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Springer Paris
The Engineering of Sport 7: Vol. 1 / Edition 1

The Engineering of Sport 7: Vol. 1 / Edition 1

by Margaret Estivalet, Pierre Brisson


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ISBN-13: 9782287990533
Publisher: Springer Paris
Publication date: 03/26/2009
Edition description: 1st ed. 2008. 2nd printing 2009
Pages: 716
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Effects of Body Weight on Ski Jumping Performances under the New FIS Rules (P3).- Calculated Golf Ball Performance Based on Measured Visco-hyperelastic Material Properties (P5).- Interaction of Flexor Tendons and Pulleys in Sport Climbing (P6).- Friction Between Players’Hands and Sports Equipment (P7).- Development of a Comfort Model for Cricket Leg Guards (P9).- Enabling Technologies for Robust Performance Monitoring (P10).- An Objective Performance and Quality Comparison of Drivers from Different Market Sectors (P11).- Defining Strategies for Novel Snowboard Design (P12).- Business Process Modelling and its Use Within an Elite Training Environment (P15).- Accelerometer Profile Recognition of Swimming Strokes (P17).- Evaluation of Start Techniques in Sports Swimming by Dynamics Simulation (P18).- A simulation of outrigger canoe paddling Performance (P19).- The Dynamic Compaction of Cricket Soils for Pitch Preparation (P20).- Experimental Validation of a Finite-element Model of a Tennis Racket String-bed (P21).- Experimental Validation of a Tennis Ball Finite-element Model for Different Temperatures (P22).- Nonlinear Dynamics of a Simplified Skateboard Model (P24).- Cricket Batting Stroke Timing of a Batsman When Facing a Bowler and a Bowling Machine (P26).- Estimation of a Runner’s Speed Based on Chest-belt Integrated Inertial Sensors (P27).- Design and Construction of a Custom-made Lightweight Carbon Fibre Wheelchair (P28).- Design and Implementation of a Rugby-specific Garment Evaluation Trial (P30).- Open Rotator Cuff Surgery in Swiss Elite Rock Climbers (P31).- A Quantitative Analysis Of Beach Casting (P33).- An Assessment of Sensing Technologies to Monitor The Collision of a Baseball and Bat (P34).- Correlation Between the Linear Impulse and Golf Ball Spin Rate (P35).- Dynamics-based Force Sensor Using Accelerometers-application of Hammer Throw Training Aid- (P37).- Influence of Pedal Foot Position on Muscular Activity during Ergometer Cycling (P39).-Accurate Trajectory and Orientation of a Motorcycle derived from low-cost Satellite and Inertial Measurement Systems (P42).- Wireless Impact Measurement for Martial Arts (P43).- A Comparative Study of Ball Launch Measurement Systems; Soccer Case Study (P44).- Testing Protocol for Quantitative Comparison of Top of the Range Soccer Boots (P45).- Development of a Measurement-Prosthesis for a Ski Boot Test Bench (P48).- Development of Multi-platform Instrumented Force Pedals for Track Cycling (P49).- In-Situ Measurement of Clipless Cycling Pedal Floating Angles (P51).- Correlation Between Treadmill Acceleration, Plantar Pressure, and Ground Reaction Force During Running (P52).- Development of Immediate Feedback Software for Optimising Glide Performance and Time of Initiating Post-Glide Actions (P56).- Rod Response Analysis to Fish Bite Based on Multi-link Model Solved by Lower Triangularization of Sparse Symmetric Coefficient-matrix (57).- Design and Manufacture of Customised Orthotics for Sporting Applications (P62).- Analysis of Snowboard Stiffness and Camber Properties for Different Riding Styles (P65).- The Fluctuating Flight Trajectory of a Non-Spinning Punted Ball in Rugby (P67).- Aerodynamics of Bicycle Helmets (P68).- Aerodynamics of Cricket Ball-an Effect of Seams (P70).- Numerical Modelling of the Flow Around Rowing Oar Blades (P71).- The Acute Response to a Garment-based Elastic Thoracic Load, Applied During Exercise on Inspiratory Muscle Strength and Pulmonary Function (P72).- Aerodynamic Performance of Cycling Time Trial Helmets (P76).- Physical Motion Analysis of Nordic Walking (P77).- Driving Performance Variability Among Elite Golfers (P79).- Power Measurement in Cycling using inductive Coupling of Energy and Data (P80).- Online-Monitoring of Multiple Track Cyclists During Training and Competition (P81).- A Model Predictive Controller for Sensor-based Training Optimization of a Cyclist Group (P82).- A Dynamic Heart Rate Prediction Model for Training Opt

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