The Enigma Wraith

The Enigma Wraith


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The Enigma Wraith by Charles Breakfield, Roxanne Burkey

How can older hydroelectric plants like the one in Brazil be exploited by a virus that triggers a flood threatening significant losses to people and property? Smart cars are taking advantage of built in safety specifications, but is it really just a trap? What could possibly cause all the funds from an Irish financial institution to vanish? Could a NATO base in Europe be infected with a mysterious yet untraceable code that sends all of their combat supplies to the wrong location? What happens when your plane’s on-board computers tell you they belong to someone else while in flight? Are these all a glimpse of the new viral danger of the Ghost Code designed for devastation on a personal and industrial level?

A new mysterious pair of cyber pirates, known only as Mephisto and Callisto, plot to deliver their destructive payloads for computing control. Worse, the code has been trained to evade detection and wreak havoc on its target victims. And while their agenda appears to be a blackmail plot for financial gain, their true goals are far more menacing and capricious in nature.

In an intriguing game of digital cat and mouse with assassins from the Dark Net, the R-Group's technology experts are brought in to make sense of the individual issues and maybe stitch together a larger view of the problem. Jacob, Petra, and Quip find themselves pitted against their most nefarious enemies to date. Stretching their considerable talents to the max, they struggle to track down the source of the Ghost Code and craft a solution that can secure the world's technology infrastructure before it completely collapses.

In the fourth book of the Enigma Series, The Enigma Wraith, the R-Group team expands their computing power to assist their brilliant technologists. The award-winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, serve up yet another captivating techno-thriller novel racing forward with romance, humor, to the looming catastrophe.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946858092
Publisher: The Enigma Partnership LLC
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Series: Enigma Series , #4
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Breakfield - Works for a high-tech manufacturer as a solution architect, functioning in hybrid data/telecom environments. He considers himself a long-time technology geek, who also enjoys writing, studying World War II his¬tory, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles' love of wine tastings, cooking, and Harley riding has found ways into the stories. As a child, he moved often because of his father's military career, which even now helps him with the various character perspectives he helps bring to life in the series. He continues to try to teach Burkey humor.

Burkey - Works as a business architect who builds solutions for customers on a good technology foundation. She has written many technology papers, white papers, but finds the freedom of writing fiction a lot more fun. As a child, she helped to lead the kids with exciting new adventures built on make believe characters, a Girl Scout until high school, and contributed to the community as a young member of a Head Start program. Rox enjoys family, learning, listening to people, travel, outdoor activities, sewing, cooking, and thinking about how to diversify the series.

Breakfield and Burkey started writing non-fictional papers and books, but it wasn't nearly as fun as writing fictional stories. They found it interesting to use the aspects of technology that people are incorporating into their daily lives more and more as a perfect way to create a good guy/bad guy story with elements of travel to the various places they have visited either professionally and personally, humor, romance, intrigue, suspense, and a spirited way to remember people who have crossed paths with them. They love to talk about their stories with private and public book readings. Burkey also conducts regular interviews ofTexas authors, which she finds very interesting. Her first interview was, wait for it, Breakfield. You can often find them at local book fairs or other family oriented events.

