The Entity Phylum

The Entity Phylum

by Agent Eph;Plateeney


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ISBN-13: 9781546203407
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/17/2017
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

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Agent Eph and Plateeney walk around a room, this room apparently didn't exist in the normal world. It was a dimension that you could only get to in a dream state. While there, they were able to cross reference about fourteen different entities that somehow exist on the planet that reap problems in the homes of many humans today. Agent Eph & Plateeney had the ability to interview all entities one by one. The following information concerns seven of the bodies questioned. In the end, the team was also allowed to cross-reference a human infested with three entities.

As Agent Eph and Plateeney turn a corner of a large room with very light yellow colored walls, there was one individual caged in a cubicle location. This figure is leaning against an orange chair. She was leaning back, very egotistic in nature, as she emits negative energy in a spiral around the top of her aura like a small tornado. The Entity explained: "I don't care if I'm here or not here because I can do what I want." As she looked around the air above her in circles, she grew temper mental. It seemed she might try to stand at any minute. The entity had a very dark attitude. You could just feel it.

Agent Eph was standing next to Plateeney on the right side and decided to write notes as he started questioning her. The Entity has the visual of a female, but with very bizarre energy. The face had been visually flushed as if her life force energy were drained from her. The entity didn't have a living presence within her, almost soulless. You could tell her blood flow was weak within her body. Her veins were visible with scratches & larger blue veins protruded through her delicate skin. It was similar to a vision of someone who was put together in a way. Maybe analogous to a tattered rag doll. She was put together loosely, but in a strange sense still humanoid with very negative dark energy. When she made eye contact, you felt a slight pain in your chest; similar to a heart attack taking control of the body for a mere second then regaining conscience ability. Apparently, after feeling the energy of this entity, one becomes aware that she does not play well with others. But you would never know in the human state of consciousness because she cannot be seen with a human eye.

The entity was leaning back playing with the edges of her hair which were long and black. As she did this, she enjoyed being interviewed as though she was egotistic in a way as I mentioned before. The more I asked questioned she seemed to be interested in the fact that she was being asked. She got into it, kind of in a sexual way. The more this went on; she would move her body from left to right in her chair. She wiggled her hips a little as though the more she was asked questions, it was turning her on.

Agent Eph just continued to look in awe. She didn't realize I was sensing and realizing this entity was manipulating the situation as much as she thought she could. She was trying to zone in on our frequencies which she was acutely aware that she did not have the authority to do so. I continued to look back at Agent Eph to make sure she was OK because I didn't have a clue what this thing was capable of doing so I continued to ask questions.

One of the questions I asked was, whenever you decide to do whatever it is that you choose to do as an entity - how is it that you can get into a human? How are you able to manipulate the body of a person? The entity smiled at me with a little smirk and said it's not hard at all. She explained I sit where I sit where ever I am, and find whatever human female I can find. She said I don't attach myself to males much. Whenever she has to be a male, it's a lot harder for a man to persuade a female, and that's why she doesn't like to do it. Clearly, this was a sexual entity.

As women, it's a lot easier because men are easily manipulated at all times she explained, and she can move her body while emitting a silent frequency as they start to look around hoping to attract her. As this continues she goes on to explain if she's in a bar, she sits at the bar. If she realizes something is not looking at her in the "woman host that she's in" she will try to go to the bathroom and see why. This is to figure out how to open up while they are looking at her so she can manipulate them through the eyes or through the frequency of what that person is feeling at the moment.

If a person is induced in drinking alcohol, it's a lot easier to do. She can communicate to the other Entity whatever the alcohol is in, and actually, they can combine their efforts to feed. She likes to do it by herself; she doesn't prefer to be with more than one but if they have to they will, especially if there is no one in there that particular night.

She continues to state the easiest way to manipulate a human is by being a prostitute. She said it's the easiest, most fun and ends up making money on top of it, which is the vice that the human stays attracted to. If she gets arrested and gets into any trouble, she just lets herself out of the human host and doesn't mind creating danger for the host they take on. Whenever the entities actions go forward and are successful, the entity can sit back into a host and wait for another day of full completion she explains.

