The Eucharist

The Eucharist

by Luise Schottroff, Andrea Bieler


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ISBN-13: 9780800638672
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 11/01/2007
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii
Introduction     1
A Eucharist in Advent     1
The Eucharistic Life     4
Sacramental Permeability
Eschatological Imagination
The Eucharist in the New Testament     8
The Sequence of the Meal
The Community at Table
Jesus' Interpretive Words
This Book     11
Eschatological Imagination     15
A Procession to the Table     15
Expectation: Waiting with Eager Longing     19
Imagination: Come, See, and Taste     23
The Fabric of Eschatological Imagination     25
Making Sense of New Testament Eschatology     30
The New Covenant
The Arrival of the Son of Man
The Coming of God
The Captivity of Eschatological Imagination     41
Colonial Desire
Dualistic Thinking
Colonized Imagination
The Eucharist as Eschatological Meal     49
Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again     49
"I Will Not Drink Again of the Fruit of the Vine..."     53
"Proclaim the Messiah's Death until He Comes"     56
"The New Covenant in My Blood"     58
The Eucharist as Experience of Resurrection     62
"Let Your Church Be Gathered into Your Reign": Eucharist in the Didache     65
The Bread ofLife in Two Economies     69
The Bread of Death: Dieting America and Global Food Politics     70
The Hope of the Hungry in the NewTestament     74
Jesus' Hunger
Bread Miracles and God's Economy
"Not by Bread Alone": Jesus' Temptations (Matthew4:l-ll)
The Holy Meal and the Homo Oeconomicus     84
The Imagination of the Homo Oeconomicus
The Alternative Economics of Eucharist     91
Eucharist as Gift Exchange
Sustainability: Abundant Love and Limited Resources
The Mimicry of Market Exchange     100
Dissent from the Omnipotence of Homo Oeconomicus     102
Giving Thanks
Returning Gifts
Consecrating Private Property
The Body Politics of Eucharist     127
Real Bodies at the Meal     127
"Witness God's Welcome": A Communion
Celebration (Colette Jackson)
The Body as Metaphor as Body
"This is My Body"
The Body Politics of the State     142
Making the Tortured Body Visible
"My Body-Given for You": Eucharist and the Language of Sacrifice
Eschatological Remembrance (Anamnesis)     157
The Act of Remembering     158
What We Remember     162
How We Remember     166
Reciprocal Activity
Anamnetic Empathy
Embodied Practice
Mapping Sites of Anamnesis     172
Body Memory
Bruce Saunkeah's Story: "I Find Myself Buying a Suit"
Cultural Memory
Richetta and Ra Amen's Journey: Memories of Captivity
Place Memory
Bernauer Strabe, Berlin: Chapel of Reconciliation
Anamnesis as Dangerous Memory     196
Notes     197
Bibliography     229
Index of Biblical Verses     241
Index of Names and Subjects     243

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