The Finn Factor

The Finn Factor

by Rachel Bailey


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ISBN-13: 9781943892808
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/26/2015
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

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The Finn Factor

By Rachel Bailey, Heather Howland, Kari Olson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Rachel Bailey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-360-0



He hadn't kissed me. The jerk.

From the front door, I watched my date walk down the path, through the gate, and to his car, illuminated by the full moon and the streetlamps on our suburban Sydney street. I waited for him to turn back and wave — anything — but, nope. Another Saturday night that had led to Nowhere Town. He'd said he'd call, but a guy that sticks out his hand awkwardly at my front door is not planning a future with me.

I closed the door, kicked off my heels, and headed through the house calling, "I'm home."

Finn, my roommate and best friend rolled into one, looked up from the dining table as I went past. "Bad night?"

He was surrounded by a mountain of textbooks and random notes he'd scrawled on scraps of paper. His almost-black hair was disheveled — knowing him, probably from running his hands through it — and he had blue ink smudged on his stubbled jaw, as if he'd forgotten the pen in his hand when he'd rubbed it.

"Not a great one," I said and dropped into the chair across from him. I looked around at his Saturday night companions and frowned. "But at least I went out. I'm starting to think you're more interested in ancient reed flutes than real life."

He narrowed dark blue — but bloodshot — eyes at me. "This is my real life, Scarlett. PhDs don't write themselves."

Fair point. Even if his PhD topic was the poorly tuned musical instruments of a long-dead society in ancient Mesopotamia. Sighing, I rested my forehead on the closest pile of old books, careful not to press my favorite cobalt-blue glasses into my face. I should be more focused on my messed up self anyway — Finn never had trouble finding a date if he wanted one. Keeping them was another story, but overall, he was more than capable of running his own social affairs.

Though we were only friends, even I could appreciate that Finn was hot.

His chair creaked as he leaned back and yawned. "You seem cranky. Was it that guy with the unfortunate facial hair? Was he out of line?"

"The perfect gentleman." Which was the problem. I lifted my head and sought the reassurance of his always-steady gaze. "Finn, if there was something wrong with me, you'd be honest about it, right?"

"What," he asked, rubbing his chest through one of his signature pale blue T-shirts, "like if you had botulism and the doctor asked me to break it to you?"

Botulism? He needed to start reading things written in this century. "I mean, if there was something about me that guys found ... unappealing."

He dropped his pen onto his notebook. "Scarlett, you know you're pretty. What are you really asking?"

It was probably time I admitted this out loud. I drew in a deep breath and said it quickly. "I seem to be having something of a dry spell."

He winced and stood. "I haven't had near enough caffeine for this conversation." He headed for the kitchen and I followed.

"Four years of friendship, Finn McKenzie, and you still try to avoid talking about sex with me?"

He opened the cupboard and grabbed a mug, but his broad shoulders slumped a little. "Four years of friendship and I've given up trying and accepted it as inevitable."

"Forget the coffee," I said, opening the fridge. "I'll make mojitos."

Finn turned back around and grimaced. "It's going to be a serious conversation about your sex life, isn't it?"

I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "You'll be fine. Men love talking about sex."

"Not with their sisters or their female friends," he said, his face paling.

And I guess I ticked both boxes — a female friend who was more like a little sister. He pulled the state of the art blender out of the appliance cupboard, and I put a cup under the icemaker in the fridge door, filling it with enough for a jug of mojitos. One of the best parts of renting a room in Finn's house was the appliances. He always had up-to-date electrical gadgets in the kitchen, the best sound system in the living room, and the laundry room was so high-tech, the clothes pretty much took care of themselves.

He'd inherited the house, a large bank account, and custody of his two younger sisters when his parents had died, and he'd kept the furniture the same. The whole place had a lived-in, almost shabby feel, but anything that plugged into a power socket was updated every six months.

Being the child of self-professed hippies, raised according to their back-to-nature philosophies, there was nothing I liked better than a brand new, shiny appliance. The icemaker was my favorite. An entire appliance whose only job was to create ice and have it waiting to tumble into my cup any time of the day or night. Now that was living the dream.

Finn threw the lime juice in the blender to join the other ingredients and I pushed down the lid and switched it on. The rattle of the ice being crushed into the alcohol made me smile. I might be having a dry spell, but there was always late night mojitos with Finn.

