Georgia History in Documents and Essays

by Christopher C. Meyers
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Mercer University Press
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The Empire State of the South: Georgia History in Documents and Essays

The Empire State of the South: Georgia History in Documents and Essays offers teachers of Georgia history an alternative to the traditional narrative textbook. In this volume, students have the opportunity to read Georgia history rather than reading about Georgia history. Encompassing the entirety of Georgia history into the twenty-first century, The Empire State of the South is suitable for all courses on Georgia history.

The text is divided into sixteen chapters comprising 129 documents and thirty-three essays on various topics of Georgia history. Each chapter consists of several parts. First is a short narrative introduction. The second part contains the documents themselves. Following the documents are two essays written by historians regarding some topic relevant to the chapter. At the end of each chapter is a short list of suggested readings.

The documents themselves range from the usual: state constitutions, laws, and speeches, to the inordinate: plans for constructing what is regarded as the state's first concrete home, a corny campaign song for Eugene Talmadge, an attempt by the General Assembly in 1897 to ban the playing of football, and a 1962 letter Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote from an Albany prison that preceded his better-known Birmingham letter. Georgia has indeed had a colorful history and The Empire State of the South tells that story.

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ISBN-13: 9780881461114
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication date: 04/28/2008
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 726,010
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Georgia: The Natural Setting   Max E. White
Colonial Beginnings to 1764     5
Guale Game and Ceremony     7
Colonial Charter     8
James Oglethorpe Reports on the Settlement of Georgia     10
Oglethorpe's First Treaty with the Lower Creeks     11
James Oglethorpe on English Ownership of Georgia     12
Antonio de Arredondo on Spanish Ownership of Georgia     14
Proposal Relating to the War in Georgia and Florida     15
Pro Memoria from the Late Trustees of the Colony of Georgia     16
The Yamassee Revolt of 1597   J. G. Johnson     17
Frederica in 1742   J. T. Scott     20
The Revolutionary Era, 1765-1787     26
Stamp Act Crisis     28
Tondee's Tavern Resolutions     29
Rules and Regulations     31
Constitution of 1777     33
Proposed Union of Georgia and South Carolina     35
Land Grants to Georgia's Revolutionary Soldiers     38
The British Capture of Savannah   David K. Wilson     38
Land and Allegiance in Revolutionary Georgia   Leslie Hall     44
Georgiain the New Nation, 1787-1845     48
Ordinance Ratifying the U.S. Constitution     49
Constitution of 1789     50
Legislative Committee Report on Yazoo Land Fraud     53
Constitution of 1798     54
Governor to Be Chosen by Popular Vote     57
Request for Removal of Federal Troops from Georgia     58
Nullification Resolves     59
Western and Atlantic Railroad Surveys     61
The Georgia Gold Rush   David Williams     63
Political Parties in the Jacksonian Era   Anthony G. Carey     66
The Native American Nations     72
Compact of 1802     74
Treaty of Fort Jackson     75
An Address to the Whites by Elias Boudinot     76
Constitution of the Cherokee Nation     78
Cherokee Phoenix     80
Georgia Assumes Control over Cherokee Land     81
Worcester v. State of Georgia     82
Treaty of New Echota     84
Georgia and Muscogee/Creek Treaties   Grace M. Schwartzman   Susan K. Barnard     86
The Cherokee Trail of Tears   Ronald N. Satz     89
Antebellum Economics      93
Southern Cultivator     94
Cultivation of Indigo in Georgia?     95
Georgia's Economic Resources     96
Augusta Plantation House     98
General Agricultural Statistics     99
General Industrial Statistics     100
Agriculture in the Confederate States     100
Rice Culture in Low Country Georgia   Julia Floyd Smith     101
Cotton Textiles in Georgia, 1810-1865   Richard W. Griffin     104
Slavery and Free African Americans     109
Law Prohibiting Slavery in Georgia     110
Darien Antislavery Petition, 1739     111
Law Permitting Slavery in Georgia     112
Emancipating Two Georgia Slaves     113
Population of Slaves and Free African Americans, 1790-1860     114
The State of Georgia Becomes a Slave Owner     114
Restrictions on Free Persons of Color     115
Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands     116
William and Ellen Craft in Boston     117
Slavery in Georgia   Betty Wood     118
Free African-American Women in Savannah   Whittington B. Johnson     122
The Civil War Era, 1845-1865      127
Georgia Platform     130
Robert Toombs on the Sectional Conflict and Secession     131
Alexander H. Stephens on the Sectional Conflict and Secession     132
Ordinance of Secession     134
Alexander H. Stephens's Cornerstone Speech     134
Constitution of 1861     135
Two Views of Class Voting Patterns     138
Indictment of Henry Wirz     140
