The Equation of State in Astrophysics: IAU Colloquium 147

The Equation of State in Astrophysics: IAU Colloquium 147

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Cambridge University Press

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The Equation of State in Astrophysics: IAU Colloquium 147

Understanding the properties of the dense ionized matter found in the interiors of low-mass stars and giant planets is one of the major challenges facing physicists. In this volume, world experts in plasma and dense matter physics and in stellar astrophysics review everything from the cooling theory of white dwarfs and their accretion-induced collapse to the internal structure of low-mass stars and giant planets. They also cover a wide range of topics related to the equation of state in dense matter, from the fundamental basis of the N-body problem, to the astrophysical applications. Together these articles provide an essential review of the most recent achievements in the field and give direction for future research for graduate students and researchers.

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ISBN-13: 9780521472609
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 08/11/1994
Pages: 639
Product dimensions: 6.85(w) x 9.72(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Group photograph; List of participants; Preface; Part I. Reviews: 1. Equations of state in stellar structure and evolution H. M. Van Horn; 2. Equation of state of stellar plasmas F. J. Rogers; 3. Statistical mechanics of quantum plasmas. Path integral formalism A. Alastwey; 4. Onsager-molecule approach to screening potentials in strongly coupled plasma Y. Rosenfeld; 5. Astrophysical consequences of the screening of nuclear reactions J. Isern and M. Hernanz; 6. Crystallization of dense binary ionic mixtures. Application to white dwarf cooling theory R. Mochovitch and L. Segretain; 7. Non crystallized regions of White dwarfs. Thermodynamics. Opacity. Turbulent convection I. Mazzitelli; 8. White dwarf crystallization E. García-Berro and M. Hernanz; 9. Gravitational collapse versus thermonuclear explosion of degenerate stellar cores J. Isern and R. Canal; 10. Neutron star crusts with magnetic fields D. G. Yakovlev and A. D. Kaminker; 11. High pressure experiments for astrophysics P. Loubeyre; 12. Equation of state of dense hydrogen and the plasma phase transition F. Perrot and C. Dharma-wardana; 13. The equation of state of fluid hydrogen at high density G. Chabrier; 14. A comparative study of hydrogen equations of state D. Saumon; 15. Strongly coupled ionic mixtures and the H/He equation of state H. M. DeWitt; 16. White dwarf seismology: Influence of the constitutive physics on the period spectra G. Fontaine and P. Brassard; 17. Helioseismology: the Sun as a strongly-constrained, weakly-coupled plasma W. Däppen; 18. Transport processes in dense stellar plasmas N. Itoh; 19. Cataclysmic variables: structure and evolution J.-M. Hameury; 20. Giant planet, brown dwarf, and low-mass star interiors W. B. Hubbard; 21. Searches for brown dwarfs J. Liebert; 22. Jovian seismology B. Mosser; Part II. Observational Projects: 23. EVRIS: first space experiment devoted to stellar seismology A. Baglin; 24. The HIPPARCOS mission and tests for the equation of state A. Baglin and Joao Fernandes; 25. Ground based helioseismology: IRIS and GONG F.-X. Schmider; 26. The statial GOLF project S. Turck-Chiéze; 27. The DENIS survey T. Forveille; 28. PRISMA: a mission to study interior and surface of stars P. Lemaire; Part III. Posters: 29. Towards a helioseismic calibration of the equation of state in the solar convective envelope S. V. Vorontsov, V. A. Baturin, D. O. Gough and W. Däppen; 30. Thermal cyclotron and annihilation radiation in strong magnetic fields V. G. Bezchastnov and A. D. Kaminker; 31. Modified adiabatic approximation for a hydrogen atom moving in a magnetic field V. G. Bezchastnov and A. Y. Potekhin; 32. Computations of static white dwarf models P. Brassard and G. Fontaine; 33. The Chandrasekhar mass of a gravitating electron crystal D. Engelhardt and I. Bues; 34. Coulomb corrections in the nuclear statistical equilibrium regime D. García and E. Bravo; 35. Molecular opacities T. Guillot, D. Gautier and G. Chabrier; 36. On radiative transfer near the plasma frequency at strong coupling Yu. K. Kurilenkov and H. M. Van Horn; 37. Effects of superfluidity on spheroidal oscillations of neutron stars Umin Lee, T. J. B. Collins, R. I. Epstein and H. M. Van Horn; 38. Magnetic field decay in the non-superfluid regions of neutron star cores A. G. Muslimov and H. M. Van Horn; 39. On the equation of state in Jovian seismology J. Provost, B. Mosser and G. Chabrier; 40. Analysis of the screening formalisms in solar and stellar conditions H. Dzitko, S. Turck-Chiéze, P. Delbourgo-Salvador and Ch. Lagrange; 41. Theoretical description of the Coulomb interaction by Padé–Jacobi approximants W. Stolzmann and T. Blöcker; 42. New model sequences from the white dwarf evolution code M. Wood; 43. Low temperature opacities C. Neuforge.

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