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The End of the Magical Kingdom: The Watchmaker's Child (A Fairy Tale War Satire)

The End of the Magical Kingdom: The Watchmaker's Child (A Fairy Tale War Satire)

by L. M. Warren

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Wendy is the real "wizard" of the Diamond Empire, a kingdom built on gadgets, robotics, and a free-market society. Using her ultracomputer and her Cadabra-wide surveillance system, she can spy on everybody and plan their futures, playing God, and pulling the strings.

But Wendy's secret is spreading quickly. Conspiracies abound about her father being dead and her entire royal ancestry being a sham. What will the kings of Cadabra do once they find out Wendy is just a lonely teenage girl holding unlimited resources and power?

Wendy's villains are increasing. Conspiracy buffs, violent protesters, witch covens, assassins, vigilantes, and multinational corporations are all determined to expose Wendy's secrets and destroy the "Diamond Standard", breaking the hold that the Diamond Empire has on the Cadabra economy.

It's going to take an act of God to prevent a World War, or at least the sharp mind of a watchmaker's child.

If you enjoy existential fairy tales that make you howl with laughter right before breaking your heart, and libertine novels that walk the line between trauma and comedy, The End of the Magical Kingdom is sure to give you funny nightmares.

ADVISORY: Although this book is not age-restricted, it contains graphic violence, horrific scenes of emotional abuse, foul language, and controversial subject matter.

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Publisher: L. M. Warren
Publication date: 04/04/2021
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About the Author

L. M. Warren is a freelance writer, humorist, novelist, and prophet. “Real Estate in Deltosa” was published in Chimeraworld #6. Published novels include The End of the Magical Kingdom series (1: The Evil Princess, 2: The Saint of Science, 3: The Watchmaker's Child), Attempted Rapture, and Raining Cats and Dogs.

The final episode of The End of the Magical Kingdom, The Broken Divine, is coming in Winter 2021.

Warren explains being accustomed to being the “lone wolf”, in most storytelling endeavors – the tortured artist who captivates the audience but never actually gets invited to all the Capote-esque aftershow parties. The author's tendency to withdraw from groups naturally drew a target audience of anti-socials, outliers, and ageless Orwellian types. “I grew up lacking a strong base of friends and writing so was my outlet for excess energy and booming creativity. The first works I ever wrote as a child and read aloud were either praised for being unusually realistic or criticized for being too disturbing.”

Some critics of Warren say the writer can’t decide whether to hurt someone’s feelings or make them belly laugh. An antagonistic writer in soul, Warren strikes at the heart and tickles the funny bone – all the while poking people with uncomfortable truths and from multiple points of view. “I do tend to challenge my reader,” Warren says, “because I believe the Writer has an obligation to be a Teacher, not just an Entertainer. Mainly, my motivation is to help open the minds and hearts of people just a little bit more. We need more tolerance, more deep thinking, and yes, more revolution in our society.”

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