The Encyclopedia of High Altitude Baking

The Encyclopedia of High Altitude Baking

by Ursula Mohr


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Here for the first time an extraordinary cookbook who roots go back over 200 years and begins where other books fear to go. Banned from sea-level cookbooks, there are 36 states over 2,400 ft., so 1/3 of the nation has to adjust sea-level recipes, this indispensible diverse book teaches the secrets and supports on information that is often misleading. Part 1 has 6 major instructional chapters each with problem solving charts for fail-safe baking teaching you how to successfully modify any sea-level recipe, with over 300 historical and original recipes with measurements from sea-level to 10,000 ft.. Featuring lost arts such as multiple bread braiding, fabulous recipes like Prohibitions' Jack Daniels Chocolate Cake and 1902's Oklahoma Rocks (from a territory so tough even the cookies have an attitude!) The encyclopedia covers everything that affects baking at high elevations, tips and substitutions from the cross roads of America and exemplifies the great need that has been missing in American cooking.With easy and delicious time saving treats this book will benefit all from sea-level to mountain residents, ideal for new brides, campers, students, singles to seniors and everyone else !
brides, campers, students, singles to seniors and everyone else !

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ISBN-13: 9780615544090
Publisher: Thecla Press
Publication date: 09/18/2012
Pages: 252
Sales rank: 587,754
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About the Author

Ursula Mohr attended culinary school before enlisting in the USAF. A former surgical nurse and Vietnam veteran, she is an award-winning pastry chef and baking instructor. She resides at 9, 000 ft. in Colorado's White River National Forest.

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