The Eternal Fox Goddess of War

The Eternal Fox Goddess of War

by Zachary Mix


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The Eternal Fox Goddess of War by Zachary Mix

In this darkened future of the Year 3200 Lord Zorgen has none that are considered privileged. All that are unfortunate enough to be living on the Apocalyptic Earth, are orbiting in cycles of endless pain. Without an end to this madness Organization XXVIII, known as the Twenty-Eight Dark Egyptian Sky Knights are sent down to destroy their planet. Having a power lower than the King of the Gods meant you were not likely to survive for more than a few days. In an overpopulated planet run by an uprooted darkness, the worst plague or all time is beginning to infect the entire world. Daring to stand up against Zorgen and his Organization with the aid of Illusus along the way, the warriors attempt to restore peace to Earth once more.

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ISBN-13: 9781481778459
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/24/2013
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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Copyright © 2013 Zachary Mix
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-7845-9


Awakening far into the future in the Year 3000, Destiny's daughter Yuna had awoken in Northern Kauai feeling the warm sands under her feet after finally getting up from her twelve year slumber. Waking up with Yuna by her side, Zhao Yiin quickly gets up running downstairs hearing breakfast as the skillet started sizzling. With the smell of fresh sausage and eggs attracting her sense of smell, surely enough there Yuna was cooking a nice fresh meal for both her and her sister. Talking to each other now, just several feet away were some amazing webs of waves entangling themselves in every inch, a grand perfect day for all surfers like a paradise come true out there.

"I can't wait sis the waves today seem like they are going to be the best they have been all year. They seem so ... different now, almost as high as twenty feet but it seems so much less than they were yesteryear." As both of the girls finished eating running into the next room over, there were their two custom surfboards in the same usual corner as always.

Getting outside at six in the morning the sun was shining brighter than ever as it had been ninety-five degrees already. Going into the bathroom both girls put sunscreen lotion on each other, getting quickly into their special surfing outfits. Running into the ocean only several feet from their apartment room both duck dived continuously until the fifth wave came in. There it was, the twenty foot monster wave all the surfers were looking forward to today.

"I want to prove to myself I can do this sis, come on let's go!" announced Yuna. Getting to the top of this great wave both whipping past all the breeze within, coming down with a hard left the cool breezes swept the far out waters.

Just about to clear the barrel there was nothing but the purest feeling of utter happiness. As they stayed out until about seven at night coming back to shore. Having missed lunch completely both sisters went into their apartment hungrier than ever, only to as getting upstairs have Zorgen standing there in their way to block the way getting inside. "Well it seems that you have underestimated the forces around you my young warrior. You have come into contentment with a beautiful atmosphere but look.... look at the dark powers are surrounding you, an evil force of which you could only imagine my beautiful.

Leaning closer to her he whispered; "None will survive my tirade. This much I can guarantee you my warrior." Going to unlocking the door both girls set down their surfboards smiling, as they kicked up the pieces of ground near them with two black Nunchaku flying into their hands almost instantaneously.

"Prepare to die Zorgen!. If you dare to try then let us fight now but I should warn you our mother taught us everything we have learned." Starting to fight each other every second the warriors' attacks were quickly blocked as they were slammed into the side of their room, having cracked the walls behind them hearing the grounds cracking every inch surrounding them by Zorgen's strength.

Stopping the fight Yuna spoke aloud dropping her weapon as Zorgen's fierce Katana was pointed at her throat, however her twin was too fast as she kicked it away both slamming the door behind them hearing Zorgen laugh outside and disappear. "So close sis ... what do think all that was about? Why would he come after us?" asked Suki. Wanting to find their Great Grandfather he would know all the answers they seeked, however both of them knew it would be impossible in the spot they stood in. With the Lord of the Egyptian Sky Gods being alive still every possible second that the day continued fear struck through them, despite how beautiful the day.

As six months passed the Grand Drum Ritual had started the second Yuna and Zhao were out for their normal everyday surfing, except today would be far different than any other day of their lives. Seeing a fifty foot wave heading towards the shores it was way out in the distance, but would take quite some time to where it would be.