The Georgia Homefront during the Civil War   David Williams     141
Wilson's Raid through Georgia   James P. Jones     145
Women in Georgia     150
Mary Muscrove Bosomworth's Land Acquisition     152
Women's Riots during the Civil War     153
Activities of the Georgia WCTU     154
Farmers Wives and Their Needs     155
An Open Letter for Woman Suffrage     156
Women's Suffrage Bill     157
Rebecca L. Felton's Senate Speech     158
Eleanor Roosevelt Visits and Speaks at Georgia State Woman's College     159
Women to Serve as Jurors     161
Land Grants to Georgia Women, 1755-1775   Lee Ann Caldwell Swann     162
The Last Phase of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Georgia    A. Elizabeth Taylor     166
Reconstruction, 1865-1871     171
Sherman's Special Field Orders, No. 15     173
Constitution of 1865     175
Constitution of 1868     177
Black Legislators Protest Their Expulsion from General Assembly     181
Colonel O. H. Howard Reports on the Camilla Massacre     183
Reconstruction Ended in Georgia
John B. Gordon Testifies on the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia     185
Sherman's Reservation in Georgia   Paul A. Cimbala     187
Black Politicians in Reconstruction Georgia   Edmund L. Drago     190
Postwar Politics and Economics, 1865-1890     194
Sample Tenant Farmer Contract     196
Crop Lien Law     197
Convict-Lease System Established     198
Henry Grady's "New South"     198
Creation of the Georgia Department of Agriculture     199
Constitution of 1877     201
1880 Resignation-Appointment Controversy     204
General Agricultural Statistics     205
General Industrial Statistics     205
The New Departure Democrats in Georgia   Judson Clements Ward, Jr.     206
The Farmers' Alliance in Georgia    William F. Holmes     210
Jim Crow Georgia, 1890-1920     215
Atlanta Compromise Speech     216
White Primary     218
The Georgia Equal Rights Convention, 1906     218
Atlanta Race Riot     219
Disfranchisement Legislation     221
A Lynching Rampage in South Georgia     222
A Statement from Governor Hugh M. Dorsey as to the Negro in Georgia     223
Black Georgia in the Progressive Era   John Dittmer     225
The Geography of Lynching in Georgia, 1880-1930   W. Fitzhugh Brundage     228
The Progressive Era, 1890-1920     235
Tom Watson Urges a Boycott on Jute     236
Georgia's People's Party Platform in 1892     238
Banning Football in Georgia?     239
Charles Herty Describes His Cup and Gutter System of Turpentine Collection     240
Commutation of Leo Frank's Sentence     241
U.S. v. Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca Cola     242
Neill Primary Act     244
The Populist Party in Georgia   Barton C. Shaw     245
Governor Hoke Smith's Reform Program   Dewey W. Grantham, Jr.     249
Depression and New Deal Era, 1920-1939     254
Cotton Production during the Flight of the Boll Weevil     256
How to Grow Cotton in Spite of the Boll Weevil     257
Governor Clifford Walker Addresses Ku Klux Klan     258
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Visits to Warm Springs     258
Governor Richard Russell Address to Reorganization Committee     260
"Keeping the Lick" on the Georgia Chain Gang     261
The Three Dollar Tag Song     262
Martial Law Declaration     262
Emergency Appropriations Action     264
New Deal Relief Assistance to Georgia     265
Rural Electrification in Georgia     266
Georgia Faces the Great Depression   Michael S. Holmes     267
Governor Eugene Talmadge vs. President Roosevelt and the New Deal   William Anderson     270
The World War II Era, 1939-1945     275
Emergency Wartime Measures     276
State University System Controversy     277
A German Prisoner of War Recalls His Time at Camp Fargo     279
State of Georgia v. Pennsylvania Railroad Company     281
Constitution of 1945     282
President Roosevelt Dies at Home in Warm Springs     287
Thompson, Lieutenant Governor v. Talmadge     288
Governor Ellis Arnall's Reform Program   Harold Paulk Henderson     289
WAVES at Georgia State College for Women   Lisa A. Ennis     293
The Civil Rights Era     296
Poll Tax Repealed     298
King v. Chapman     299
1949 Literacy Test     300
Valdosta NAACP's Petition to Integrate Schools     301
Interposition Resolution     302
Sibley Commission Report     303
Holmes v. Danner     305
Letter from an Albany Jail     307
Senator Richard Russell on the Civil Rights Act of 1964     309
The Struggle for Racial Equality in Georgia   Stephen G. N. Tuck     311
The Albany Movement   Clayborne Carson     315
Modern Georgia     321
Gray v. Sanders     323
Governor Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Address     325
Constitution of 1983     326
Atlanta to Host 1996 Olympic Games     330
Governor Zell Miller on the State Flag     332
Georgia Elects Republican Governor in 2002     333
Agricultural Statistics, 2002     334
Manufacturing Statistics, 2002      334
Georgia and BRAC 2005     335
Georgia Republicans and the Election of 1966   Billy B. Hathorn     336
Governor Zell Miller, the Lottery, and HOPE   Richard Hyatt     340
Population of Georgia     347
Governors of Georgia     348
Counties in Order of Creation     351
State Symbols     354
Index     355

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