When a male inserts his penis into a women's vagina, the second this takes place it opens the crown of the top the man's head. When this happens, he opens up all his secret inhibitions. Random thoughts with his children and any other situations are easily readable like frequencies as thoughts. This makes it easy for her to manipulate him again if she sees him in the future or at the current point in time.

The entity does not believe in the same destiny that a human does, but as the entity leaves the host the action is part of the subconscious delivering the host with the energy of negativity.

This power will eventually be challenged and dealt with by host the more contact they have. The only way a host will not be manipulated by an entity is simply by not being recognized. This is unlikely, but if so the entity will just find a new host. If the host does not drink any alcohol at all, he or she may be harder to manipulate. The chances of a host not joining in on the fun are very slim, especially if they are usually in the environment. This makes survival for the entity very likely and possible.

As the entity continued to explain the process, she challenged the point that she felt like she could start to manipulate me as a challenge. When I realized what she was trying to do I looked back at Agent Eph as she was taking notes. The whole time Agent Eph was taking notes and had glasses on. I knew she couldn't see the entity moving much at the time. I figured Agent Eph didn't think she could manipulate us. But as I started to understand the intentions of the entity in front of us, I began to worry about our safety.

This particular Entity can create a frequency through her eyes and her mouth whenever she speaks. She can change her smell. The entity's mission is to neurologically take advantage of the neural pathways of the host's brain. This is part of the feeding process, and the entity will not stop until it finds an area to attach.

Drugs make it easier for the entity to make an advancement, especially when mixing more than one blend of medicine with alcohol. If you do crystal meth, this Entity can control your eyes and the way the eyes focus on things & communicate with the brain. The entity can create your worst fears right in front of you while you are on the drug, and you will never even have a clue if it's real or not real. They create an altered state of reality and wait for you to be in a neurologically altered state. When the mindset is changed, they can feed off of the manipulation. When you start to fear things they work with the other Entity, that's part of the drug crystal meth. They combine their efforts to feed even more and more to get you addicted. It's no different than a hookworm or a parasite.

During full moon phases, you will see them a lot more, and the reason why is because of all parasites lay their eggs during a full moon cycle. Whenever this takes place, it would probably be a good idea not to go out drinking. You don't want to relapse or if you are in rehab think you are in control. This will be a large mistake especially if you drink alcohol or any other foreign substances. It is usually best to follow this practice at least four days after a full moon because that is when they are out looking for the host.

Back to her trying to manipulate me. Somehow while in this room, I was able to activate a green sphere. This area surrounded us both in time than a white one surrounding the Green was able to surround Agent Eph and Plateeney. The entity was not successful trying to get inside Plateeney's brain. The thing that is fascinating is that she tried even though she was in custody, and not allowed to do so, she did it anyway. This proves that this entity will not show mercy when feeding. It also indicates that this entity will probably attach herself to a person with a massive ego more. In this case, she clearly shows the personality of a hunter and enjoys her sport.



The alcohol entity as we walk through the room is a very shaky guy who does not know exactly what is going on or what to say ... basically, he is just shaky and nervous.

He tries to relax and tries to sit down, but he is just sitting at a desk waiting for us to talk. He is confused, he does not know what to say, just radically shaken and soulless.

His thoughts are scattered when he is spoken to. He looks around a lot and is kind of like a man that does not know what is going on around him. He is very unsure of himself with nervous energy.

Imagine a man he is just sitting at a desk confused, and he does not know where he is going next he is just there, but now and then his arm will just twitch like his hand or arm will just create a spasm. You never really know what he will do or how he will react. A lot of nervous energy. His physical appearance is a mixed reality or personality.