Drinks in hand, we headed for the sofa. He'd obviously resigned himself to having this conversation — he never held out on me if he knew it meant a lot. I hugged his arm on the way past, completely conscious in that moment of how lucky I was to have him in my life. I didn't know what I'd do without him.

"So," he said, then paused to guzzle half his drink. "What did mustache boy say that's got you thinking these stupid things?"

"Nothing." I took a long sip of my mojito as I tucked my feet up underneath me on the vintage sofa. "Do you remember the last time I dated anyone?"

"That guy with the awkward fuzz on his face was here tonight. Am I wrong, or was that a date? And more importantly, did you tell him to stop embarrassing himself and just shave it off?"

Ignoring the dig about my date's admittedly patchy beard, I brought the conversation back into focus. "It was a first date. That doesn't constitute dating someone."

"How are we defining it?"

I grabbed the mojito pitcher from the coffee table and topped up our glasses. "It has to be something regular. Maybe five dates or more."

"What about the guy with the pink beret?"

"Nope," I said and adjusted my glasses. "Two dates and never heard from him since. Besides, it was a red beanie. And it was winter, so it was a sensible choice of headwear."

"Hmph." He chugged more of his drink. "What about the one who was wearing his sunglasses at the bar?"

"Larry. And he'd had eye surgery and had to wear the glasses around bright lights." I chewed on my bottom lip. He was hot and I'd had high hopes. "One date, and then I accidentally ran into him at The Three Beers a week later and we had a few drinks. Maybe we could call it one and a half dates."

Finn wrapped a hand around the back of his neck — a spot that usually bothered him when he'd spent all day hitting the books. "I don't even know why we're discussing this. You want to date, and you go on dates."

"I want something more." My female friends fell in and out of love all the time, and their sex lives made me sound like a nun. Was it so wrong to want a little of what they had?

Finn shrugged and lifted his feet to rest on the coffee table. "Then choose better men."

An easy solution — blame it on the guys. But if I wanted things to be different, I couldn't resort to platitudes to make myself feel better. I had to face the truth. "It's obviously not them. The common factor in all this here is me."

"And here we are back at the start," he said, not masking his exasperation. "There is nothing wrong with you."

But I wasn't so sure. "Hang on a sec." I put my glass down, jumped up, and grabbed my laptop. Time to get mathematical about the situation. "Let's go through this again. Who have I been on dates with?"

"This is crazy. You know that, right?"

"You were expecting sane after a disappointing date and two mojitos?" I opened a new spreadsheet document.

He threw back his head and groaned, but I could tell he was smiling.

One hour and another jug of mojitos later, I had a color-coded graph that tracked my dating progress. I hit print and stood a little woozily to snatch the paper as it spurted from Finn's fancy printer.

It was just as I'd suspected. "See?" I said as I thrust the paper under his nose.

"See that you've lost your mind, you mean?" But he took the graph.

I settled in beside him on the couch so I could point at the page. "There's a downward trend. The guys I dated in high school lasted at least a couple of months. Then it decreased to around four or five dates. In the last year, it's gone down to one or two dates."

I looked at the plunging line again. I'd made a lot of graphs, charts, and spreadsheets in my time — I was halfway to being an accountant, after all — but this was by far the most depressing graph I'd ever made.

"So you're getting pickier about guys. Good for you."

"But I am not the one ending these non-relationships. They're getting more picky about me. Color-coded charts don't lie, Finn. This totally explains my dry spell." It was hard to get to the sex dates when the guys cut and ran beforehand. "How long can you go without sex before you become a born again virgin?"

Finn gulped his drink, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but in this discussion. "There are probably other factors in play."

That was true. What factors hadn't I taken into account? What was the commonality in first or second dates ...?

And then it hit me.


These guys seemed eager when they asked me out, but once they'd kissed me, they drove off into the sunset. Tonight's date had kissed me briefly at the door when he'd arrived, but he'd been different once we'd headed for the bar. And he hadn't made a move when he'd dropped me home ...

Mortified, I covered my face with my hands.

I was a bad kisser.

"What?" Finn asked.

Could I admit this? Even to my best friend? I looked up at Finn's sweet face; his dark blue eyes were filled with concern. I'd never been able to keep secrets from him, and it looked like that wasn't about to change now.

"It's my kissing." I blew out a lungful of air, resigned to my fate. "I kiss them on the first or second date, then never hear from them again."

His eyebrows drew together. "You're kissing guys on the first date?"

"A little focus here, please. Apparently I'm a bad kisser."

