The Everything New Teacher Book: Increase Your Confidence, Connect With Your Students, and Deal With the Unexpected

The Everything New Teacher Book: Increase Your Confidence, Connect With Your Students, and Deal With the Unexpected

by Melissa Kelly

Paperback(First Edition)

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The Everything New Teacher Book: Increase Your Confidence, Connect With Your Students, and Deal With the Unexpected by Melissa Kelly

As you know, today's schools face a number of challenges -- lack of funding, overcrowding, student violence, and controversies about standardized testing, to name a few. These issues make it increasingly difficult for a new teacher to make a difference with her students. The Everything New Teacher Book, by Melissa Kelly -- longtime educator and Guide for's Secondary School Educators site -- gives you all you need to ensure success for both you and your students. You'll gain insights on everything from knowing how much homework to assign to handling unruly students who make teaching a real labor -- instead of a labor of love. Whether you are about to teach for the first time or are returning to the blackboard after a sabbatical, The Everything New Teacher Book is the perfect handbook to help you build a respectable career -- without losing your sanity in the process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781593370336
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 04/02/2004
Series: Everything Series
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,241,463
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Top Ten Things Every New Teacher Should Knowx
1Welcome to Teaching1
The Noble Profession2
Education Today2
Your Role as a Teacher4
A Day in the Life of a Teacher6
What Your Students Expect from You8
Habits of Successful Teachers11
2The Secret Formula for Success13
With an Attitude14
Practice Consistency15
A Fair Deal16
Learn to Be Flexible18
Putting It All Together20
Practical Applications21
3From Expectations to Results25
Great Expectations26
Fears Associated with High Expectations28
Shedding Your Biases28
Communicating Your Expectations32
Effect of Expectations on Behavior33
Effect of Expectations on Grades34
Meeting Your Own Expectations35
4Setting the Ground Rules37
The Wisdom of Posting Class Rules38
Missing School Supplies40
Dealing with Tardiness42
Late-Work Policies45
Makeup Work Policy46
Restroom Use and Hall Passes47
5Behavior Management49
Beginning on the Right Foot50
Discipline Plans51
Humor Is the Most Effective Tool53
Active Listening54
Positive and Negative Reinforcement55
Use and Misuse of Referrals57
Parental Communications59
6Prejudice, Controversy, and Violence61
Prejudice in the Classroom62
The Most Effective Tool63
Discussing Controversial Topics64
Religious Matters66
Political Issues68
Dealing with School Violence69
School Bullying71
7Organizing Your Space73
Setting Up Classroom Space74
Classroom Supplies77
Textbook Use79
A Filing System83
Making Your Life Easier84
Copying Tips and Tricks86
8Working with a Lesson Plan87
What Is a Lesson Plan?88
The Learning Objective88
Sources of Ideas91
Your Planning Tools93
Knowing How Much to Include95
Assigning Homework96
Learning to Be Flexible99
9Maximizing Your Instructional Time101
Keeping a Journal104
Housekeeping Time105
Daily Review108
Moving from Activity to Activity110
Additional Tips and Ideas112
If You Have Extra Time114
10A Variety of Teaching Methods115
Three Types of Learning Styles116
Nine Measures of Intelligence117
Importance of Varying Instruction120
Class Lectures120
Group Discussions122
Cooperative Learning124
Role-Playing and Debates126
11Technology in the Classroom129
The Haves and the Have-Nots130
It's Not Just about Money130
Computer Technology133
Learning Online136
Using Technology Effectively138
When Your School Can't Afford It139
12Assessments and Grading141
Valid Assessments142
Pretesting to Track Progress143
What Do Grades Really Mean?144
Grading with Rubrics145
Staying Organized147
Academic Integrity150
13High-Stakes Testing153
What Is High-Stakes Testing?154
Current Trends156
What's at Stake157
Arguments for High-Stakes Testing159
Arguments Against High-Stakes Testing160
The Impact on You162
Teaching to the Test163
14Beyond the Classroom165
Are Field Trips Worth It?166
Field Trip Destinations168
Planning the Field Trip169
Field Trip Day173
Virtual Field Trips174
Visits to the Media Center175
15Avoiding Stress and Illness177
Expect to Get Sick178
Be Your Own Best Sub179
Getting Hurt on the Job180
Sick Buildings181
Causes of Stress183
Stress Relief185
Sleep Deprivation186
16Giving Substitutes a Fighting Chance187
The Substitute Folder188
Effective Substitute Lesson Plans190
Scheduling Substitutes192
Final Preparations194
Student Behavior194
Not All Substitutes Are Created Equal195
17Meeting Diverse Needs197
Learning the Lingo198
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act199
The Individual Education Plan201
Inclusion in the Classroom203
Teaching Students with Diverse Needs204
Working with a Co-Teacher206
18Walking the Staff Tightrope209
Your Place as a New Teacher210
Keeping People Happy211
Following the Chain of Command215
Making Good Colleague Choices216
Staff Gossip219
Personality Conflicts220
19Avoiding "New Teacher" Exploitation221
Positive Effects of Participating222
Your Teaching Assignment224
School Committees226
Extracurricular Activities227
Additional Duties229
How to Say "No"229
20The Pendulum Swing of Reform231
Cyclical Reforms232
Changes in Classroom Procedures233
Ability Grouping234
Interest and Career Grouping236
Block Schedule238
Year-Round Education242
Setting Up Smaller Schools243
Voucher Reforms244
Changing Your Attitude245
21Online Learning: The Wave of the Future247
What Is Online Education?248
State of Online Education Today248
Case Study: The Florida Virtual School249
The Wave of the Future250
The Mind of an Online Instructor253
Benefits of Teaching Online254
Issues for Online Instructors255
Tips for Success in Online Teaching257
22Dealing with the Unexpected259
Expect the Unexpected260
Not Enough Texts260
Overcrowded Classes263
No Classroom at All265
Multiple Preps267
In Case of Emergency268
23Survival Mode: First Day, First Week271
The Right Learning Environment272
Attitude Is Everything274
Dealing with Nervousness275
Before the Students Arrive277
The First Day277
Checklists for Success279
24Can You Really Do It All?281
A Part of Your Community282
What Parents Want283
Working with Your Students285
Appeasing the Administration286
Setting Your Own Expectations287
A Rewarding Career290
Appendix AAdditional Resources294
Appendix BGlossary of Terms and Acronyms297

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