The Everything Hypnosis Book: Safe, Effective Ways to Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, Overcome Bad Habits, and Boost eativity

The Everything Hypnosis Book: Safe, Effective Ways to Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, Overcome Bad Habits, and Boost eativity

by Michael R Hathaway DCH


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Getting that promotion at work or losing those last five pounds can be a struggle, but goals like these can be accomplished with self-hypnosis! Whatever obstacles you want to overcome or goals you aim to achieve, this book can help you do it.
With this informative resource, you will learn to:

  • break bad habits like nail biting
  • ease severe pain, such as from migraines or labor during childbirth
  • ensure confidence and success in business and personal matters
  • quit smoking for good
  • lose weight and keep it off
  • improve memory retention
  • reduce stress—in relationships, at home, and at work
  • and more!

Written by a board-certified hypnotherapist, this authoritative guide can help you create your own self-hypnosis scripts to create the life you always wanted. From tearing down mental roadblocks to making permanent changes, you will be on your way to success in no time!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580627375
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Series: Everything Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.86(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1You Are Getting Sleepy1
Mystique of Hypnosis2
Development of Hypnosis in the Twentieth Century3
Trance States5
Hypnosis Concerns6
Suggestibility Tests7
Stage Hypnosis10
Hypnosis Inductions11
A Relaxation Exercise12
Chapter 2Your Mental Makeup17
The Mind Is Like a Computer18
The Sense of Sight18
The Sense of Hearing20
The Sense of Touch21
The Sense of Taste22
The Sense of Smell23
The Importance of Sensory Imagery24
Relaxation Exercise27
Chapter 3Your Conscious and Unconscious29
Conscious and Unconscious30
Communication and Storage31
Time Zones of the Mind31
Recalling the Past32
Projecting into the Future33
Living in the Present37
Flooding Technique39
Sleep on It41
Universal Consciousness42
Chapter 4Instant Hypnosis43
External and Internal Influences44
Posthypnotic Suggestions45
Self-Hypnotic Anchors46
Recognize Negative Anchors47
Develop Positive Anchors48
Benefits of Instant Self-Hypnosis49
Automatic Response Exercises50
Surround Yourself with External Anchors53
Chapter 5Building a Model for Change57
Thinking Models58
What Works for You?58
What Is Your Comfort Zone?62
What Doesn't Work for You?63
Comparing Negative and Positive Models64
Other Self-Hypnosis Tools65
Big Picture, Little Picture67
Permission to Treat Yourself Positively69
Chapter 6Changing a Bad Habit71
What Is a Habit?72
Identifying Your Habits73
Reasons to Change a Habit75
Imagine Yourself without the Habit77
The Ecology Check80
Installing the Change80
Reinforcing the Change81
A Case Study: Changing a Habit82
Chapter 7Hypnosis and Stress85
What Is Stress?86
The Effects of Stress86
Internal and External Stress89
Identifying Stress90
Resolving Stress92
Unresolved Past Stress95
Current Stress96
Future Stress97
Keeping Stress Under Control97
Chapter 8Stop Smoking with Hypnosis99
The History of Tobacco100
The Word Quit101
The Benefits of a Smoking Lifestyle102
What Do You Dislike about Smoking?103
Going Back to the Roots104
Begin to Change Your Habit105
The Model for Change108
Chapter 9Weight Loss111
The Word Diet112
The Eating Trance112
Examine Your Eating Habits113
Who Controls the Food You Eat?114
Understand the Food You Eat115
Reframe Your Eating Habits119
Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul122
Chapter 10Improving Your Health123
Establish Your Wellness Habit124
Hypnosis and Pain Control127
Hypnosis and Surgery130
Depth Testing132
Hypnosis and Oncology134
Hypnosis and Other Areas of Medicine134
Chapter 11Overcoming a Fear or Phobia137
Social Phobias138
Specific Phobias138
The Phobia Habit139
Roots of a Phobia140
Resolving a Phobia144
Cognitive Behavior Therapy144
Interrupting the Phobic Trance146
The Benefits of Fear147
Chapter 12Improving Your Sports Performance149
Hypnosis and Sports Psychology150
Working with Your Natural Abilities151
Your Mental Makeup152
Self-Hypnotic Imagery Relaxation Exercise154
Self-Hypnosis Mental Training Model157
Make a Habit of Mental Training159
In the Sports Zone161
Chapter 13Developing Your Creative Abilities163
Creativity: A Gift or a Curse?164
What Are Your Talents?164
Your Creative Strengths166
Your Creative Weaknesses169
Develop Your Creative Gifts170
Where Does Creativity Come From?172
Enhance Your Creativity174
Strike a Balance175
Chapter 14Becoming a Better Student177
How Do You Know What You Know?178
Learning Environment181
The Parent's Role in Learning183
The Teacher's Role in Learning184
The Student's Role in Learning185
Self-Hypnotic Learning Trance186
Chapter 15Hypnosis and Work189
Hypnosis at Work for You190
The Mental Makeup of Others191
Working with Other People194
Self-Hypnosis and Your Work195
A Career Is Not Just a Job198
Self-Hypnosis and Career Goals199
Using the Imagery of Hypnosis at Work200
Chapter 16Improving Your Personal Relationships203
Sailing the Waters of Life204
Family Relationships205
Clean Up the Clutter206
Social Relationships208
Rejection of Human Relationships209
Your Soul Mate210
Understanding Relationships212
Self-Hypnosis for a Balanced Relationship214
Chapter 17Understanding Your Past Lives217
Do You Believe in Past Lives?218
Influences of Past Life Soul Memories220
Childhood Memories222
Cycles of Souls and Karma223
Past Life Regressions223
Deepening the Past Life Regression225
Chapter 18Increasing Your Psychic Ability229
Psychics Through History230
Who Is Psychic?231
Psychic Ability and the Senses233
Psychic Trance Tools235
Receiving Information236
Past, Present, and Future236
What to Do with Too Much Information237
Recognizing Your Psychic Trances238
The White-Light Psychic Trance239
Chapter 19Writing Your Own Hypnosis Scripts243
Hypnosis Scripts244
Scripting Your Goal247
Connecting with Guides, Angels, or Universal Mind250
Scripts for Pain Control and Stress Relief250
Scripts for the Universal Mind251
Scripts for Your Life's Work252
Past Life Scripts253
Continual Scripts253
Chapter 20Hypnosis: A Way of Life255
Everything Hypnosis256
The River of Life Self-Hypnosis Meditation260
You Are Now a Self-Hypnotist263
Should You Hypnotize Others?263
Hypnosis Is a Lifelong Study264
Just Imagine265
Appendix AGlossary267
Appendix BAdditional Resources273

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