The Faith Factor

The Faith Factor

by Edoardo S. Miciano


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The Bible says that "the just shall live by faith." Yet too many professional religionists fail to cross over from mere intellectual ascent to a life of total surrender to God and his will. In his exposition of Hebrews 11, Miciano explores the tales of men and women in the Bible who have lived lives of exceptional faith. Each story compels us to rethink what we know about God's ways and stretches our understanding of what it means to live according to what we believe. The Faith Factor offers fresh insight on how people today can enrich their spiritual lives by applying the timeless truths of Scripture to everyday life in the modern world.

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ISBN-13: 9781532609527
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 10/28/2016
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Dr. Ed Miciano serves as lead pastor of Bridgepoint Community Church in the San Francisco Bay Area. For eighteen years he was Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology at Patten University. He currently lectures on systematic and practical theology at the S.U.M. Bible College and Theological Seminary in Oakland. Ed is also the author of The Ministry of Coaching and Fooling Ourselves with Fig Leaves.

Table of Contents

Prologue: What is Faith? 1

1 Abel: Honorable Faith 11

2 Enoch: Enduring Faith 21

3 Noah: Influential Faith 33

4 Abraham: Forward-Looking Faith 45

5 Abraham and Sarah: Persistent Faith 55

6 Abraham and Isaac: Tested Faith 65

7 Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph: Enduring Faith 75

8 Moses' Parents: Familial Faith 87

9 Moses: Independent Faith 97

10 The People of Israel (Part I): Courageous Faith 107

11 The People of Israel (Part II): Obedient Faith 117

12 Rahab: Gracious Faith 131

Epilogue: The Next Hero of Faith 139

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"The Faith Factor is not just another how-to book on 'faith'; rather, it is a sagacious pastoral exposition of Hebrews 11. Ed Miciano from cover to cover masterfully narrates the lives of Hebrew ancients bridging contemporary times with golden-age truths to lead readers to embrace a lifestyle of faith."

—Dr. Eloy Nolivos, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Oral Roberts University

"What an encouraging read! If you are new on your journey with the Lord, this readable volume will give you quick fuel for your new faith. If you are many years into your Christian life, it will lead you, as it did me, to reflect again on your faith and the depth of your commitment to Christ."

—Dr. Robby Kagarise, Assistant Academic Dean,

S.U.M. Bible College and Theological Seminary

"As a pastor and teacher, Dr. Miciano presents in this book the biblical stories full of hard-hitting truths, reminding us of the historical and timeless sincerity of biblical faith. This book should be used by pastors, teachers, missionaries, cell group leaders, and all Christians to present to the world the truth about the basics of our faith. I commend this book without doubt, to read and share with fellow believers."

—Dr. Ferdinand Melendres, Senior Pastor,

Word International Ministries-New York

"The Faith Factor confronted me in this stage of my life of thirty-six years in ministry and forced me to review where my faith stands today. Does our faith change? Can the years of ministry erode our lived-out faith and return us to an intellectual and infantile level of faith? This book will bring us to a journey of biblical stories of characters who exhibited true, tested, and lasting faith. The present-day illustrations provide familiar and new insights meant to challenge us towards a new assessment of our assumed state of faith. Our assumptions of a held faith may not be there and may not be what it used to be . . . This book can guide us to review and recover what we may have lost."

—Rev. Emerito Paulate, Regional Director,

Word International Ministries-U.S.A.

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