The Enneagram and NLP: A Journey of Evolution

The Enneagram and NLP: A Journey of Evolution


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ISBN-13: 9781555520427
Publisher: Metamorphous Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/1994
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.54(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 1Integrating the Enneagram and NLP3
Chapter 2Brief History and Summary of the Enneagram and NLP9
Chapter 3One: The Judge-Perfectionist21
Chapter 4Two: The Pleaser-Caretaker31
Chapter 5Three: The Doer-Achiever41
Chapter 6Four: The Romantic-Dreamer51
Chapter 7Five: The Loner-Thinker63
Chapter 8Six: The Skeptic-Protectionist71
Chapter 9Seven: The Renaissance-Player81
Chapter 10Eight: The Fighter-Boss91
Chapter 11Nine: The Floater-Harmonizer101
Part IIAppendixes
Appendix 1Glossary of NLP Terms112
Appendix 2Personality Type Identifying Interview122
Appendix 3Enneagram Quiz124
Appendix 4NLP Processes: To Facilitate Personal Evolution And Therapeutic Growth and Change132
Visual and Auditory Anchoring133
Future Pacing134
As If Frame136
Identifying Beliefs140
Categories and Sample Beliefs141
Reimprinting Process144
Reimprinting Process II (Self Esteem)145
Transforming Old Belief Into New Belief147
Change History Process149
Self-To-Idealized-Self Comparison Process150
Self-To-Other Comparison Process152
Identification of Timelines209
Well-Formedness Conditions210
Changing Timelines211
Building A Future Timeline212
Appendix 5Boundaries214
Boundaries Model215
Cognitive And Perceptual Developmental Abilities Necessary For Developing And Maintaining Boundaries217
The Boundaries Process218
Submodality Distinctions218
Peripheral Process219
Appendix 6Recommended Books221

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