One: a skinny male is what we visually see, another is a larger guy very actively twitching and spastic, like energy flowing 100 mph but very twitchy. Not comical just similar to a neighbor down the hall with a lot of nervous energy. Not laughable at all just a critical interpretation of a man with undetermined power.

The best way to be descriptive about him is by giving the explanation of the way they explain being on alcohol. Some say that the only thing that gets rid of alcoholism is time? It's almost like he is coming and going ... like a wave of energy that comes and goes the same way. He is there one second, and he's gone the next. The shaky process is like a fissure between a frequency. It's like a holographic frequency is there, and then like it receives some static like a TV program losing signal.

Plateeney and Agent Eph realize they can sit down and have a direct conversation with this person in a chair because he is not going to run away. Plateeney can immediately sense that this entity is scared and he will not run away. He can sense that he will not run away because of fear. The entity will not try to be manipulative The alcohol entity is directly connected to his host but in time lingers because his existence (signal) comes and goes after time. Which will be explained? Plateeney starts to ask him how exactly how he is able to do what he does to a human subject? The entity is nervous and starts sweating. Apparently, he does not want to share this information. The alcohol entity has a very cowardly persona about himself. He starts looking at Plateeney and then starts looking around the room. He is very insecure and does not like the fact that he is inside a room with the other entities near him. He is very insecure about himself and seems to want to try and make sure before he answers a question that no one hears him. He is pretty nervous about speaking.

{Brief explanation: Every entity is their own; but say you have an alcohol entity that just so happens to be manipulated by sex or a sexual entity, you mix the two, and you will have a person that regrets having sex the next day because this is what the alcohol entity does the next day. The sex leaves the regret, and the two will be mixed.} Example: Say you get an sexually transmitted disease because you were drunk, not thinking clearly, and an alcohol and sexual entity were working together against you at the same time. The next day you will feel regret and possibly pain, but that will not leave you for quite a while unless you receive some trauma treatment or counseling so basically, the two when working together will always know they are leaving an everlasting combination of feelings that they have left their mark on you.

Agent Eph states the alcohol entity and the sexual entity should be pretty close when working together? Plateeney states well they are close, but they would much rather work alone. When they have to share, they are not getting a full meal. It's the way that they look at it.