"And I revert to my previous theory." He shook his head. "You've gone insane."

"My entire dating future is doomed. I'll grow old, probably still in this house, surrounded by cats." I grabbed his hand. "Promise me you'll let me live here when I'm wrinkled and lonely. And that you'll make sure I have an ice maker in working order?"

"I'm sure you're a perfectly good kisser, Scarlett." But he said it patiently, as if he were speaking to a child, and let go of my hand.

I threw myself back on the sofa, feeling the need to be as dramatic as this realization was. "You wouldn't know — you've never kissed me. The guys who have are currently running for the hills."

He took my glass. "And that's enough for you tonight."

"It makes total sense. In high school, I was dating boys who didn't know much about kissing themselves, so they probably didn't notice, and the relationships progressed. Then," I said, stabbing the chart with my finger, "the dating length gets shorter the older I get — because the guys I date are getting older, too, and they obviously have higher expectations of kisses."

"Scarlett —"

I held up a hand, cutting him off. "It stands to reason their expectations are higher, since nowadays, these guys tend to take me out to places that don't have a drive-thru. My lack of kissing skills is the only thing that makes sense of the data." I slid down on the sofa and threw my feet onto his lap. "God, what twenty-one-year-old can't kiss properly? I'm doomed. Doomed, I tell you."

"You're over-thinking this."

Over-thinking? I chewed on my bottom lip. Maybe the mojitos were making me pessimistic. I needed to come at this from another angle.

"You're right." I sat up again but left my feet in his lap. "No point moping. I've identified the problem. The question now is what I do about it."

He sighed and deposited my feet on the floor. "I'm not even sure why I'm needed in this conversation."

Thing was, how did someone improve their kissing skills? When I wanted to learn to be an accountant, I enrolled in school. Sure, I'd taken a year off to work and save up money so I could finish my degree, but the overall process was the same. I wanted to learn, and someone was teaching me.

Who would give kissing lessons?

"Cole Jericho," I said and nodded, impressed with the elegant simplicity of the answer.

Finn stilled, his gaze sharpening. "Cole Jericho? The actor?"

"He's a client at work, and we've chatted a few times when he's been waiting for an appointment. He's perfect." A spark of hope lit in my chest. This plan was great. I wondered when he'd be into the office next.

"Perfect for what?" Finn asked warily.

"Well, he's been on TV most of his life, so he's had to kiss a lot of girls on camera." With the roles he'd been playing in the last few years, it had been a lot of girls.

Finn shook his head. "I don't think I like where this is going."

"He said once that it's all part of the job. Meaning, he's pretty much a professional kisser." If anyone was going to be able to give me pointers, it was Cole Jericho.

"Stop right there —"

"Nope," I said, mind made up, "this is too brilliant. I'm going to ask Cole to give me kissing lessons."


"No." The word was out of my mouth before I'd had a chance to think about it. But the idea of some random actor giving Scarlett kissing lessons? Not going to happen.

She shrugged and pushed her cute blue glasses further up the bridge of her nose. "You don't get a vote."

I threw back the last of my mojito, then the rest of the one I'd confiscated from her.

That skinny guy with the try-hard beard had seemed like bad news, and I'd been right. When she'd answered the door, he'd looked like he'd wanted to throw her down on the floor there in the hallway. Scarlett was blond, gorgeous, and shaped like an old-time movie star, so part of me understood his attraction to her. But she was also much more than that, and deserved a guy who could appreciate all those parts of her, not see her just as a potential sex toy.

While we'd been waiting in the living room for Scarlett to finish getting ready, I'd told the guy as much.

"Listen," I'd said, my voice low so Scarlett didn't overhear. "I know this is only your first date, but you're going to do me a favor and make it your last."

The guy had screwed up his face. "Why would I do that? She's hot."

"Because I asked very nicely." I'd crossed my arms over my chest in a way I knew showed the results of visits to the university gym. Then I'd smiled in a not altogether friendly way.

The guy took a step back. "Whoa. You two got something going on?"

"Nope. Just like the two of you don't have anything going on. Right?"

He took another step back. "How about you just tell her I had to go?"

"That would disappoint her. She's dressed and ready, so you'll take her out. Once. And you won't mention this conversation, either."

"Okay, sure." He'd edged closer to the door. "You know, man, I've met a lot of roomies before, and I have to tell you, this is not a normal conversation."

Mission accomplished. Then Scarlett had appeared, poured into a too-short dress, her hazel eyes smoky with all the dark makeup around them, and she'd walked out the door with a guy who didn't deserve her.