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The Enigma Wraith 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Kwong Ling More than 1 year ago
“Enigma Wraith” is the next serial installation by authors Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey. It centers on Zara, a freelancing hacker and femme fatale working both sides in the middle of a cyber war. As introduction to the recurring anthology, she is given a series of tasks by the returning Chairman to wreak more havoc and frustrate the pursuits of Carlos and his team. However, her contributions wane as the focus shifts to the good guys, while the action and secrecy fall apart through inundating dialogue. Overall, the latest book in the authors’ digital adventures leaves much questions to be answered. A major question regarding Zara is her significance among the cast of characters. The beginning of the novel qualifies her accomplishments as a computer programmer with the proper determination that can be usually to the Chairman. In addition she is attractive, a key that was apparently rare with Chairman’s other cohorts. But just as things went swimmingly, her working relationship with the Chairman in the second half of the book is brought into question. She receives scrutiny by the Chairman and her workload is halved. Why would a successful pawn like Zara, a piece that can reverse the favors in this war, be left aside in the Chairman’s ongoing struggle against the Americans? Does this have to do with Carlos and Eric, the author’s seemingly projections into the story that eclipse Zara’s importance? Zara uses her physicality on unsuspecting males in her missions and, ironically, creates unnecessary attention from members of an American task force tracking down the Chairman. Instead of doubling up the effort, the authors decide to verbally brainstorm their way in stopping both Zara and the Chairman. While the humorous discourse shifts the focus back on the good guys, it is drivel compared to their plan to stop Chairman’s most promising cohort. Given that she is the wraith of the book, it would greatly improve the story if the focus is more about Zara’s foiling the American vigilance and the Chairman’s penchant for mayhem. Instead, the authors shelve her until the end when she becomes an unthinking object the Chairman discards in the showdown against the Americans. For a story that treks from the mountains of modern-day Brazil to northeast China, nothing is more important than the celebrity of the Enigma Chronicles and its cast of characters. A chance that allows the authors and readers to reexamine the enduring tales of hackers ends with uneventful endings. Zara’s impact and impending demise does not spell a profound resolution, for the authors fill the next pages with Carlos and Eric personal lives! The Chairman complaining about missed opportunities is reminiscent of Fu Manchu, the stereotypical antagonist having to wait until the next volume for revenge. But he has only himself to blame, because Zara’s interjection was never meant to create new dimensions between good and evil. Indeed, the authors have determined that “Enigma Wraith” in this entry is a mere transfusion in the neverending saga of the Chronicles.
Tariya M More than 1 year ago
It all starts with a simple message: Ghost code-patent pending. It seemingly appears out of nowhere, before causing chaos to the system and disappearing just as quickly as it appears. To make things even more difficult for the R-Group, a family-led cyber security organization, very little evidence of the attack is left behind. But the R-Group, who has had great success in defending others from cyber attacks, as well as leading the counter-attack itself, will not rest until the mastermind of the Ghost code has been uncovered. The situation is even more urgent after one of their own loses a loved one whose plane has been hijacked by the Ghost Code Written by Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkey, The Enigma Wraith has a little bit of everything: cyber crime, mystery, romance, drama, and even a little humor. It spans across different locations around the globe and a diverse range of characters. At times it reads like a James Rollins novel, where each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective, and as the novel progresses, their paths intersect. Breakfield and Burkey give voice to many characters in their novel, and, at times, it can be confusing to sort out who is each character. Several characters are introduced towards the ending of the novel, and other characters, who seem to be very important at the start of the story, don’t have much relevance again until the conclusion. To add further to the confusion, many of the characters use pseudonyms because their jobs involve high levels of anonymity. Keeping track of the large number of characters can slow down the reading of the book. The characters are also difficult to identify because they are connected on so many levels and by a history played out in the previous books, but not thoroughly explained in this book. These connections--especially the romantic ones--are relevant to the story, and, thus, another layer to navigate. The Enigma Wraith is a unique book in how its writers incorporate knowledge about technology and coding that will surely entertain those readers who have an interest in cyber security and data collection. Breakfield and Burkey are incredibly knowledgeable about different issues facing technology users today: hacking, supercomputers, cyber security, near field communication--which they explain in greater detail at the end in a glossary. For those readers who are less tech-savvy, those sections of the novel will seem slower and perhaps be confusing in the use of technological jargon. However, Breakfield and Burkey do a great job keeping up the pace of the novel, interspersing the sections of heavy computer use with rescue missions and tense meetings with the ominous Chairman and his fearsome white tiger. The Enigma Wraith is reminiscent of a weekly TV crime/comedy show, with its focus on witty conversations between members of the R-Group, who are all good-natured and likable. Though the dialogue sometimes seems forced, it ranges from serious and dramatic, especially between the love interests, and humorous interactions between the men who work together. A thriller about a computer program that has the capacity to steal data and interrupt the operations of everyday people, The Enigma Wraith will entertain readers as they work alongside a very fun group of technological crime-fighters looking to defeat the Ghost Code. Recommended rating: 3 out of 5 stars
PylesofBooks More than 1 year ago