Here is an example: The alcohol entity finally after briefing starts to calm down a bit but slowly starts to look more at Agent Eph and seems like he is ready to answer some questions after being asked three separate times if he was ready to proceed? He shows a gesture like he wants to speak to Agent Eph. Plateeney senses that he feels like Agent Eph is less intimidating to him to get the process started. The alcohol entity can sense that Agent Eph possibly had a taste of a drink the night before which he is very intrigued about, so he sits and waits for his first words as this coward sits at the edge of his chair. The alcohol entity started staring at Agent Eph in a blank stare hoping she may be his friend. He began to feel like maybe she would be more compassionate to who he was for some reason because of the taste of alcohol is within 18 hours in her bloodstream. Plateeney spoke directly to him and said: "look talk to us both at the same time." He explained this is not a situation to try and control. It's one where you are here to listen and then give us the proper information. Plateeney reminds the entity that he signed up for this interrogation. Agent Eph started to look at Plateeney slightly wondering what is going on? This was the first time either of us has encountered such a frequency, so we were also pretty cautious. At this period he turned his head and slowly his body in our direction and started to look once at the two of us and began to open his mouth nervously. He expressed "Depending on what alcohol is produced or where it is also produced. When the actual alcohol is produced and put in its processing that actually starts to make your body intoxicated. Every process is different. OK, that's why if you were bottled in say Mexico you don't get the same drunk feeling ... not everybody feels the same on the same alcohol that is done on purpose. The reason why is because if it were the same, they would not be allowed to do what they do. Because you have tried new drinks and you have tried new alcohol because you know it's different. It's not boring it's like trying six different drinks imagine sampling a buffet of different foods just a different process. It's liquid and you know it's going to make you feel a certain way faster or slower. Like if you do a quick shot it's much more alcohol at once. Well it may be, or may not be, but surely it's kind of slowly but surely creating an effect in your body the faster you drink, the faster you disconnect from your soul. The slower you drink, the slower you disconnect from your soul. But no matter how it happens. ... no matter how slow or fast you do it you still have the ability to create a trauma. Because if you black out that is a trauma, and clearly we are aware of that as entities. Whenever you have a trauma, and your body gets sick that slow injury in your brain takes place and basically what happens is kind of like a scanning process of your body trying to leave imprints. The imprints of the alcohol etc. if they leave too many marks you will be turned off, and you won't want another of that kind. But it's done for another reason. One example Plateeney started to think about was when people start taking shots, or they do too many of one kind of shot and say I'm never doing that shot again, but I'll do this one. It's still there the imprints are still there from wanting the alcohol. The impulses and cell memory are just being changed, but it's just a slight manipulation to want something else. The more you crave you may do it again with another kind of alcohol, and then may do it yet even again, but the craving never repulses you. Most may usually want another kind of alcohol or may try a new drink. But as you do this it's a more gradual disconnect from the soul that is the vulnerability state that the entity wants to get your body in ... Because the more you have these cell memories and the more processes that cross meridians through the body it becomes known as a liquefied frequency. The same way your blood is. As the alcohol continues to travel through your blood stream, it's sort of like telling your blood stream what to do also, so it's a very powerful entity because it will make you think that you are normal. Then it will show you that your body may shut down. Maybe you went to sleep while you were driving? Maybe you hit someone while you were driving thinking you had control to drive? No matter what, you don't reflect on your life which is why the disconnect from your soul was there because you could not allow yourself to do that. Agent Eph states that it really does make a lot of sense because when you are drinking the looser, you get it's like a slow trap. Plateeney says when you think that you are "not shy" because you have had two drinks, that is probably the point where you should stop. When the alcohol entity knows that it has another 30 minutes and if you take another drink before it tries to disconnect you from your soul at that very moment. Agent Eph states yes just about the time you are about to jump on the Karaoke stage. Plateeney states but the serotonin level when it goes up, and you feel confident then it starts its disconnect at this moment, but YOU feel good. You react in the sense where "I feel awesome how could it not be me," but yet you start singing karaoke, and you feel like you are the best singer in the world. The next day you realize that was not the case. Slowly you start to replay in your head many questions, Did I dance? And the next day you see yourself dancing on a video, and you say to yourself why did I do that? But it's ok because you are in a group of people, and everyone else was doing it too. You don't look like the only fool. But slowly but surely this is how they can follow through their mission. Basically, if you have a group of people that have a disconnect to the soul the more and more you continue to do this. If you drink alcohol daily and you connect your soul for twenty one days ... it's going to be a habit. They are going to stay with your cell memory ... it's not going away. They are the most lingering entity. They stay with you for three years with the lingering process. Agent Eph asks the entity a question about people who occasionally drink "party drinkers" basically not daily but say once a month if a person gets a "buzz" is it just as harmful? The entity states that it can be with an example of the whole reason you receive a breathalyzer test and it's still at a low state of alcohol consumption. The reason why is because even at that small state it can make your body do things it's not aware of. The alcohol entity also gave her another example. When you are in the hospital how much morphine does it take to get you to go numb? And how long does it take to get you there? A very small amount and not very long at all. Another thing to think about is if you take a small dose of a pain pill (which are deficient gram amounts) like 3 grams or 5 grams meager gram amounts and look what they can do to your entire body. Think about the doses. If you were to receive an injection of alcohol, it would do a lot of harm to you, and that's why it's a frequency that comes and goes, and you are dehydrated then your body is drained. If the alcohol could not do anything to you, then you would never get dehydrated. As it's flowing through your blood stream it's weakening all of the positive things in your body that allow your immune system to get better and better ... basically, it's taking all of that away, and you get dehydrated. There is no reason why you would get dehydrated if it were positive. And that starts shutting your organs down.


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