Speaking onto the waters she was not aware anyone was near her. "Where am I? I need to ... I must become the Fox Tailed Goddess and master perfecting the Exploding Dragon Palmstrike, to follow the dream my Mother never could. I'll do whatever is needed." Coming up behind her was none other than the Nine Million Year Old Elder Master of Kung-Fu named "Kekiheoko," also known as the Egyptian White Tomb Emperor. Talking to the small twelve year old girl he saw in front of him, she had a wooden bokken just like him except much shorter.

"You have quite a long ways to go my young one, if you think you have a shot at mastering the deadliest moves in all of Kung-Fu young one. I want to share with you a story of this island, please sit with me young one by the way what is your name? "Looking at him with a big smile on her face she replied instantly. "Wait before you begin kind old man are you the only one who lives here? Oh and my name is Yuna." As they sat down with the warm breezes crossing the air he began. "Long ago when this island first existed no humans had lived here until I came along, as while I was a kid too once long ago this never used to be part of Hawaii and day after day no matter how brutal or calm the waves, I forced myself more than ever and almost died twelve times trying to perfect my Exploding Dragon Palmstrikes myself. Training every second in my Tri-Ocean Blue Sapphire Dojo in the middle of the waves nothing would stop me, and yet even with the wrath of Zorgen all these years here I stand ... the oldest Martial Arts instructor alive ... Anyways that's enough for now we should turn in and get some sleep now." however she did not feel tired yet as not being dark yet Yuna going out into the water began paddling out at once, as nothing but the most immense dedication kept her ambitions higher than ever. Seeing her fail and get knocked under the tortuous waves over fifty times he spoke out, seeing her swimming back to shore towards him.

"Very well Yuna since you really are persistent I shall teach you myself, it begins tomorrow early in the morning so be ready or you'll never learn what you desire." Turning in for the night in the small hut nearby before she knew it, it had already been the next morning now. Going outside paddling into the water right before the sunrise she saw that Kekiheoko already waiting for her.

"Good to see you can finally join me young one, we have much to learn." Seeing her tackle the very first ten foot wave followed by a six and an eight foot, of which were whipped through as he kept a careful eye out shouting "Get back to shore now!"

Paddling hard back the drums sounding from afar, making it safely back to shore. Looking out into the distance they both saw an enormous wave smash over, as nothing but the mist from the wave was felt. "Was that a—" Interrupting her the Elder Grandmaster spoke again. "Yes, It was one of the Twelve Titan Waves, it is the only one I could never truly learn to perfect my moves inside of. It does not make sense though ... why on Earth is it all the way over here, it's far too early"

Showing a small plane arriving into a future Big Island of the Year 3009 now a young Fiji native gets off, with a bouquet of dark red roses speaking to a Hawaiian Girl. "Excuse me cutie you don't happen to know how to get down to where "Kaleoholoki'i" is, do you?" Shaking her head no, nobody had ever heard of such a place. Her Great Grand-Father's island was so secretive on the map that none were ever able to reach it, because of its impossible climates of three hundred foot waves daily with the legendary Million Tentacle Kraken. however what the humans did not realize is that there were much higher powers watching over them all, in which were indeed far deadlier than the legend that may or may not be true.

As meanwhile back where the eighteen year old Yuna was ... Only the most serene feeling in the world was felt but soon enough as soon as the Elder Surf Master spoke, Yuna started to get this feeling she couldn't shake. As if nothing would ever be warm and happy again. "Zorgen, the only one that can truly master such an element as every one of the Twelve Titan Waves, as fear means nothing to him being born in the dark." hearing this made her want to practice more. Out of nowhere Zorgen's Organization XXVIII came by, unknowingly flashing away with who was her Great Grandfather in whom still did not tell her yet.

