The Everything Kids' Bugs Book: Puzzles, Games, and Trivia for Hours of Squishy Fun

The Everything Kids' Bugs Book: Puzzles, Games, and Trivia for Hours of Squishy Fun


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Consider yourself officially invited to join in the creepy, crawling fun with The Everything Kids' Bugs Book! In this exciting book, you'll find tons of puzzles and activities, and can learn all about how bugs move, feed, capture prey, build homes, and lay eggs. Packed full of puzzles, games, trivia, and activities, The Everything Kids' Bugs Book is guaranteed to have you digging in the dirt, winning bug races, cooking up a "bug feast," and creating your own spectacular bug collection!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580628921
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 05/01/2003
Series: Everything Kids Series
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to the World of Bugs!vii
Chapter 1Catch Me If You Can!1
Wanted: Dead or Alive2
Oh No! Not the Net!2
Hunting in the Dark5
Bug-Eyed Adventures10
Chapter 2Tricky Bugs and Bug Tricks13
Welcome to the Miniature Circus!14
The Big Show16
Bug Races19
Bubble-Blowing Beetles22
Chapter 3Under Construction: Bug Builders25
Wasps and Spitballs26
A Honey of a Builder27
The Walking Stick29
Stilt Bugs30
Mole Crickets and Cave Mazes33
Chapter 4Demolition Bugs37
Termites and Destruction38
Farming Pests42
Moths and Cloths46
Chapter 5Growing Bugs47
Butterfly Gardens48
Potato Bugs51
Farming Ants56
Chapter 6Bugs Underground61
Digging Around62
Dirt, Grime, and Mud65
Illusions and Camouflage68
Coming Back to the Surface72
Chapter 7In Self-Defense75
Spitting Ladybugs76
Screaming, Crying, and Hissing79
Silly Self-Defense Skills80
Dangerous Bugs84
Insects Who Eat Us!85
Chapter 8Riding Bulls/Riding Waves87
Wild Rodeos88
Water Bugs89
Walking on Water95
Chapter 9Between a Rock and a Bug99
Prehistoric Insects100
Tracing Your Family History102
In the Ancient World of Egypt104
It's Not Rock Candy!105
Chapter 10Bugs on the Move111
Across the United States112
Monarch Family Trips114
Mobile Bugs and Bug Mobiles118
Appendix AGlossary124
Appendix BRead All about Them!126
Appendix CBugs Online127
Puzzle Answers129

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