It is not often that a techo-thriller pulls off so much, but The Enigma Wraith by Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey is one that should satisfy the casual reader. The fourth in the series, The Enigma Wraith pounds out a complicated plot involved two new cyber pirates, Callisto and Mephisto, who threaten to wreak havoc with their Ghost Code. In a world that increasingly blends into the Internet, these hackers want to show everyone the weakness in that. This is where the R-group, made up of Jacob, Petra, and Quip, enter to combat this new threat, and they will be tested to their very limit. Breakfield and Burkey have managed to pull off a decent narrative that incorporates something for everyone. There’s humor, danger, and even some romance. Beginning with seemingly isolated incidents such as an Irish firm’s funds disappearing without a trace, or a Brazilian hydroelectric plant malfunctioning, and even a NATO base in Europe becoming compromised, The Enigma Wraith shows how vulnerable our world could become when attacked from the web. The Ghost Code that belongs to Callisto and Mephisto goes uncontested and while their motives on the surface seem motivated by greed, what lurks beneath only becomes more terrifying. The series has been going for a bit now and continued to do so thanks to the cast of characters it brings respectively to the table. Even if the reader has not ready any of the previous installments, the characters are simple enough to sip into and follow the story. This is very much like the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, where there is an arc through the series, but each story is a self-contained entity to some degree. It makes the book overall more enjoyable and great for any reader coming to the series for the first time. This point also hits on how the characters are a nice variety of varying experiences that readers can attach to. They all have their struggles, so none of them are very flat characters, except for maybe the villains, who carry their baggage in the narrative. Jacob, Petra, and Quip are our familiar heroes, and with a dash of quick wit and action, they bring the rest of this novel together to a satisfying conclusion. There’s a little something for every reader here, a thriller with a technological bent, science fiction, humor, and even some romance. Any reader would be pleased with this fourth entry of the Enigma series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Enigma Wraith by Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkey is a meandering spy-thriller/cyber-crime novel. If is the fourth book in the Enigma Series from these authors. The book has a set of good guys and a set of not so good guys. On one side stands the R-Group, a band of cyber, financial, and technology experts. Most of these characters have familial or romantic relationships with one another. Among them are Julie, Petra, John C, Jacob, Wolfgang, Quip, and Carlos. If you have read the other books in the series some of these characters feel familiar, it can be nice to see them back in action. Opposed to the good guy group are a mix of individuals, government entities, assassins, and highly skilled cyber criminals. These nefarious malefactors go by names that are designed to convey a sense of danger and foreign interference: Mephisto, Callisto, Chairman Chang, and Zara. Over the course of the book, you get to learn some interesting things about each of them. The plot of the book is global in scope, visiting sites such as New York, Brazil, Italy, and Ireland, to name a few. There is a dangerous computer virus, called Ghost Code, hopscotching across the world. It has disrupted banking in Ireland, raised a commotion in a New York tax office, crashed a car in Italy, disrupted electricity in Brazil, and brought down a plane. What remains to be seen, is why this has been done. So far, it appears to be entirely experimental in its purpose, just testing out the capabilities of the destructive program. The book, aside from its obvious plot of international cyber-crime, seems to offer a warning on the need for cyber-security. It is also almost instructional in its presentation of cybersecurity. Examples abound of individuals and entities sacrificing data security for different purposes, mostly money. In fact, in the text, some Brazilian station workers brag that they have not restarted their computer terminals since 2006. As the good guys investigate, they uncover the problems that contributed to the crime. For example, social engineering played a factor. At one affected institution, employees were so shocked that a half-naked woman walked in that they did not notice, nor stop, her from putting a USB drive into a terminal and promptly walking out. They also learn that poor judgment on the part of several people made even the best attempts at cyber-security significantly less effective. All this opened the door for the cyber-attacks. You will have to read the book yourself to understand the scope of the full story. I do have a few notes on the style of writing. First, the story's pacing feels a bit off, with several chapters of important action followed by what seems like very brief and inconsequential chapters. The emotional connections between many of the primary characters also sometimes seemed odd, or not entirely organic. Overall, I still find the book to be a solid read with an intriguing plot line. The Enigma Wraith is intended for young adult audiences, but be forewarned that there is some sexual content and not all of it includes enthusiastic and affirmative consent. There is also some violence and death, but is tame when compared to popular television shows.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite The Enigma Wraith (The Enigma Series) by Breakfield and Burkey is the fourth book in the Enigma series. The Enigma Wraith is a mystery thriller and suspense read that will appeal most to an audience made up of a mix of young adults and adults who enjoyed the previous books in the Enigma series, as well as those readers who enjoy mystery, thriller and suspense stories. The Enigma Wraith follows Jacob, Petra, and Quip as they work against the cyber pirates known as Mephisto and Callisto in order to protect the world’s technology infrastructure before the host code can be used to alter the technological state of the world. The Enigma Wraith is a fast paced technological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I liked how even though The Enigma Wraith is the fourth book in the Enigma series, I was able to follow the plot without any confusion. I would personally recommend reading books one through three first to have a better grasp of the setting and characters, but it is not an absolute requirement for enjoying the book. I really liked how authors Breakfield and Burkey made everything seem so realistic; I could almost imagine something like the Ghost Code really happening and how truly damaging it could be. I greatly enjoyed reading The Enigma Wraith by Breakfield and Burkey and I look forward to reading book five.