The Fernal Songs

The Fernal Songs

by Bruce Rimell


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What would a positive, life-affirming, cosmos-embracing and transcendent Queer mythology look like? In the years 2013-15, artist and poet Bruce Rimell got a chance to find out when he was invited to participate in a collaborative project to create an international art publication, 'The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs'. Although this was principally an art-oriented initiative, Bruce quickly went off on his own tangent, inventing a complete constructed language and two song-cycles of fernal mythology which resonated with his own burgeoning sense of his Queer identity. 'The Fernal Songs' are the shimmering results of that literary side project. Centred around Lucaion, a Queer Hero whose exploits around an animistic cosmos showcase a more compassionate, interactive masculine images than the traditional subduer of enemies, and Afer, an all-gendered Cosmic Creatrix, whose song reverberates across the Fernal World, these are sacred songs which move beyond satirical 'queering' of traditional religious forms into a transcendent queer space which simultaneously resonates with ancient memories and indigenous lifeways as well as with possible queer futures of intense beauty and humanism. The 'Song of Lucaion', the 'Thirteen Songs' and the supplemental 'Daiarzan' come with several essays, personal recollections and honest expressions of Bruce's envisioning of what he calls the 'sacred and pristine jewel of queeritude within.'

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ISBN-13: 9781312840287
Publication date: 06/08/2021
Pages: 186
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