As the leader of the Organization approached Yuna with two blades beside him he began to speak aloud hiding his tails, as this was secretly Zorgen but she would not know because of him vividly hiding his immense power. "So you must be that dream girl your mother talked about before her death. Tell you what, how about you come and face me when you think you're truly ready, then if you truly think you can you can try to kill me. Hahaha." Flashing away at once she knew her life would never be the same, but would never stop no matter what to get vengeance on him. Within seconds as the skies turned dark many apes were hiding everywhere as starting to walk forward, noticing someone familiar the elder man had already escaped the clutches of evil.

Not even having time to respond the Old Wizard talked rather quickly. "Follow me if you want to survive." Running into that same hut she was born in she would be told a secret that was intense, one of which would affect her life forever more. As the sun is blazing through the windows both start drinking from their teacups, on a pedestal laid the Grand Nine Dragon Scale Katana. Showing her the light blue bouquet of roses Yuna is seen sitting and holding the sheathed sword across her. Passing by both of them in the distance had been none other than the Dark Barbarian Egyptian Gods protecting the Universe. They were known as the deadliest horsemen of all time.

Coming up to them was none other than Zorgen's apprentice, as he spoke to the girls them both pulling their sharp katanas out with a big steel gate in front of them, leading further into this beautiful island.

"Warriors why do you even bother ... don't you realize that every single time a fool seeks to take out these Dark Wrath Gods they end up dying. As you see I am bound to do their bidding. The first temple is incredibly hard to get into. They took everything from me, as all who I see come pass onto the afterlife and even then they are never safe." About to get past him Yuna driving her blades into him ripping them out rather fast, pushing him aside both girls slam the lock off the giant steel gate, cutting through the thick bars like butter.

At the start of this Third Millennium in Apocalyptic Time, it was faster than Earth time once was. The planet belonged to none other than Pirate Lord Zorgen. Before Yuel had even awoken he is seen talking to the other Seventeen Egyptian Sky Gods, of which one was his daughter but received the rank of a Goddess because of great indefinite persistence for many years. Speaking to her first, Yuna and Zorgen both spoke back and forth to each other quickly. "My lovely daughter did you honestly think that because I killed you and then brought you back to life under control of me, that many years later your daughter would not figure out a way to exact vengeance, weaseling her way through my traps to seek my or our downfall? Do not be so naive my foolish daughter!"

Quickly about to respond they both drew their swords at once, clashing fast against one another second in fighting as he stumbled, his daughter had her swords crossing his throat as she spoke to him. "You know I had no choice my Lord ... I could not risk her finding out the true location of the Master Book. Even you should know that by now father!" Putting their weapons away he pulled the cover off that very book at the top deck of the ship, directly near the Captains Quarters as the vessel had barely begun sailing only two days ago by now.

As she blasted open the doors a quick flash of light happened in time now showing Yuel awakening for the first time, on the shores of a distant black sand beach in which she hid away. Where the deadliest creatures awaited to attempt to kill her. Every step that was taken would prove to be deadlier than the last. Opening her eyes, unfrozen from what seemed to be another slumber the youngest warrior at twelve years old had woke up from a deep sleep. Wearing her Great Grandmother's War Robe with extremely sharp Katanas on each side of her were forged by her father, in which was not nearly as powerful or strong as the single Katana created from a part of each of the Nine Dragons of Legend.

Stepping directly behind Yuel, her mother started to speak aloud as her daughter listened carefully. Yuel forever was blindfolded ever since birth, vowing until the end of time to not ever take it off no matter what as rasping words filling the air. "Yuna what are you doing out here?!" Quicker than ever tackling each other, both Yuna and her daughter are soon seen rolling to the back of the hideout as her Mom spoke. "My sweet Yuel you must watch out for Zorgen, with his vicious tyrannical power he is more ruthless than ever. His destruction is so far beyond that of which is possible to be seen by the human eye, it goes beyond Earth. Just please promise me you'll watch out for yourself, and not go looking for danger. Also if I ever should have you ... you must promise to kill me if need be."

As hard as this was to hear there was nothing else she could do but agree. From the youngest warrior's awkward silence her Mother knew the answer and did not like it, but could not do anything for the time being now. Crawling out of this space before the wall of leaf vines was moved, Yuna was asked one more question knowing what would soon lie ahead.

