The Enkindling of Love: Also Called The Triple Way

The Enkindling of Love: Also Called The Triple Way

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We read the Book of Proverbs, "Behold, I have described it to thee three manner of ways"; And knowing that the Trinity governs every science we can assuredly say that the science related in Sacred Scripture
Surely must represent the Trinity.
And indeed it does,
For the Wise Man has described these three ways
In a spiritual interpretation:
This triple sense In turn corresponds to something further:
For purgation leads one to peace;
Illumination draws one to truth;
Perfection is the same as charity.
When these three are in your possession,
Then indeed
Your soul will be beatified
And from these three it will receive increasing merit.
But training is required
If one is to ma.ster this triple hierarchic act:
By reading and meditation,
By prayer,
By contemplation.

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