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Essential Maynard Ferguson

The Essential Maynard Ferguson

by Maynard Ferguson
While this two-CD set does cover a lot of the material Maynard Ferguson recorded between the mid-'50s and late '90s, it suffers from a chronological imbalance that keeps it from living up to its title as the "essential" distillation of his work. It's heavily tilted toward his Columbia output, which is understandable given that


While this two-CD set does cover a lot of the material Maynard Ferguson recorded between the mid-'50s and late '90s, it suffers from a chronological imbalance that keeps it from living up to its title as the "essential" distillation of his work. It's heavily tilted toward his Columbia output, which is understandable given that Columbia/Legacy is the label that put out this compilation. But that means that his recordings from Roulette between the late '50s and mid-'60s -- a period in which he's usually regarded as having done some of his finest straight jazz music -- is underrepresented, with just three tracks coming from his time there. There aren't any recordings at all, in fact, from the years 1963-1969, and the anthology makes you feel as though you're listening to two different artists: one a credible straight-ahead jazz trumpeter, the other a highly skilled one who embraced the most commercial side of jazz-pop. So listening to the collection, you can hear why he's both respected (for his trumpet playing, especially in the upper register) and reviled (for his rock-funk-pop-disco-oriented arrangements, especially in the mid- to late '70s) by jazz fans in almost equal measure. Listeners who are more pop fans than jazz fans, however, will be pleased that his '70s material comprises about half this set, including, yes, his 1977 Top 30 pop hit "Gonna Fly Now," famous from its use in the Rocky film. His more conventional jazz talents, it should be stated, are acknowledged on the early material that occupies much of the first disc. Overall, however, it's one of those uncomfortable mixes in which admirers of one portion of the compilation might have little enthusiasm for the other.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Maynard Ferguson   Primary Artist,Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Baritone Horn,Valve Trombone
Patti Austin   Vocals
Gwen Guthrie   Vocals
Stewart   Trumpet
George Benson   Guitar
Eddie Bert   Trombone
John Bunch   Piano
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Buddy Childers   Trumpet
Jimmy Cleveland   Trombone
Bob Cooper   Tenor Saxophone
Curtis Counce   Bass,Bass Guitar
Don Ellis   Trumpet
Peter Erskine   Drums
Jon Faddis   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Russ Freeman   Piano
Herb Geller   Alto Saxophone
Bob Gordon   Baritone Saxophone
Slide Hampton   Trombone
Herbie Harper   Trombone
Bill Holman   Tenor Saxophone
Bob James   Keyboards
Budd Johnson   Tenor Saxophone
Hank Jones   Piano
Shelly Manne   Drums
Don Menza   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Julian Priester   Trombone
David Sanborn   Alto Saxophone
Bud Shank   Flute,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Marvin Stamm   Trumpet
George Young   Saxophone
Jimmy Campbell   Drums
Lorraine Geller   Piano
Rufus "Speedy" Jones   Drums
Carmen Leggio   Tenor Saxophone
Ray Linn   Trumpet
Lanny Morgan   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Nick Travis   Trumpet
Mark Colby   Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Don Lamond   Drums
Stu Martin   Drums
Bob Summers   Trumpet
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion
David Taylor   Bass Trombone
Stan Mark   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
David Nadien   Violin
Danny D'Imperio   Drums
Cohn   Tenor Saxophone
Wayne Andre   Trombone
Kenny Ascher   Piano,Keyboards
Georgie Auld   Tenor Saxophone
Mike Bailey   Trumpet
Rubens Bassini   Percussion
Richard Berg   Vocals
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
Ellen Bernfield   Vocals
Lin Biviano   Trumpet
James Bossy   Trumpet
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
Tony Buchanan   Saxophone
Frederick Buldrini   Violin
Bob Burgess   Trombone
Jaki Byard   Piano
Danny Cahn   Trumpet
Red Callender   Bass,Bass Guitar
Jay Cameron   Baritone Saxophone
Earl Chapin   French Horn
Bill Chase   Trumpet
Vivian Cherry   Vocals
Jeff Clayton   Guitar,Soloist
Ray Cooper   Percussion
Armando Anthony Corea   Electric Piano,Mini Moog
Kenny Crane   Trombone,Tuba
Harry Cykman   Violin
DeRisi   Trumpet
John DeFlon   Trumpet
Denis DiBlasio   Baritone Saxophone
John Donnelly   Trumpet
Alan Downey   Trumpet
Martin Drover   Trumpet
Don Sebesky   Trombone
Bob Economou   Drums
Max Ellen   Violin
Graham Ellis   Trombone
Ernie Wilkins   Baritone Saxophone
Christopher Farr   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Farrell   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Paul Faulise   Trombone,Bass Trombone
Joe Ferrante   Trumpet
Chet Ferretti   Trumpet
Harold Fisher   Percussion
Jerry Friedman   Guitar
Steve Gadd   Drums
Eric Gale   Guitar
Tom Garling   Trombone
Paul Gershman   Violin
Sal Giorgianni   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bernie Glow   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Emanuel Green   Violin
Lani Groves   Vocals
Biff Hannon   Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Hilda Harris   Vocals
Milt Hinton   Bass,Bass Guitar
Frank Hittner   Baritone Saxophone
Roger Homefield   Trombone
John Huckridge   Trumpet
Theodore Israel   Viola
Gordon Johnson   Bass,Bass Guitar
Jerry Johnson   Trombone
Bruce Johnstone   Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Rick Kiefer   Trumpet
Gary King   Bass,Bass Guitar
Peter King   Saxophone
George Kish   Guitar
Phil Kraus   Percussion
Nick Lane   Trombone
Will Lee   Bass,Bass Guitar
Charles Libove   Violin
Andy Macintosh   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone
Willie Maiden   Clarinet,Flute,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joseph Malin   Violin
Harvey Mason   Drums
Charles McCracken   Cello,Celli
Chip McNeill   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Mike Migliore   Guitar,Saxophone
Bobby Militello   Flute,Guitar,Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Linc Milliman   Bass,Bass Guitar
Jeff Mironov   Guitar
Danny Moss   Saxophone
Dennis Noday   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Jimmy Nottingham   Trumpet
Linda November   Vocals
John Odini   Guitar
John Owens   Trumpet
Bud Parks   Trumpet
Nat Pavone   Trumpet
Rick Petrone   Bass,Bass Guitar
Ferdinand Povel   Saxophone
Randy Purcell   Trombone
Chris Pyne   Trombone
Lance Quinn   Guitar
Don Rader   Trumpet
Clyde Reasinger   Trumpet
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Tom Rizzo   Guitar
Jimmy Rowser   Bass,Bass Guitar
Alan Rubin   Trumpet
Kenny Rupp   Trombone
Sonny Russo   Trombone
Allan Schwartzberg   Drums
Brian Smith   Saxophone
Alvin Stoller   Drums
Tony Studd   Trombone
Paul Thompson   Bass Guitar
Brooks Tillotson   French Horn
Ron Tooley   Trumpet
Eric Traub   Guitar,Saxophone
Matt Wallace   Alto Saxophone
Alan Wise   Trumpet
Geoff Wright   Trombone
Frank Greene   Trumpet
Ed Maina   Saxophone
Emanuel Vardi   Viola
Lorenzo Martinez   Percussion
Jack Hanna   Drums
Lou Carfa   Bass,Bass Guitar
Phil Grey   Trombone
Lynn Nicholson   Trumpet
Arnold Fishkind   Bass,Bass Guitar
Phil Palombi   Bass,Bass Guitar
Dan Zank   Keyboards
Marko Marcinko   Percussion,Drums
Wayne Bergeron   Trumpet
Charles Greenlea   Trombone
Scott Englebright   Trumpet
Martin Nelson   Vocals
Bob Watson   Saxophone
Larry Foyen   Trumpet
Buddy Clark   Bass Guitar
Jimmy Campbell   Drums
Alan Schulman   Cello,Celli
Dave Throckmorton   Drums
Paul Thompson   Bass
David Earl Taylor   Bass Trombone
Joey Tartell   Trumpet
Brian Smith   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Randy Jones   Drums
Chris Berger   Bass,Bass Guitar
Carl Fischer Orchestra   Trumpet
Jerry Johnson   Trombone
Rusty Barker   Trumpet
Mike Horbal   Trumpet
Roberto Petaccia   Drums
David Ramsey   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Albert Woods   Trombone
Dave Taylor   Trombone
Marky Markowitz   Trumpet
Jason Harnell   Drums
Ron Oswanski   Keyboards
Mike Abene   Piano
Billy Graham   Trombone
Dave Taylor   Trombone
Russ Freeman Trio   Piano
Bob James & Creations   Piano,Keyboards
Ralph McDonald   Percussion
Ian Bernhard   Piano
Jeff Clayton   Guitar
Mike Zagalini   Trombone
Aubrey Tosin   Bass Guitar
Jimmy Ford   Alto Saxophone
Ian Bernhard   Piano
Roberto Pataccia   Drums
Buddly Childers   Trumpet
Jay Cameron   Baritone Saxophone
Adrian Dover   Trombone
Christopher Farr   Soprano Saxophone
David Lynane   Bass Guitar
Tom Slaney   Trumpet
Dave Marks   Bass Guitar
Alvin Zavod   Electric Piano
Dan D'Imperio   Drums
Jim Bossy   Trumpet
David Corrado   French Horn
Martin Nelson   Vocals
John Odini   Guitar
Randy Purcess   Trombone
Rusty Barker   Trumpet
Nat Pavone   Trumpet
Giuseppe 'Loon' P. Moselle   Trumpet
Charles Greenlea   Trombone
Dan Wetly   Trumpet
John Huckridge   Trumpet
Carl Fischer   Trumpet
Bob Watson   Saxophone
Pete Jackson   Piano,Drums

