The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile App Development for Your Business

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile App Development for Your Business

by Peggy Anne Salz, Jennifer Moranz


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ISBN-13: 9781440555336
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 03/18/2013
Series: Everything Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Peggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove, which produces and promotes custom research, strategic thought leadership, and knowledge resources for the global mobile industry. Her writing has appeared in magazines and online destinations such as The International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Media, and New Media Age. Peggy is also the author of the Netsize Guide, an annual mobile industry almanac.

Jennifer Moranz is a marketing executive with more than seven years of experience in the mobile apps industry. Jennifer worked across various aspects of the mobile landscape. She currently leads marketing for Crittercism.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Mobile Apps 10

Introduction 11

1 The App Defined 13

What Is an App? 14

Types of Apps 15

How Do Apps Work? 18

Today's Smartphones 20

Where to Start? 22

Building a Mobile Strategy 23

Make Them an Offer 24

The App Environment 26

2 App Market by the Numbers 29

The Numbers Game 30

App Interaction on the Rise 33

Hot Consumer Trends 35

Staying On Top 36

Will Your App Stack Up? 37

3 Know Your Audience 41

Segmenting the Market 42

Mobile Demographics (Ages 8-34) 42

Gen-X: Ages 35-54 46

Digital Moms 46

Boomers Are the Boom Market 48

You Are Mobile 53

4 You Are Not Alone 55

Resources for Building 56

Strength in Numbers 58

The App Economy Is Here! 60

Reality Bytes 65

Developer Obstacles 66

5 What You Need to Know Before Building 69

Value, Benefit, and Cost 70

Design Costs 71

Development Costs 72

Risky Business 73

What Are the Payment Terms? 77

Owning What Matters Most 79

Adjusting to Change 82

6 Developing Your App 83

Who Will Make Your App? 84

Should You Go In-House? 84

The Cost of Development Methods and Models 86

Factors That Impact Cost 89

How to Find a Good Developer 91

Clear Communications 94

7 Designing Your App 95

Starting Your Development Career 96

Be Consistent 97

Consider Context and Usage 98

Multiple Platforms and Devices 100

Catering to Global Capabilities 101

Visualize Your App 104

User Experience 105

8 Personal Privacy Is Paramount 107

Protecting the Consumer 108

Privacy Is a Pivotal Issue 109

Gaining Trust Through App Best Practices 111

The Privacy Imbalance 115

9 Testing, Testing 119

The Need for Testing 120

Test Everything Everywhere 121

Be Ready to Change Perspectives 122

What to Watch For 124

Crowdsourcing for Constructive Feedback 125

Testing for Local Flavor and Audiences 127

Think First 128

10 Shop Till You Drop 129

The Evolution of Mobile Shopping 130

Understand Your Mobile Shopper 130

Consumer Motivation 132

Location Is Key 135

Leveraging Location 138

Monetizing Location 141

11 App Stores and More 145

Choosing Your App Store(s) 146

Submitting to the Major App Stores 149

Tackling the App Approval Process 151

Getting the Go-Ahead, or Not 152

Understand and Harness Momentum 153

App Store Shortcomings 155

A Store for Enterprise Apps 158

Set Your Priorities 159

12 App Monetization Models 161

Monetization Models Explained 162

App Stickiness Matters 166

How to Make Money from Your Apps 167

The Price Is Right 168

Business Models for Game Apps 169

Choosing the Right Model for Your Game 170

13 Mobile Marketing and Advertising 173

Mobile Marketing Defined 174

The Power of Mobile Marketing 174

A Word about Location-Based Marketing 178

Mobile Advertising 101: The Basic Lingo 179

Integrating Ads into Your App 181

Advertising Challenges 183

Maximizing Your In-App Advertising Revenue 184

Reaping the Benefits 185

14 Getting Discovered Across All Channels 189

It's Retail 101 All Over Again 190

The Discovery Dilemma 192

Get Your Industry Street Cred 195

Promoting Your App 198

Creating Hype Through Reviews 200

Rethinking App Discovery 202

15 Achieve Lasting Impact and Loyalty 205

Encouraging Lasting App Engagement 206

The Power of Push 206

Extend the Life of Your App 209

Good Push Drives Great Results 210

Serve Your Loyal App Users 213

16 Get Seriously Social 219

Build Your Community 220

Social Media Crash Course 224

Social Media Skills Test 227

Networking 228

Time Is on Your Side 230

17 App Maintenance 237

Postlaunch Challenges 238

Map Out Your Maintenance 239

Crash Reporting Defined 240

Why Crash Reporting Is Important 242

Reasons Why Apps Crash 243

Platform Problems 246

18 Success Breeds Success 249

The Rise of the Appreneur 250

Project NOAH: A Case Study 251

LevelUp: A Case Study 254

Gigwalk: A Case Study 257

From Tweets to Living Photos 260

New Rules, New Game 262

19 The Future of Apps 263

Looking Forward 264

Apps Power Machines 264

Apps Improve Customer Service 266

Artificial Intelligence Gets Simpler 269

Apps for Good 274

Appendix A Glossary of Mobile Terms 277

Appendix B Contributor Biographies 284

Index 297

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