The Few That Do - Advanced Goal Setting Masterclass: A4 Paperback with Online Workbook Resources

The Few That Do - Advanced Goal Setting Masterclass: A4 Paperback with Online Workbook Resources

by Brian Mc Shane


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Why do some people achieve success repeatedly on a MASSIVE scale, whilst other more capable, intelligent people struggle through life?

In this landmark book Brian Mc Shane explains the reasons why only an extremely small percentage of the population ever come close to achieving their dreams or fulfilling their potential.

Over the last decade he has obsessively studied the habits, actions and results of the world's most successful people. He discovered that success is no accident and is not determined by natural ability, intelligence, age, sex, race, background or financial standing.

He identified that success in any field is achieved through the repetition of simple, easy to duplicate actions. It is the application of these little known "secrets" which separates world class achievers from the general population.

He has distilled this knowledge along with his own groundbreaking insights into the Advanced Goal Setting Masterclass.

This is a step by step, foolproof system, which will enable you to finally become the person you aspire to be....and obtain the goals in life you crave!

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ISBN-13: 9780956964212
Publisher: Rossa Publishing
Publication date: 11/26/2017
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn from This Goal Setting Course:

This course is unlike many other goal-setting "guides", as it will spend a significant amount of time preparing your body and mind BEFORE you even begin looking at your goals.

This is so that you can create a solid foundation on which a goal-setting programme can then be further established and developed. It is this attention to detail which differentiates this product from all others on goal setting.

For instance, the course contains a HUGE section on removing the reasons why you believe you cannot succeed. It also prepares your body and mind so that they are working in perfect unison. In fact you will not even set a goal using this system until you are fully confident that you will be able to follow through on the goals. This is something that has been included as a result of testing similar systems over the years.

Considerable time and effort has been made to help you identify and then destroy any negative habits, mindsets or behaviour you might have, long before you put pen to paper in creating your goal list. Believe me, you will be thankful for this later! This course also contains some topics which are absolute necessities for you to understand before undertaking any form of personal development programme.

The course shows you how to create more time and energy to spend on your goals, as well as how to motivate yourself to see things through until completion. Mastering these three things alone will almost guarantee your success. We believe that this course covers everything you need to know about goal setting, but also enables you to get a fantastic overview of the best personal development techniques available.

If you take on board everything that is written in this course you will be able to transform your life beyond recognition. It is entirely up to you though how much you learn from this course, as you and you alone can read it and implement it!


1 Self Discipline and Will Power

2 Goal Setting Secrets and Mistakes

3 Creating Energy, Time and Space for Your Goals

4 Creating Bulletproof Mental Confidence

5 Creating Success Systems and Foundations

6 Establishing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

7 Advanced Goal Setting Workshop

8 How to Make Sure You Take Action

9 "Using" Other People to Get What You Want

10 How to Tap Into Your Sub Conscious Power

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