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Fight of My Life

The Fight of My Life

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by Kirk Franklin
In the mid-2000s, fans, critics and the Recording Academy couldn't heap enough praise on Kanye West's brilliant, visionary fusion of rap/hip-hop with classic pop textures. But long before West was dominating the pop scene, Kirk Franklin was bringing this same type of cross-genre genius to the gospel world. While he was something of a breakout superstar of his genre in


In the mid-2000s, fans, critics and the Recording Academy couldn't heap enough praise on Kanye West's brilliant, visionary fusion of rap/hip-hop with classic pop textures. But long before West was dominating the pop scene, Kirk Franklin was bringing this same type of cross-genre genius to the gospel world. While he was something of a breakout superstar of his genre in the '90s, he also was creating amazing faith based projects well into the 2000s. Beginning with a boxing ring bell and running close to 80 minutes over 16 tracks, The Fight of My Life packs a multi-faceted emotional punch that might challenge fans of only feel-good, happy expressions of "God is Great, all the time" type songs. Exulting in shouts, interjections, and his trademark talk-rap style over an exuberant female choir, bright orchestrations, and edgy scratches, Franklin uses a brilliant reworking of the Kenny Loggins-Michael McDonald lite pop classic "This Is It" to fashion his upfront statement of faith "Declaration (This Is It)." Through this track, he attributes his ability to come through all his trials to the Almighty's grace, but later, he (or rather, his female entourage) reflects refreshingly on his doubts on the gorgeous, heartfelt ballad "Help Me Believe." Then comes "Hide Me," in which he feels lost in life; while not understanding God's ways, he seeks shelter to help his faith grow. More than simply, wonderfully honest, ultra-hip gospel, this is modern-day Psalming at its best. Blending grooves, horn textures, choir textures and in your face rap, the fight constantly balances trust ("He Will Supply," "Jesus") with the darker issues confronting the idea of maintaining faith in a difficult world. The angry, blistering rock guitar driving "I Am God" underscores the tension of wanting to break free while God keeps pursuing and asking for our trust; this track breaks the typical Franklin mold and sounds more like crackling, anthemic Christian rock. The message is always the artist's focus, but with so many tracks, the stylistic diversity (from buoyant, atmospheric '70s disco on "Still in Love" to the tribal African vibe of "I Like Me" and the torchy ballad "Chains") makes the disc a soul-stirring blast from start to finish. This is one fight that will leave the listener smiling through the bruises. All contemporary gospel should be this musically joyful and lyrically raw and honest.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kirk Franklin   Primary Artist,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals,Hand Clapping,Spoken Word
Keith Anderson   Horn,Horn Section
Terry Baker   Percussion,Drums
Lloyd Barry   Trumpet
Pablo Batista   Percussion
Pete Brewer   Flute
Doc Powell   Acoustic Guitar
Mark Kibble   Children's Voices
Ann McCrary   Vocals
Doug Moffet   Saxophone
Tommy Neal   Vocals,Background Vocals
Peter Nocella   Viola
Keith Taylor   Bass Guitar
Caltomeesh West   Vocals
Darrell Blair   Vocals
Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon   Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Hammond B3
John Michael Gray   Background Vocals
Anthony Brown   Background Vocals
Carl Cox   Saxophone
Vinnie Ciesielski   Trumpet
Melonie Daniels   Vocals
Olga Konopelsky   Violin
Emma Kummrow   Violin
Todd Parsnow   Guitar
Igor Szwec   Violin
Gregory Teperman   Violin
Matt Butler   Cello
Roy Agee   Trombone
Todd Baker   Drums
Myron Butler   Vocals
Isaac Carree   Vocals
Nikki Ross   Vocals
Shaun Martin   Percussion,Piano,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Hand Clapping,Hammond B3
Joe Johnson   Saxophone
Todd Lawton   Bass Guitar
Ric Robbins   Turntables,DJ
Jana Bell   Vocals
Ashley Guilbert   Vocals,Background Vocals
Steve Reid   Horn
Daphanie Wright   Vocals
tobyMac   Vocals
Jeff Bradshaw   Trombone
Matt Cappy   Trumpet
Wendy Allen   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
James Hill   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Elizabeth Lamb   Viola
Chloe Kibble   Children's Voices
Anaysha Figueroa   Vocals,Background Vocals
AyRon Lewis   Hammond Organ,Hammond B3
Ernie Green   DJ
Jennie Lorenzo   Cello
Anthony Brown   Choir, Chorus
Ghislaine Fleischmann   Violin
Anthony Evans   Vocals
Sari Reist   Cello
Erica Davis   Vocals
John Gray   Background Vocals
Tre Nagella   Guitar
