The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry: Volume 2: Biological Applications Part A

The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry: Volume 2: Biological Applications Part A

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Elsevier Science


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The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry: Volume 2: Biological Applications Part A

The focus of Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry is on peptides and proteins, separation techniques, preparation protocols, and the fundamental characteristics as ionic gas phase species that lie within the breadth of the field of mass spectrometry. This volume is divided into four sections; experimental approaches and protocols, sequence analysis, other structural analyses, and targeted applications.

  • Frontier Research on biological, biochemical, and biomedical applications of MS
  • Focus on Peptides and Proteins
  • Suitable for new graduate students entering the field

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ISBN-13: 9780080438009
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/11/2004
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.92(w) x 9.66(h) x 1.32(d)

About the Author

Biography Richard M. Caprioli is the Stanley Cohen Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Mass Spectrometry Research Center at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is also currently Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt.

Michael L. Gross is Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Medicine at Washington University, St. Louis, as well as Director of the NIH Mass Spectrometry Research Resource located at Washington University.

Background, 1966: Ph.D., University of Minnesota 1987: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Pioneer Award, "In Search of the Health Consequences of Dioxin in Our Environment" 1983 -1991: Identified as one of the 50 most cited chemists 1999: Field and Franklin Award of The American Chemical Society 2001: Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor, Washington University

Table of Contents

CE/MS, analysis by (A. Moseley).
Chemical modification/damage (Steve Barnes).
Derivatization for Analysis (B. Griffiths).
Desalting/purification/microdialysis (Terry Lee).
Disulfide Bond Analysis (Watson).
Enzyme kinetics (Dan Farbris).
Folding/Unfolding (D. Smith).
Fragmentation Mechanisms of Ions (Wesdemiotis).
Gel Electrophoresis (R. Loo).
Glycoproteins (J Peter Katalinic).
H/D Exchange Methods (D. Smith).
High-resolution Measurements by FTMS (Troy Wood).
High Sensitivity Detection (G. Valaskovic).
Hydrolysis, Chemical & Enzymatics (Eckard Nordhoff).
Image Analysis of Proteins in Tissues (Caprioli/Chaurand).
Protein Complexes (A. Link).
Membrane proteins (Falick).
Metal Ion Binding (Baldwin).
Molecular Weight Measurements (Kondrat).
Neuropeptides (Nyberg).
Non-covalent Interactions, Ligand/Protein (Loo).
Non-covalent Interactions, Protein/Protein (Heck).
Phosphorylation, sulfation.
Proteomics (Jim Carroll).
Quaternary Structure (Terry Farmer).
Secondary Structure.
Sequence Analysis - Digestion/Cleavage (Grant).
Sequence Analysis - High Energy MS/MS (Papayannopoulos).
Sequence Analysis - Low Energy MS/MS (Shabanowitz/Hunt).
Sequence Analysis - PSD with MALDI (Chaurand/Spengler).
Single Cell, analysis of (Sweedler).

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