Technical Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Composer
Stephen Sondheim   Composer
Maynard Ferguson   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Dizzy Gillespie   Composer
Slide Hampton   Arranger,Composer
Herbie Hancock   Composer
Bob James   Audio Production
Bennie Maupin   Composer
Don Menza   Composer
Kenny Wheeler   Composer
Cootie Williams   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Bill Conti   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Michael Abene   Composer
Manny Albam   Arranger,Composer
Cohn   Arranger,Composer
Joe Zawinul   Composer
John Burk   Producer,Audio Production
Jay Chattaway   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Armando Anthony Corea   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Don Sebesky   Arranger
Ernie Wilkins   Arranger,Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Walter Fuller   Composer
Tom Garling   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Paul Jackson   Composer
Nick Lane   Composer
Jack Lewis   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Teo Macero   Producer,Audio Production
Willie Maiden   Arranger,Composer
Harvey Mason   Composer
Thelonious Monk   Composer
L. Subramaniam   Composer
Juan Tizol   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Bert de Coteaux   Producer,Audio Production
George Bassman   Composer
Keith Mansfield   Audio Production
Howard Fritzson   Art Direction
Jerry Rappaport   Producer
Ayn Robbins   Composer
Carol Connors   Composer
Enid Farber   Tray Photo
Kristopher Spencer   Liner Notes

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