Audrey D. Anderson   Choir, Chorus
Carl Cox   Saxophone
Ryan Edgar   Vocals
Tim Rosenau   Guitar
Sheri Jones-Moffett   Vocals
Kenyel Jetton   Children's Voices
Deonis "Pumah" Cook   Vocals
Lady Joy Hill   Vocals
Rodney Carter   Choir, Chorus
Phillip Lassiter   Horn,Horn Section
Luigi Mazzocchi   Violin
Donovan Owens   Vocals
Jahi Allen   Vocals,Children's Voices
Faith Anderson   Vocals
Jacorah Beasley   Vocals,Children's Voices
Jaylen Beasley   Vocals,Children's Voices
Erica Bedford   Vocals
Bible Fellowship Choir   Choir, Chorus
LaTonya Blair   Vocals
C. Renee Borner   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Autumn Cannon   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Javian Carr   Vocals,Children's Voices
Sonya Chism   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Choir   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Esther D. Collins   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Rahsaan Currie   Vocals,Background Vocals
Natasha Duskin   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Jared Foster   Vocals,Background Vocals
Carrington Franklin   Vocals
Seth Ganwer   Violin
Shalece Gibson   Vocals,Children's Voices
Rita Giddings-Johnson   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Qai Gordon   Vocals,Children's Voices
Quincy Gordon   Children's Voices
Zaire Gordon   Vocals,Children's Voices
Jeremiah Haynes   Hand Clapping
Amy Helman   Violin
LaCracha Holley   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Michael Holub   Viola
LaTonya James   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Tracey Jenkins   Vocals,Children's Voices
Acaylia Johnson   Vocals,Children's Voices
Felicia Johnson   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Jakaylin Jones   Vocals,Children's Voices
Emerald Joseph   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Denzell Woodward   Vocals
Alondra Johnson   Vocals
Kenyel Jetton   Vocals
Chloe Nicole Kibble   Vocals
LaKeisha Wilson   Background Vocals
Brian Romero Smith   Background Vocals
Marilis Lima   Background Vocals
DaBoyz'nBarry   Strings,Horn
Senia Santos   Vocals
Charmaine Swimpson   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ashley Guilbet   Vocals
Toni Jenkins   Vocals
Donnis C. Thomas   Background Vocals
Kurt W. Lykes   Vocals
Rosalind Reece   Background Vocals
Ernest "Ernie G" Green   Turntables
Mark Ryan Kibble   Vocals
Joy Hill   Vocals
Wayne DeLano   Horn
Ernest "Erie G" Green   Turntables
Quincy Gordon   Vocals
Dapanie Wright   Vocals
Jenia Smith   Background Vocals
Peter Maxberry Jr.   Background Vocals
Devon Pettis   Background Vocals
Jalon Caldwell   Vocals
Maulik Smith   Hand Clapping
Jonathan David Wyatt   Keyboards,Hammond B3
Jordan Wilson   Vocals
Charlene B. Smith   Vocals
Revoydia Richardson   Background Vocals
Rodney Lawson   Guitar
LaTonya Blair   Vocals
Warren Ramsey   Background Vocals
Tim Titshford   Horn
Cornell Woodward   Vocals
Jade Caldwell   Vocals
D'Shondra Rideout   Background Vocals
Henrietta Vinson   Background Vocals
Aletha R. Miller   Background Vocals
Robert "Sput" Searight   Drums
Charls Dixon   Violin
Bobby Suiters   Background Vocals
Malik Baker   Vocals
Princess Nelson   Vocals
Vornadette Simpson   Background Vocals
Angela McCarter   Background Vocals
Melodie Davis   Vocals
Raven Bullock   Vocals
Artherene D. Williams   Background Vocals
Joy Fernandez   Background Vocals
Brian Haley   Drums
Lyndsay Pruett   Violin
Trenity Scott   Vocals
Alexandria Johnson   Vocals
Austin Symlar   Vocals
Katrice M. Williams   Background Vocals
Kyndal Robertson   Background Vocals
Lilien S. Lima   Background Vocals
Tim Tishford   Horn
Derrick J. Morrison   Background Vocals
Audrey Anderson   Background Vocals
Duane Coleman   Background Vocals
Lindsey Smith-Trostle   Cello
Braylon Lacy   Upright Bass
Rodney Carter   Background Vocals
Dave Monsch   Horn
Gabe Patillo   Background Vocals
Charles Parker   Violin

Technical Credits

Kenny Loggins   Composer
Michael McDonald   Composer
Lloyd Barry   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Kirk Franklin   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Executive Producer,Audio Production
Larry Gold   String Arrangements
Bryan Lennox   Engineer
Harold Martin   Producer
Jon Smeltz   Vocal Engineer
Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon   Programming
Chris Godbey   Engineer
Shaun Martin   Programming
Jessie Hurst   Executive Producer
Carla Williams   Executive Producer
Jeff Bradshaw   Horn Arrangements
Jeff Gilligan   Art Direction
Ryan Moys   Percussion Engineer
Tre Nagella   Engineer,drum programming
Eric Hartman   Engineer
Phillip Lassiter   Horn Arrangements,Flute Arrangement
James "Jazzy" Jordan   Executive Producer
Harold Martin   Audio Production

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