The English Civil Wars 1642-1649

The English Civil Wars 1642-1649

by Bob Carruthers


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This is the definitive military history of the Civil Wars, which swept the British Isles from 1642 to 1649. The martial aspects of the wars are covered in detail along with a comprehensive overview of the religious and political dimensions, which shaped the armies involved in the conflict. This excellent single volume history is the perfect introduction to the military history of this turbulent decade, which shaped the destiny of the British Isles. This book is part of the 'Military History From Primary Sources' series, a new military history range compiled and edited by Emmy Award winning author and historian Bob Carruthers. The series draws on primary sources and contemporary documents to provide a new insight into the true nature of warfare. The series consultant is David Mcwhinnie, creator of the award winning PBS series 'Battlefield'.

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ISBN-13: 9781906783457
Publisher: Coda Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 10/26/2011
Pages: 130
Sales rank: 612,721
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About the Author

Bob Carruthers is an Emmy Award winning author and historian, who has written extensively on the Great War. A graduate of Edinburgh University, Bob is the author of a number of military history titles including the Amazon best seller The Wehrmacht in Russia.

Table of Contents

The War Begins 5

Anglicanism 13

The Independents 14

Presbyterianism 15

Catholicism 16

The Armies 21

Musketeers 24

Pikemen 25

Cavalry 26

Artillery 27

Civil War Colours 31

The Road To Edgehill 37

Essex's Army 49

The Oxford Army 50

The War Continues 51

The Eastern Association 77

The Western Association 78

The Western Royalist Armies 79

The War In The North 80

The Covenantors 90

Irish Reinforcements 91

The King Heads West 92

The Army Was New Modelled 96

The New Model Army 109

The Army of the Marquis of Montrose 110

Charles In Defeat 111

The Second Civil War 115

Naval Affairs 114

The Trial Of The King 120

Cromwell Comes Of Age 124

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