The English Orpheus - A Series of English Discoveries 1600-1800

The English Orpheus - A Series of English Discoveries 1600-1800


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Release Date: 12/06/1994
Label: Hyperion Uk
UPC: 0034571100166
catalogNumber: 10016


  1. Curtain Tune, for string orchestra, in C major
  2. Mary O'Neill (Carolan's Favorite Jig): Symphony, Verse and Chorus
  3. Satyr's Dance for ensemble (doubtful)
  4. Morlake Ground, for keyboard
  5. 'Tis only no harm to know it, you know
  6. Concerti (6) in seven parts: Concerto No 06 in B flat major: Affettuoso
  7. So spake the god. . . There in old Arden's inmost shade
  8. Concerto for keyboard in D major, Op 1/06: Andante
  9. Where the bee sucks, Op 11/6 (after Thomas Arne)
  10. Tell me, lovely shepherd
  11. Keyboard Concerto No. 4 in B flat major: Giga
  12. The Ephesian Matron; or, The Widow's Tears, a comic serenata: So, there she lies upon the floor...If I was a wif
  13. Trumpet Tune ("Cibell") for harpsichord in C major, ZT 678
  14. Tu es Petrus, motet for 8 voices
  15. Aria del Gran Duca Ferdinando di Toscana, for consort in 5 parts
  16. Fantasia a 3 (Music for the Double Bass), No.1, MB16
  17. Fantasia-Air Set, for 3 parts No. 2 in A minor, MB78/12 (VdGS Group 7, No. 2): Fantasia
  18. Salvator Mundi for chorus
  19. Solo [Sonata] for violin & continuo in E major
  20. Concerto in Seven Parts, for strings No. 2 in B minor, Op. 2/2: Concerto No 02 in B minor: Allegro
  21. Jesu auctor clementie, motet for 3 voices, 4 strings & continuo
  22. Voluntary in G minor
  23. Pavan and Galliard for 5 instruments
  24. O Jonathan, woe is me, sacred madrigal for 6 voices
  25. Come, Come Along for a Dance and A Song, ode: And see, Apollo has unstrung his lyre...,Mr. Purce

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