The Enlightened One's View of Life: For Those Who Want to Go Beyond Mere Human Existence

The Enlightened One's View of Life: For Those Who Want to Go Beyond Mere Human Existence

by Geoff Pridham


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What is the best possible way to live your life?

The Enlightened One explains:

"The best possible life is where you have gone beyond your normal human existence, to the next level, as best as someone born as a human being can."

In the first part of the book The Enlightened One teaches his disciples three simple techniques for achieving this: Perspective, Evolution and Creativity. The more you use these the more perfect your life will become. He also teaches the disciples some additional, lesser techniques that can be used as they wish: Setting Life Goals, Making Plans and Acting on Them, Seeing the Panorama, and Living in the Present.

In the second part of the book the disciples ask The Enlightened One a range of questions on all aspects of life, including what is truth, what is right and wrong, what is the right religion, how should we live, what job should we have, what should we eat, what is beauty, should we marry, how should we bring up children, how should we deal with others, what is the best way to succeed, how can we guarantee the best health, how can we make the best relationships, and many other topics. The Enlightened One provides some interesting and sometimes astonishing answers.

The Enlightened One concludes:

"I wish you only the best things in life, which always come from going to the next level. In fact, being at the next level is the best thing in life. Apply Perspective, Evolution and Creativity as often as you are able to and you will live as perfect a life as anyone born as a human being can."

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