It had been more complicated to track down her dates in the first few years of our friendship, and sometimes they'd get to four or five dates before I could find the latest guy, assess him, and send him packing. Luckily, things had become much more streamlined since she'd moved in.

Of course, she'd stab me in my sleep if she knew what I was doing — probably with her favorite electric bread knife — but it was worth the risk. She really needed to start picking a better class of guy. As soon as she started dating someone who could appreciate how awesome she was, I'd let the relationship go forward, with my blessing.

In the meantime, I'd keep protecting her from the guys who were only after one thing.


Excerpted from The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey, Heather Howland, Kari Olson. Copyright © 2015 Rachel Bailey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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The Finn Factor 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Scarlett and Finn are the best of friends. She is also his roommate. Everyone else thinks there is more, but there just isn't. Until she asks for his help with kiss training...... Finn is more than happy to help her practice. Then he cannot stop thinking about the kiss and it starts to effect the friendship that they both find so important. He is not sure what to do from here on out. The unknown problem with Scarlett not being able to get a 2nd date more than a year staggers her. She even makes a chart and tries to figure out where the problem lies. Could it be the one thing that holds her together, could actually tear her apart? An amazing book of friendship and passion. I found the story full of banter, heat, and food. Just a really good book. I had trouble putting it down once I picked it up. ***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
The Finn Factor is set in Australia, and it is a first-person, dual-POV narrative. Friends for four years and roommates for two years, Scarlett and Finn are perfectly happy with the status quo. At least, they’re happy until Scarlett charts out her declining love life which results in Finn giving her kissing lessons. Those kissing lessons are smolderingly hot!! The pair alternates between daydreaming of that kiss and worrying about losing their best friend. Readers will be rooting for this pair to get their acts together. Can they drop their walls and give a relationship a chance? “You’re my home, Finn. As long as I have you by my side, I’ll feel safe and settled as I’ll ever need.” The Finn Factor is a fun, well-paced read. The writing is great. All of the characters are likable, and Finn is absolutely lovable. Rachel Bailey’s NA romance is not overly angsty. It is filled with memorable characters. The engaging friends-to-lovers story line is kept interesting with the unique plot twists.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: THIS BOOK. Okay, so I picked this book up thinking it would be a cute story, complete with sweet and steamy kisses that lead to something more. Little did I know how much I would grow to ADORE the heck out of this story. Scarlett and Finn captured my attention with their friendship. Boy and girl best friends are simply the best. When Scarlett decides she needs kissing lessons and asks Finn, let's just say it's one of those lines that make it difficult to go back. There's initial reluctance, but when she says she'll ask someone else, he refuses to allow that. Once they share their first kiss (HOLY FIRST KISS), it escalates from there, leading them to a new place they never anticipated possible. One with all sorts of beautiful things... but only if they're willing to let it happen. The Finn Factor was a spectacular new adult romance! There is a dire need for the true NA books, and this one definitely filled that need. It had ALL THE KISSING and ALL THE BUILD-UP and ALL THE SWEET SEXY EVERYTHING. I will absolutely, positively be checking out more books by Rachel Bailey if they're half as good as this one. And I recommend that you put this book on your TBR! My Rating: Exceptional
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
I laughed,cried & nothing bad happened to the dog To read the entire review please visit: I wasn't factoring in the fact how much I would love "The Finn Factor" so very much. Rachel Bailey made me laugh out loud, cry, and really care about all of the characters in the book. Best of all - nothing bad happened to the dog!!! There was sexual tension almost from the first chapter but it was mostly eclipsed by the gleeful delight in what you knew was happening that one of the characters did not - especially when the tables quickly turned. Honestly, I had an insipid grin on my face the entire time while I read the book - which didn't take long since I Hoovered this novel up in less than 12 hours. (It would have been less but I had to sleep ... don't judge. I started late and went to bed at 3:30am - don't judge.) In addition to an adorably loveable couple, the secondary characters are fabulous as well. The heroine's hippie parents, the hero's little sisters, and the dog - don't get me started! The main characters had a underwent a lot of growth throughout the novel and both dealt with so much self discovery. This book really made me happy! Rachel Bailey comes up with a solid conflict that will keep the couple apart and not the obvious one that they fear throughout "The Finn Factor". Although the take off is a little bumpy with a slightly juvenile premise of "kissing lessons" it quickly evolves into a complex and multi-faceted, touching and comedic Romance. The romantic tension was spot-on, the sisters, hippie parents and the dog are all amazing, and Finn and Scarlett are fantastic Main Characters. Any novel that