"Yuna is it possible that the Twenty Eight Dark Egyptian Sky Gods all have a piece of Twenty-Nine? I heard so long ago there existed the Shards of Darkness in which would fuse in the end to—"

Quickly answering her dark question she announced aloud; "Yes I know my Yuna. Forming the Divine Nine Dragon Katanas. It is a myth however I do believe every word of it." Without even seeing them leave the sheaths Yuna cut off all the vines revealing a massive fiery jungle in front of both of them. Instantly a group of red cloaked members appeared while flashing away with Yuel, as many vividly smoldering huge flames all surrounded Yuna entrapping her. The second the high enticing fire surrounding her disappeared she was all alone here now.

As Yuna's War Robe flapped in the wind she ventured off taking the first few steps into this massive place, hearing an insanely loud roar in the distance. Following towards the sound of the Elder Great White Furred Millennium Dragon it sounded quite near. Coming in faster than ever three gargantuan tails of this beast had slammed Yuna into a nearby wall with a force unseen by any humans. Hearing her bones almost breaking she had barely escaped before a second hit had been struck upon her. Giving it everything she could muster Yuna began running as fast as she could to get away from this insane beast of a flying creature.

Flashing by as both sides starting caving in the walls had already been completely smashed in less than one tenth of the way through, as the warrior had become buried in the rubble. Pushed off her it broke into pieces, revealing nothing but the longest and steamiest fiery path ahead to traverse. Fear was a thing of the past for this fearless warrior now.

Hearing an overwhelming voice she knew her one and only twin sister Zhao was there, whispering into her ear as she got up. "Come now Yuel there is no lying around too much needs to be done." While they both began to walk through here they stopped at an empty chasm that laid before them as Suki spoke again aloud. "Even you can't be stupid enough to believe it would be anywhere near this easy right sis? We have barely started our journey as the evil too has just only begun, for both our forces and those of Lord Zorgen are still quite evenly matched. However if we each strike at once highly do I doubt he can stop us both."

In front of them not a second after they looked up, cracking every inch of ground around them were an oversized group of ten Beastly Underworld Chained Beast Elephants, in which could only mean one thing. Zorgen's forces truly did not stop no matter where you turned. As the girls drew their swords the Tiki Mask Egyptian God jumped down, beginning to speak straight to Suki and pushing Yuna aside.

"You're so predictable, just like your insulate fool of a mother! Do you honestly dare try to strike down my behemoth creatures with thy damned soul cursed as you are? I hope you realize that eternal dark curse in which is upon you right now is bound to your very soul. Do you not see my—"

Seeing past his mask she was already behind him with it sliced completely in half, falling to the ground next to her as it soon disappeared into thin air. "how could you think I am so stupid Zorgen?! Yeah that's right I knew who you were all along, you cannot fool me old man!" Smiling at her they clashed blades until both cut one another and performed a backflip, having the swords land back in their sheaths as he spoke to her. "Your strength has improved more than tenfold of what it was when we last fought, but nonetheless it is still useless in thou foolish mind tricks or strength you two will try to pit against me. Say goodbye Yuel and Zhao."

Excerpted from THE ETERNAL FOX GODDESS OF WAR by ZACHARY MIX. Copyright © 2013 Zachary Mix. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


I-Paradise Gone Wrong....................     1     

II-The Impossible Journey Begins....................     16     

III-Tanti's Secret....................     35     

IV-Back to the Future....................     54     

V-The Unsolved Mystery of the Ring....................     68     

VI-Zorgen's Barbaric Evil Plague....................     83     

VII-Catching the Eternal Wholly War Fox....................     100     

VIII-Dark Side of the Chosen One....................     115     

IX-Darkness Is Rising....................     126     

X-Xau's deathly Meeting....................     135     

XI-The Deadly Black Robed Illusus....................     145     

XII-Dream Portal of 100,000 Dimensions....................     154     

XIII-Aboard The Black Serpent Warship....................     173     

XIV-Back in Time Once Again....................     190     

About the Author....................     203     

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