The Fight for Your Spiritual Life: Tools to Help Every Believer Win the Spiritual Battle in Their Lives

The Fight for Your Spiritual Life: Tools to Help Every Believer Win the Spiritual Battle in Their Lives

by Cindi Myers


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Who is God? What is the Holy Spirit? Angels, aren’t they the curly haired baby’s on cards? Seriously are demons real? Does Satan wear red, have horns, carry a pitch fork and throw parties in Hell? This book will answer these questions while teaching the truth about Spiritual Warfare.

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ISBN-13: 9781633571419
Publisher: CrossLink Publishing
Publication date: 07/27/2018
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Passionate, dedicated, relational, kind, sarcastic, natural teacher, music loving, faithful prayer warrior and totally in love with Jesus, this is a snapshot of Cindi Myers. Cindi is a wife, mom and nonnie, has earned multiple degrees, taught Bible for 25 years and discipled others in their Christian walk.

Table of Contents

Introduction/Laying the Foundation

Introduction 1

What is Spiritual Warfare? 2

What does Spiritual Warfare have to do with me? 3

Characters of Spiritual Warfare 5

The Elements of Spiritual Warfare 7

Th e Trinity and Spiritual Warfare

The Trinity—What is that? 11

Th e Person of God

What Role Does God Play in Spiritual Warfare? 15

Who is God? 19

His many names say it all 21

Th e person of Jesus

What role does Jesus play in Spiritual Warfare? 25

Why trust Jesus? 27

His Name Says it All 31

Th e Holy Spirit

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Warfare 35

Who is the Holy Spirit? 37

The Name says it All 40

Listening to the Holy Spirit can save your life 42

Four Facts about the speaking of the Holy Spirit 49

Satan and his Evil Strategies

Introduction 51

Where did Satan come from? 53

What is Satan like? 55

His Name says it all 56

Lies, the Truth and what the Bible says 60

Satan’s plans 73

Satan’s evil tactics and strategies 74

What should your attitude about Satan be? 76

Angels, Angels and more Angels…..

Introduction 79

What are angels and where do they come from? 81

How angels differ from humans 85

The different types of angels 87

Form and Ranks 87

Archangels 88

Seraphim 89

Cherubim 90

What do angels really do? 92

What is the role of angels in Spiritual Warfare? 94

Come on, are demons really real?

Where did fallen angels come from? 97

Characteristics of demons 98

So what do demons do? 101

Do demons have power over Christians? 103

Examples of how demons try to mess with believers 104

What is the role of demons in Spiritual Warfare? 107

Demonic Possession 109

Occultic Practices 112

Fleeing is best 118

Dealing with spiritual warfare in your life?

Effective Tools for Spiritual Warfare 125

The Name of Jesus: The Authority behind the Name 125

Prayer 128

Advantages of Prayer 128

Satan’s Lies 129

Active Prayer Life 131

Different types of Prayer 133

Praise 134

The Bible and Praise 135

Forms of Praise 137

Word of God 137

Facts about the Bible 138

Power Tool for Battle 141

Now What?

Let’s Review 145

What do you do with this information? 146

Battle Prayers 152

Common Scenarios 168

Common Scenario: Doubt about Salvation 170

Common Scenario: Doubt about Being Loved 173

Common Scenario: Fear 176

Common Scenario: Anger and Rage 178

Common Scenarios: Perfection 181

Common Scenarios: Unforgiveness 184

Personal Stories

Middle School Spiritual Battle 189

Midnight Visitor 191

Cackling laughter three stories up (Chloe’s story) 192

The battle gets personal (Krystal’s Story) 193

The Battle over Ghost Hunters 196

Midnight Rage 199

The Television Visitor 201

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