keeps a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, and a laugh bursting out is a definite recommendation. This novel was provided by the Publisher for a honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*4.5 Stars* The Finn Factor is a light and easy read, low on angst and high on sweetness -exactly what I was looking for! Even though the blurb might sound like your typical "fell for the best friend" scenario, the characters are quirky and very charismatic which makes it stand out. Finn is an archaeomusicologist (I didn't even know that was a thing) who apparently only wears pale blue shirts. He is the legal guardian for his two little sisters, who are not so little anymore but he still protects them and takes care of all the girls in his life. This also includes Scarlett, his best friend and roommate. He is caring and loyal and I loved the interactions between him and Scarlett. Their relationship and everything going on around them was funny and entertaining; her hippie parents camping in the backyard, arm knitting scarves for the stray dog, Scarlett's special relationship with the ice maker. Like I said, they are quirky and I totally digged that. On a side note, I googled arm knitting and was baffled to discover that it's also a real thing, I even watched a video. Anyway, The Finn Factor is adorable and funny and will leave you with a smile on your face! *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
This type of romance(friends to more) has really become one of favorite tropes lately. Scarlett can't seem to get past the 2nd date and her friend Finn has been working really hard to keep it that way. This is a sweet yet sexy book and funny at the same time and even though I have not read a story before this one by this author, this will not be my last. Great writing and a great story.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
The Finn Factor was a complex new adult novel that features Scarlett Logan and Finn Mackenzie as best friends and roommates. Scarlett is an accounting major, who has taken some time off from school to work and save money. She realizes that her dating life isn’t what it used to be… At first she thinks it because she cant kiss, but after more analysis she realizes that the trend started when she moved in with Finn. She asks Finn to teach her about kissing and this action, cause their relationship to gradually shift from friendship only… Their lives are complicated by Scarlett’s hippie parents, Logan’s parent’s death, and his little sisters. Will they stay friends or evolve into more.? This was great romance that feature complicated relationships, flaky families, and really smart dog. I cheered for Finn and Scarlett as they realized their feelings for each other. I would recommend this book to fans of new adult and contemporary romance. I was given a free copy for an honest review by
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I was a little hesitant to read The Finn Factor because lately I haven’t been reading the best books a few here and there really. But I actually really liked The Finn Factor. Me being a fan of friends to lovers, well this seemed like the perfect book and it was. Finn and Scarlett have been best friends since he saved her from an ex friend. Now its four years later and Scarlett is living with Finn. Scarlett has noticed a decline in her dating life. She comes up with the idea that her kissing is bad. So she decides she needs some help from some famous guy who plays in movies. Finn not liking this idea decides it should be him that helps Scarlett and he does. Mixing best friends and kissing really shouldn’t go together unless you know that what you want. You know it’s not going to go as planned and Scarlett and Finns don’t. With all this kissing you know things will not go as planned. Scarlett and Finn start liking it a little more than they should…but will it work out in the end? Do Scarlett and Finn get their HEA? I totally Ship Scarlett and Finn. They are adorable together. Finn isn’t exactly an Alpha male, but he sure can make some scenes HOT. And you would expect Scarlett to be this little book nerd but she isn’t either. She’s this confident young attractive woman who likes Sex…a lot of sex. It was great watching these two fall for each other. And I liked bother of their families.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
It has been a while since I’ve read any of Rachel Bailey’s works, The Summer of Jake was one of my favorites and now The Finn Factor has been added to that list. From the very beginning we meet Scarlett Logan, a college student who has been having trouble in the dating department. She can’t figure out what is wrong with her, if there is something wrong, keeping her dates after going out once. Every single guy that has asked her out has never called back for a second date, and so she decides to make spreadsheets to figure out the problem. And it all comes to her kissing skills. Now she wants her best friend and roomie, Finn Mackenzie, to teach her how to kiss properly so she can get her dates to ask her out again. Little did she know that she would end up falling for Finn soon after. Finn has always been attracted to his best friend, Scarlett, ever since she moved in he has assumed the role of protective brother, but changed the minute she started bringing guys to his house. Now he tells the guys to never come and soon after that they stop calling Scarlett. He knows that it’s not fair for her, but when she asks him to give her “kissing lessons” he can’t help but to give in. Now after spending more time together, and after a series of kisses he knows that he is falling for her, but he doesn’t do relationships. Finn will have to figure out how to avoid hurting Scarlett before it’s too late. I actually enjoyed reading the story as a whole; it’s one of those books that just keeps you wanting for more. The author does a good job describing the chemistry between the main characters and how it grows throughout the story. They both have pasts that they want to get away from and by having each other they just seem to grow closer. Troubles does begin that minute Scarlett finds out about what Finn has been doing ever since she moved in to his house, and they’ll have to figure out how that is going to change their chemistry after that. Overall, if you’re looking for a cute romantic story filled with steamy scenes they I would highly recommend reading this book, you will not regret it. :) ***ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.***
