The Extraordinary Life of The Master Beinsa Douno

The Extraordinary Life of The Master Beinsa Douno

by Vlad Pashov
The Extraordinary Life of The Master Beinsa Douno

The Extraordinary Life of The Master Beinsa Douno

by Vlad Pashov


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Some say I have done a lot. I see that I've done too little. What have I done? I would say that I've done a lot, if I could put the entire world in order and make everybody happy. Now people fight and I sit and speak to myself: I've done too little - I didn't manage to persuade these people not to fight. There are so many judges, convicting innocent people. And I say: I never taught them these laws. Many lawyers advocate injustice. There are many brothers and sisters who do not love each other. I failed to teach them to love. How much work is there for me to do!

I am often asked: "Do you preach something, which is in accordance with the church?" I reply: "I preach things, which are in conformity with the great Divine law; I don't lie in the face of God; for me it does not matter if my teaching conforms to your views. For me, it is important that my views are in accordance with the great law, that I don't lie in the face of God, of Heaven, of the Angels and Saints - this is what matters to me. If everybody understands the teaching in this way and think along these lines, there is nothing to be scared about. Some say: "You want to form a sect ". Those who establish sects are, according to me, very petty people. Everybody can form a sect - take an axe and chop a tree - you'll make a sect, or take a hammer and break a stone - you'll make a sect. Sects are easy to make. In an American sect there was a quarrel over an issue -in the consecration of the Eucharist, is the glass supposed to be raised; however those who maintained that the glass was supposed to be raised, forgot to raise it. We often forget what we are preaching and the principle, which unites us. Our objective is to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. I want to form a sect, but what sect that is? To be conductors of God's law, which would overwhelm all minds and hearts, so that everybody - men, women, children - become sons of the Kingdom of God and start living here on Earth, the lives they should.

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