The Everything Budgeting Book: Practical Advice for Saving and Managing Your Money - from Daily Budgets to Long-term Goals

The Everything Budgeting Book: Practical Advice for Saving and Managing Your Money - from Daily Budgets to Long-term Goals

by Tere Stouffer

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ISBN-13: 9781440567773
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 10/04/2013
Series: Everything
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Tere Stouffer is the author of The Everything Budgeting Book, 2nd Edition, and is an award-winning author of more than a dozen books. Her budgeting and personal finance skills have been featured on the BBC, in More magazine, and in many newspapers and websites. She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Reasons to Budget in Today's Economy 12

Introduction 13

01 What Is Budgeting-and Why Do You Need to Do It? 15

Realize What a Budget Is 16

Recognize What a Budget Isn't 16

Understand Financial Goals 17

Look at a Sample Budget 18

Think about Your Long-Term Financial Goals 22

02 Prioritize Your Spending 27

Why Not Spending Is the Key to Budgeting 28

Total Your Daily Expenses 28

Categorize and Prioritize Your Daily Expenses 29

Assess Your Monthly Expenses 30

Categorize and Prioritize Your Monthly Expenses 32

Prioritize What You Spend Money On 33

03 Assess Your Current Financial Situation 35

Your Financial Situation Is Important 36

Determine Your Income and Other Assets 36

Calculate Your Financial Obligations 38

Put Your Income and Financial Obligations Together 42

Identify Potential Cash-Flow Problems 44

Take a Break if You Need It 45

04 Create a Livable Budget 47

Make Your Financial Goals a Reality 48

Spend less Than You Make 49

Spend Money Only on Budgeted Items 50

Save for Unexpected Expenses 51

Revisit Your Goals and Priorities 52

Generate a Budget You Can Stick To 53

05 Freeze Your Spending for the Short Term 59

What Freezing Really Means 60

Reduce Temptation During a Freeze 60

Establish What's Really a Need 61

Put Away Your Credit Cards 64

Tuck Away Your Debit Card 65

Create a Wish List 65

06 Save Money on Food 67

Prepare Your Own Meals 68

Don't Let Perishables Go Bad 69

Brown-Bag It 70

Save at Coffee Shops 70

Use Coupons and Get Discounts 71

Get the Lowest Grocery Prices 72

Grow a Garden, Even a Small One 74

Throw a Budget-Friendly Party 76

07 Cut Your Expenses at Home 79

Turn the thermostat Down (or Up) 80

Get Your Books and Movies from the Library 80

Cut Cable and Phone Cords 81

Shop Around for Car Insurance 82

Avoid Extended Warranties 83

Buy Reliable, High-Quality Products 84

Shop Online Auctions, Tag Sales, and Resale Shops 86

Reduce Gift Expenditures 88

Avoid Dry-Cleaning 88

Take Cheaper Vacations 89

08 Reduce Your Biggest Expenses 91

Move to a Smaller House or Apartment 92

Buy a House Instead of Renting 94

Renting Instead of Buying 95

Rethink Your Ideas about Transportation 96

Change Jobs 100

09 Restructure a Heavy Debt Burden 105

How Debt Is Restructured 106

Get Credit Counseling 106

Consolidate Your Debt 108

Sell Some Assets 110

Declare Bankruptcy 113

10 Refinance Your Home and Tap Your Equity 115

Understand Equity 116

Refinance Your Home to Lower Your Payments 116

Refinance Your Home and Take Out Equity 118

Qualify for Refinancing 120

Avoid Escrow 122

Understand Home Equity Lines of Credit 122

11 Add Income 127

Recognize What Additional Work Can Mean for You 128

Change Jobs 132

Get a Second Job 133

Work Overtime 134

Freelance for Your Own Company 134

Start a Small Business 135

12 Survive Unemployment 141

Sort Out Severance Packages and Unemployment Insurance 142

Lock in Your COBRA-Defined Coverage 143

See to Your Other Insurance Needs 144

Pare Your Expenses Down to the Bone 146

Look for a Job as Soon as Possible 148

Start a Consulting Firm or Small Business 149

Hold Down a Couple of Part-Time Jobs 150

Consider Another Geographic Location 151

13 Stick to Your Budget in an Emergency 153

If Your Car Breaks Down 154

If You Incur Extensive Household Expenses 156

If Family Medical Bills Overwhelm You 159

If You Become Sick or Disabled-Even Temporarily 160

If You Lose Your Job 161

If a Friend or Family Member Needs Assistance 161

If a Natural Disaster Strikes 161

14 Bounce Back: Recover from Financial Disaster 165

You've Lost Your Home 166

All Your Possessions Were Destroyed 167

Your Line of Work No Longer Exists 169

You've Lost or Spent Your Child's College Fund 170

You've Lost or Spent Your Retirement Portfolio 170

15 Get Government Help-There Actually Is a Free Lunch! 173

Use Government Food Programs 174

Locate Housing Opportunities 176

Apply for Insurance 177

Get on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) 179

Apply for Government Loans and Grants 180

Request Bankruptcy Protection 180

16 Marriage or Moving In: Budget for Two 185

Don't Let Love Overshadow Finances 186

Before You Move In: Discuss Finances 186

Decide Where to Live 188

Choose Between Single and Joint Accounts 188

Find Compromise in Different Approaches to Finances 189

Create a Two-Person Budget 190

17 Change Your Budget for a New Baby 193

Make Time to Think about Your Future 194

Estimate Expenses for Your New Baby 194

Create a Nine-Month Savings Budget 199

Choose a Daytime Care Provider 201

Live on One Income 204

Create a Budget for Your New Family 204

18 Change Your Budget to Include a New House 207

Figure Out the Financing Details 208

Calculate Your Costs 208

Choose Your Mortgage Length 211

Review Your Interest-Rate Options 213

Shop for Your New Home 214

Sell Your Existing Home 216

Plan for Unexpected Household Expenses 218

Create a Budget That Includes Your New Home 219

19 Save Money for College 223

Understand College Costs 224

Determine How Much You Can (or Want to) Help Out 226

See How Much You Can Save 226

Take Advantage of Government-Sponsored Savings Plans 227

Find Other Ways to Pay for College 230

Create a Budget That Includes College Expenses 233

20 Budget Through a Separation or Divorce / 237

Keep a Level Head During a Difficult Time 238

Split One Household Into Two 238

Keep Expenses Under Control During the First Year 241

Hire (and Budget for) Legal Counsel 242

Understand Alimony and Child Support 244

Take Time Before Committing to Another Relationship 244

Create a Single-Again Budget 245

21 Change Your Budget After Age Fifty 249

Manage Care of Your Aging Parents 250

Determine How Much You Want to Assist Your Grown Children 251

Decide Whether to Help Your Grandchildren Financially 255

Do More for Yourself 256

Assess Your Retirement Income and Expenses 257

Create a Fifty-Plus Budget 258

22 Save for Retirement 261

Figure Out How Much You'll Need 262

Find Ways to Set Money Aside Now 264

Look at Tax-Deferred Ways to Save 265

Let Your Employer Help You 269

Invest on Your Own 271

Start Young 271

Make Up for Lost Time 272

23 Stay Motivated 275

Stick with Your Budget Through Thick and Thin 276

Make Motivational Signs 276

If You Blow Your Budget-Get Back on Track 277

Find Sneaky Ways to Spend Money 278

Build a Support Network 280

Review Your Budget Periodically 281

Appendix A Debt-Restructuring Resources 285

Appendix B Online Budgeting Tools 289

Index 293

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I love this book beacause we are learning it in school