Liz_loves_Books More than 1 year ago
The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. So our story takes place in Australia and follows two individuals, Scarlett and Finn. Scarlett is sweet, artistic, and voluptuous and has been living with Finn for four years. Finn is a hard working college student who is about to receive his PhD in Mesopotamian musical instruments, or something obscure like that. Finn’s parents died and that left him in full custody of his two sisters. Now, they are grown up and one sister is living with them (sixteen years old), and the other is twenty one and figuring out herself. Finn scares off all of Scarlett’s boyfriends and she doesn’t realize it. She thinks she’s a bad kisser so she enlists the help of Finn. Well, sparks fly and they can’t keep themselves apart. Finn is worried that she’ll leave and their friendship will be over. Scarlett is worried she won’t have stability and tries to leave him before she can get too attached. I liked the characters. Scarlett was fun and sassy and I enjoyed reading from her point of view. Finn was a little flat at times. He just didn’t show a lot of emotion outside or even in his own mind. I also found it hard to believe that they lived together for four years without so much as one sexual encounter and then all of a sudden they can’t keep themselves apart. It just seemed a little hard to believe. A year? Yeah. I would totally buy that. But to go four years with nothing and then suddenly have more sexual chemistry than they know what to do with? Little harder to believe. I did like Scarlett’s parents though. They were funny and both of Finn’s sisters were too. But the book really flew by. I was shocked at how quickly I read through it. It all wrapped up really quickly and then it was done. I was like, oh, are we done? Also, I didn’t like the cover. That was a weird angle on that poor girl’s face. And where were her glasses? That’s all it talked about through the book was his blue shirts and her different glasses. So why didn’t the girl on the front have any glasses? Because even during the steamy scenes Scarlett had those babies on. And the only time he wasn’t in blue was the date they went on, he wore green. It just didn’t jive well with the book. They didn’t match up. But the steamy scenes were fun. It just went a little quick for me. I wanted more! Overall, I give it a B-.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Adored this Fantastic best friends to lovers story. I pretty much grinned from ear to ear while reading this. It was entertaining and oh so Hot. I really liked Scarlett and Finn and loved reading it in dual POV to get to see and hear their reactions and feelings as their relationship struggles with changes. This riveting, well written story was so many things it was delightful, sensual, magical, funny snarky and I couldn't get enough of it. This is a new author to me and I am so glad to have had this opportunity to read this story, I will definitely be on the lookout for her stories in the future. Scarlett Logan hasn't made it past a second date in 12 months 3days and 11 hours. She is currently on a temporary break from University and finishing her accounting degree, but she still loves putting her graphing knowledge to work when she tries to figure out what is going wrong in her dating endeavors. It seems that after the first date and first kiss she never hears from them again. So she comes to the conclusion that it must be her kissing that is running them off. So she decides she needs someone to teach her how to kiss. And she thinks she has the perfect teacher in a movie star client that comes into her work where she is the receptionist. When she tells her best friend and flat mate Finn her decision, he decides he is not going to let some loser give her " kissing Lessons" no, he will do the honors. When Finn was 18 he inherited the house they live in when his parents died, as well custody of his two younger sisters and a large bank account. Finn Mackenzie has been best friends with Scarlett for four years and she has been renting a room in his house for over a year. These two do everything together and tell each other everything. But Finn knows why Scarlett is having dating issues, because he has taken it upon himself to protect Scarlett from her terrible choices in the men that she has been dating and since none of them have been good enough for her he has run them off and she is clueless. So when Scarlett wants "kissing lessons" he thinks that he is her guy he has never had any complaints. But the moment they kiss though, everything turns upside down. It is a bone melting, panty combusting kiss that changes everything about their friendship. The sexual tension and chemistry is so Hot between these two. But they are terrified because they do not want to lose their friendship. I can't say anymore because the rest is something that you just have to read and experience it for yourself. There are many other great characters in this story that bring so much more to this adorable