The Ethics of Bankruptcy

The Ethics of Bankruptcy

by Jukka Kilpi
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The Ethics of Bankruptcy 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Write more pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz Silvershi.mer
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Two moons ago, Shardflight would rather have died than be caught in Twolegplace. But after the run from the Clan raid, he was glad for some rest and an easy meal, and he knew Burnedpaw felt the same.<br>"This pellet stuff tastes terrible," said Burnedpaw as she chewed it.<br>"It's all we have," Shardflight answered, sipping strange-tasting water. "Might as well develop a taste for it."<br>Burnedpaw sighed. "This is definitely not what I imagined training would be like." She ate another mouthful of the hard pieces, barely managing to choke it down. "I can't believe kittypets eat this!"<br>Shardflight only shrugged. He couldn't believe kittypets endured having Twolegs constantly fawning over them. Just then, a Twoleg came out of its den and sat on the ground near them. Shardflight knew Twolegs usually meant no harm, but he still grew tense. Burnedpaw stopped eating, too, though whether from wariness or disgust he couldn't tell.<br>The Twoleg held out its paw, not posing a threat. Shardflight looked to Burnedpaw. "You feel up to more running?" In answer, she took off, Shardflight close behind.<p>"A Clan, hunh?" repeated the old tabby. "Weell, jes' keep headin' east; yeh oughta come across a Clan sonner er later."<br>Shardflight dipped his head in thanks and padded away. Once out earshot, he mumbled, "Like I planned on doing anything else. Reeeal helpful."<br>Burnedpaw rolled her eyes. "Then why'd you ask?"<br>"I wanted to see how much further until we reached forest!" He growls. "I never could stand elders..."<br>"Shardflight, look out!" Burnedpaw yowled, and he looked up in time to see a monster roaring at him. He forced himself to move, leaping out of the black path as the monster roared by.<br> Shardflight stared after it, breathing hard. He turned to comment to Burnedpaw, but she was nowhere in sight.<p>Burnedpaw had been kidnapped. She glared angrily at the Twoleg who had, for no reason, picked her up and taken her inside the den while Shardflight was distracted. "You'd better not make me eat those disgusting pellets!" she warned.<br>She looked through the hole in the wall covered by invisible stone. 'Looks like I can't rely on you for this, Shardflight.'<p>"Burnedpaw?" he called, the name echoing through the lines of Twoleg dens. "Burnedpaw!"<br>He knew it was no use. If she could answer him, she wouldn't be missing. But he called anyway. "Burnedpaw!"<br>"Can you keep it down?" hissed a voice from the darkness.<br>Shardflight leaped back in surprise. "Who's there?" he asked warily.<br>A lanky, long-tailed tom padded out from the shadows. "Me," he said in a lazy voice, "and I'm tryin' ta sleep."<br>Shardflight wasn't sure what to make of the tom. His gray fur was matted, and he stood a little hunched. But his eyes, the color of a sunset, glinted in the moonlight. "And who would you be?"<br>The tom sort of grinned. "You don't need ta know my name, Clan cat. And just so ya know, yer friend is locked up in that white house over yonder." He nodded toward a Twoleg den back from where Shardflight had come. "Toodles."<br>Before Shardflight could do anything else, the cat disappeared. 'Weird,' he thought, heading for the den. Once he reached it, he looked in a hole covered by some kind of clear stone to see that Burnedpaw was indeed locked in there. "Burnedpaw!" he yowled, inadvertently getting the Twoleg's attention. It came and slid the clear stone up, and before Shardflight could react, Burnedpaw leaped out.<p>Bleh. Out of characters.