The EP's: 92-94

The EP's: 92-94

by David Gray



One of our young century's most widely embraced bards, David Gray cracked the public consciousness with his breakthrough White Ladder, an intimate, yearning set of sparsely arranged songs, but he'd been doing more than just marking time in the decade before. The EP's 92-94 collects his first three U.K. singles, from his 1993 debut, A Century Ends -- the passionate, affecting "Birds Without Wings," the aching breakup tune "Shine," and the rousing, folk-rock-inspired "Wisdom" -- plus their seven B-side tracks, none of which ever made it onto the album. The disc is rounded out by an enhanced program featuring videos for "Shine" and "Wisdom," which are required viewing for Gray archivists. Although he delved into more commercial-sounding, big-budget arrangements on subsequent albums leading up to White Ladder, he seems to have recognized where his true strengths lie. In the liner notes to The EP's, he recalls the period with 20/20 hindsight: "I was working in black and white when I was just with the acoustic guitar back then, and that was what I was best at." The stripped-down recording of "Birds Without Wings" is an excellent example, as his inspired delivery and emotionally charged lyrics take center stage -- no wonder that at the time Joan Baez called Gray "the greatest lyricist since Dylan." For newcomers, The EP's 92-94 will be a revelation, and for diehard fans, it's an essential document.

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Release Date: 07/10/2001
Label: Caroline
UPC: 0724381039908
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