romance. But what will Scarlett do when she realizes that Finn has been sabotaging her dates? Will They realize what they have before they let it go? This was just so fantastic. I love when the words can fade away and I am taken to another place and just so absorbed in it. That's exactly how I felt while reading this. So Adorable, Super Sexy, and even laugh out loud funny. Highly Recommend this story. I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey is a sweet friends to lovers story. Finn is the responsible guy. He lost his parents and took over raising his 2 younger sisters when he was just a kid himself. He doesn’t have time or the inclination for love. Only Scarlett has been able to slip in. Scarlett has been his best friend ever since he rescued her from a beat down from his former roommate. Scarlett is the child of ever roaming hippies and just wants some stability and normalcy in her life. A boyfriend would be nice too but she can’t seem to get past a second date. Maybe Finn can help her find out what she has been doing wrong. These characters are so sweet and fun you spend the whole book rooting for them to figure it out. So relax, grab a cold one and enjoy. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher via NetGalleyfor an honest review.
missalicia2013 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review... A funny and light hearted read with some real depth. It has some surprising turn of events and kept you guessing most of the book. It's got some steam in it and great sexual tension. Scarlett is sure she is having some relationship problems and the key to it is get kissing lessons. She is sure that is where her problems stem from she must be a bad kisser. Finn her roommate and best friend is not sure this is the right direction she should take but he doesn't want Scarlett to go to the local playboy actor for lessons, so he volunteers to help. This sets off a chain of events neither expected or thought would happen. Scarlett craves stability and a home life. Finn she thought was the ultimate picture of those things turns out maybe not so much long term. Can their friendship survive the kissing lessons or will they be forever regretting this decision?
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This delightful friends to lovers romance is the story of Finn and Scarlett. When Finn rescues Scarlett from his roommate's abusive advances, he becomes a protector of sorts for her, slotting her into his life like his two sisters that's he's cared for since their parents died when he was younger and took guardianship of them. She's his roommate now, and he's gotten into the habit of vetting her dates, finding none of them are good enough for her. Scarlett can't figure out why none of the guys she's dating seem to stick and figuring it must be something about her, vows to improve her kissing technique to at least start the relationships off right. And safe, steady Finn seems like the perfect non-stressful choice. But once they've had a taste of what could be there is no going back. Can they find a way to keep their friendship intact while moving into a deeper emotional relationship? I really enjoyed this story! For a new adult romance, I was pleasantly surprised that the angst level was kept to a minimum. Though Finn's parents died young, the grief of that event isn't expounded upon in detail, and more treated like it's a fact of life that they just have to deal with. Of course it has shaped Finn's character to be a parental figure for his sisters, and causes him some stress in worrying about their future. But I didn't find it overly emotional. Scarlett's upbringing is definitely out of the norm, with hippie like parents who never settled for long in one place, and as a result she finds the security of living with Finn to be exactly what she needs to steady her life and their friendship as a result is rock solid. They've never entertained anything different in their relationship - until Scarlett's kissing practice request throws everything into disarray. Because suddenly there is a long buried chemistry between them that rushes to the surface and changes everything. I loved how they started to explore this new side to their relationship, and their eventual love scenes are steamy and emotional. It was interesting to see their thought processes as they started to realize what they had been missing, and having the dual points of view made for a realistic take on their relationship. The conflicts that come up as a result of the changes create some tense and emotional moments, and I really felt for Scarlett as she struggled with her views of what her future should be versus what she really wanted. There were a few tears shed as a result, but the ending was sweetly satisfying. Overall it was a really enjoyable and entertaining story. 4.5 stars.
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
This was a cute story about roommates. At some places it was sort of slow for me but once I got through those little parts, it was a very good read. I love how Finn was so determined to make sure that the guys Scarlett dated were considered not good enough for her. We all know now why they were never good enough for her!! Finn inherited some money and a house from when his parents died and he also became the soul provider for his two younger sisters. Finn let Scarlett move in and pay him for rent in one of the bedrooms in his house. It gave Scarlett a chance to get on her feet and she was happy to move in with her friend Finn. Finn and Scarlett became very good friends and Scarlett never thought that the would end up in a relationship. When Scarlett was sad about never getting a second date with guys she went out with, she decided to set out on a mission to figure out what was wrong with herself. She