The Eternal E-Customer: How Emotionally Intelligent Interfaces Can Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationship

The Eternal E-Customer: How Emotionally Intelligent Interfaces Can Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationship


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The Eternal E-Customer: How Emotionally Intelligent Interfaces Can Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationship by Bryan P. Bergeron, Ray Kurzweil

The Eternal E-Customer focuses on getting ebusinesses to the next level of customer loyalty. In the competitive world of ecommerce,the winners know that the key to success is customer appreciation and retention. Emotionally Intelligent Interfaces (EII) are driven by data from previous customer interactions,explicit customer preferences,and based on customer profiles. EIIs build trust and customer loyalty by offering shoppers the intimacy and individual attention they expect from the corner store. In this groundbreaking book,Harvard professor Bryan Bergeron provides a roadmap to get readers up to speed on all crucial business and technology aspects of EIIs,and explains how to create the information infrastructure needed to support EIIs tailored to their businesses.
* Focuses on achievable results using current technology
* Includes a companion Web site with links to examples of state-of-the-art EII technologies Foreword by Ray Kurzweil,author of The Age of Spiritual Machines For anyone involved in developing,specifying or managing the Web component of their business,here is a strategic plan that will work! Harvard professor Bryan Bergeron clearly and compellingly explains how to take advantage of current e-commerce technology to convert "clicks" into "sticks" - loyal,delighted customers who keep coming back for more!

"How do you win consumer loyalty in today's economy? Merely satisfying a customer won't result in a loyal customer. It's not enough to meet or even exceed a consumer's needs once and then slack off into business as usual. Loyalty is the fruit of a focused,continuous,well-executed plan of relationship building. "

— Bryan Bergeron Whether you're atraditional brick and mortar Fortune 1000 company with an evolving presence or a dotCom startup,the number one challenge in this era of consumerism is building consumer loyalty. Today,consumers are armed with more and more Internet-fueled information and newly acquired sophistication. Make no mistake: they are not predisposed to loyalty. They are drawn to convenience: lowest price,shortest time to delivery and highest quality service. You can't expect customer loyalty - you have to earn it. Fortunately,every customer contact is an opportunity to improve upon a customer relationship and to learn more about customer needs.

So asserts author and Emotionally Intelligent Interface (EII) designer Dr. Bryan Bergeron in this groundbreaking book that explains why EII's are such a critical factor for eCommerce success - and how to take advantage of today's EII technology to more effectively build long and lasting customer relationships.

EII's act as a portal into customer wants and needs. The interface is driven by data from previous interactions,explicit customer preferences,and based on customer profiles. Traffic to The Sharper Image's web site jumped several hundred per cent after the company introduced 3-D animation that allowed shoppers to manipulate products. And Lands' End not only uses 3-D technology to help female shoppers visualize how an outfit would look on them,but also allows online shoppers to interactively "chat live" with customer service representatives.

Full of clear examples,insightful analysis,and practical expert advice,this unique guide is essential for turning customer data collected by intelligent agents into a strong competitive advantage. Part I reviews the current eBusiness environment,introduces basic customer service principles,and outlining the strategic relevance of EII's. Part II examines the technological aspects of EII's,including data warehousing,intelligent agents,and virtual personalities - and provides some historical context on computer-human interaction. Part III presents a sensible strategic plan for preparing the information infrastructure needed to implement EII's into your eBusiness,with due consideration of the organizational factors involved.

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ISBN-13: 9780071364799
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication date: 10/27/2000
Pages: 261
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About the Author

Bryan Bergeron, MD has over 15 years of experience writing and speaking about leading-edge technology and envisioning the future. He teaches at Harvard Medical School, is Editor-in-Chief of e.MD and technical editor of Postgraduate Medicine. A software industry pioneer himself, Dr. Bergeron created the first medical multimedia program for the Mac and several other "first" personal health management and family planning programs. He is currently president of Archetype Technologies, Inc., a technology consulting firm, and Chief Scientist at Kurzweil Technologies, Inc., where he designs emotionally intelligent interfaces.

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