The Execution of Lieutenant Edy Haller

The Execution of Lieutenant Edy Haller

by Frank J. Caravella

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On a wet and dreary evening, a SCUD C ballistic missile, loaded with a deadly nerve agent, streaked toward the city of Kunsan, South Korea. A US Patriot Battery, assigned to protect the city, stood quiet as the missile exploded above its intended target. After dispensing its mist of  doom, death consumed thousands as mucous collected in their lungs disrupting every breath until eventually all air flow ceased.

   The Patriot Battery protecting Kunsan, led by Lieutenant Haller, fails to operate properly. There are hints of sabotage, but Haller doesnt see them. She is blamed for the failure, court martialed and sentenced to die. The military authorities believe she collaborated with the enemy.

   Will the President execute a female officer?...a single mother?...Will the treachery of a few cause an innocent woman to die?

   Brilliantly conceived and powerfully written, The Execution of Lieutenant Edy Haller tells a compelling story that spears the soul of American culture. The plot is fast-paced and the lead characters provide insight into the contemporary problems facing women who choose careers dominated by males. Edy Haller is a complex person with strengths and weaknesses, but her determination against all odds sets her apart.

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Publication date: 12/22/1999
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