decided it was her kissing ability, or the lack there of. She had the brilliant idea to have one of the actors that was a client for the firm she worked at to give her kissing lessons. Finn would not hear of it at all. Finn suddenly volunteered to be her kissing coach. Samantha thought that there would be no problem with Finn teaching her because they were just friends. Well, when the first kiss happened, the sparks flew bigger and brighter than it had ever done for Scarlett. She had never felt anything like this with any other guy she had ever kissed. Scarlett tried to forget about the kiss but she could not get Finn off of her mind. When Scarlett and Finn end up having another kiss, they both have feeling for each other that they can not deny. When things get more and more serious for the two of them, they are both afraid that it is going to ruin their friendship. It becomes quickly evident that there is something that they can not deny between them and they have to make the decision to react to it or to ignore it. You need to read this book to find out what happens between these two. It is a sweet story of a man taking care of his woman and taking action to claim what he wants. I enjoyed this story and I am so glad that I finished it!!! Thanks for a great read Rachel Bailey!!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
An awesome read that I absolutely loved!! Adored the characters, Finn and his geeky personality is the best. The writing and pace of the story made this one very enjoyable. Scarlett Logan has been in a bit of a dry spell. Seems she can't past the first date kiss good night. Not understanding why she turns to her best friend and roommate, Finn McKenzie for help. She's convinced it must be her kissing technique so who else to help her fix it but her best friend? Problem is once that first kiss happens their relationship seems to take a turn. While they both try and fight it not wanting to lose what they have, can you ever really forget the most memorable kiss of your life?? This is one I definitely recommend to everyone.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
What a fantastic, heartwarming, funny, tear-jerker, friends to lovers romance - you run through the whole gamut of emotional responses whilst reading this delightful, well written and engaging story! This is one of those books you rarely come across that will stay with you and is definitely a keeper as far as I’m concerned - complex, well written characters that develop through their experiences in the story and a roller coaster plot with so many twists and turns, ups and downs, you just hope the safety mechanisms are all in place to ensure a safe journey to the end and beyond! Scarlett Logan can’t work out what’s going wrong with her love life. She’s taken a break from studying accountancy and is working as a receptionist but something is wrong, she doesn’t seem to be able to sustain a long term relationship - indeed she’s not even getting to a third date. She decides to analyse the situation, collecting all the data and making a spreadsheet to help her do so and makes a horrifying discovery . . . and determines that the remedy is for her to learn how to kiss properly. She discusses this with her housemate and best friend, Finn Mackenzie, who actually volunteers to do the teaching after hearing she was going to ask an actor client to help her. Finn is such a great character! When he was eighteen his parents were tragically killed so he stepped in to bring up his two younger sisters, acting as their parent as well as their big brother. He’s wary of letting anyone else in to his heart except for Scarlett, who is such a special friend. Mind you she might not be quite so happy if she learns that Finn knows the real reason Scarlett is on a romantic slump - he’s vetting her boyfriends and letting them know if he doesn’t think they are good enough for her! As far as he’s concerned none of them have come anywhere near to being good enough. He doesn’t want some actor teaching her, he’ll protect her and do it himself. Little do either of them know what this will start! The chemistry between them is explosive but neither want to risk their friendship for a fling that may not last. Can they overcome their fears and explore the possibilities? Will their friendship survive if they do? Can either of them survive the torment of their mutual attraction if they don’t give their love a chance? As well as Finn and Scarlett, there are such a great range of characters in this story -Scarlett’s hippy, nomadic parents, Finn’s delightful sisters, both of them also have great colleagues! Their journey to their HEA is definitely not a smooth one - there are so many emotional hurdles for both of them to overcome that, at times, you wonder how on earth they can overcome them and if they might not succeed in doing so. The Finn Factor is a fantastic fun romantic read and is definitely a five star read for me, no hesitation whatsoever. If you enjoy friends to lovers romances or ones with great family turmoil, you’ll love this superbly crafted story by an author I will definitely be looking out for in future! Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
In all the time that I have read romances never have I read a book like The Finn Factor. Using mathematics and calculations to equate love. The concept is unique and over the top. Yet it works. Scarlett feels safe when she can logically figure things out. So she is sticking with what she knows. On the other hand it would help if she had all the facts. Enter Finn. The Finn Factor is an enchanting look at love, friendship and figuring things out. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The idea of the story line was cute and I wanted to love it but I felt like it dragged on a bit.