The Extraordinary Tales of Queenie Alice Moon - Queenie's Secret Adventure

The Extraordinary Tales of Queenie Alice Moon - Queenie's Secret Adventure

by Jo Brothers


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What do Rainbow Coloured Unicorn Measles, Admiral Serpentine and an Echo Parrot have in Common?

In this extraordinary tale Queenie wants to go on a secret adventure to study herbology with Fairy Queen Bluebelle. Bluebelle has recently healed Moonbeam the Unicorn from a dose of Rainbow Spotted Unicorn Measles using her herbs and natural medicines. The day is beautiful, bright and a visit to the Wishing Well pond is a great place to rest and eat a small cake for nourishment. Bluebelle lives in the Crimson Valley where an army of evil flying snakes have recently tried to steal happiness. Queenie has to walk through the forest alone, wishing she had her friends with her because together, friends can do anything. Queenie steps on a slippery stick that moves and it is actually Admiral Serpentine the leader of the evil flying snakes! Queenie has been taught from a young age that what you think is the reality you create. Another understanding is that any test you get, you have the strength to overcome it. Queenie is not afraid because she has certainty that she is safe and that Admiral Serpentine is the one who should be afraid.

Meet Queenie Alice Moon a larger than life personality, who calls on her wisdom and intuition, together with a little bit of magic to overcome adversity as she weaves in and out of her extraordinary tales. Follow Queenie and her royal guardians Moonbeam the Unicorn, Yang the Dragon and Pugnatius the Pug as their extraordinary tales unfold across magical lands.

These enchanting extraordinary stories are far more than just fairytales, these stories will entertain and educate, whilst sparking your child's creative imagination.

In every extraordinary tale positive life lessons are woven throughout the stories to help children big and small, become more extraordinary. We believe all children are extraordinary!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994109309
Publisher: Perpetuity Media Limited
Publication date: 11/21/2014
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

Jo has had a passion for writing and storytelling since she was a young girl when she used to write short stories and plays, many of which were produced by her school. She has a vivid imagination and loves creating new worlds and wonderful characters that burst into life with valour and flamboyance such as Queenie Alice Moon or equally writing intriguing novelettes with quirky, eccentric characters weaved through supernatural themes.

In her soon to be released books series Inmortales Excelsus, she writes about an ordinary, thoroughly bored teen, Sabra Leon, who discovers she and her family are not so ordinary and that their history has more than a few secrets that date back to the dawn of time.

Meanwhile in #MrRight we follow the fast paced life of Sophie Forbes, Social Media Maven, who is frantically trying to navigate her life through tweets, status updates and her search for #MrRight.

Thanks for visiting and happy imagining! - Jo Brothers

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