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Essential Collection

The Essential Collection

by Stanley Holloway

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Release Date:
Avid Records Uk


Disc 1

  1. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
  2. Old Sam (Sam, Pick Oop Tha' Musket)
  3. The Lion and Albert
  4. Three Ha'pence a Foot
  5. Gunner Joe
  6. 'Alt! Who Goes There?
  7. The Return of Albert (Albert Comes Back)
  8. The Beefeater
  9. Beat the Retreat on Thy Drum
  10. The 'Ole in the Ark
  11. Runcorn Ferry (Tuppence Per Person Per Trip)
  12. Yorkshire Pudden!
  13. Sam's Medal
  14. Jonah and the Grampus
  15. Sam's Sturgeon
  16. Uppards
  17. The Recumbent Posture
  18. Sam Goes to It
  19. Brahn Boots

Disc 2

  1. Albert and the 'Eadsman
  2. One Each Apiece All Round
  3. The Future Mrs 'Awkins
  4. Sam Drummed Out
  5. Many Happy Returns
  6. Marksman Sam
  7. The Jubilee Sov'rin
  8. The Negro Preacher
  9. Old Sam's Christmas Pudding
  10. The Parson of Puddle
  11. Old Sam's Party
  12. Albert Evacuated
  13. Guarding the Gasworks
  14. Careless Talk
  15. Albert and His Savings
  16. How Long Hast Thou Been Grave Maker?
  17. My Missus
  18. With a Little Bit of Luck
  19. Get Me to the Church on Time

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