The Firat Guide FG5: For Private High School Admissions

The Firat Guide FG5: For Private High School Admissions


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The Firat Guide is a tool, first of its kind, to supplement the process that every family goes through when preparing a middle school student to enter private high school. The Firat Guide answers those questions that run through every parent and student's mind: Where do we start? What schools are the best? Should I send my child to the school that all his or her friends are attending? What is the value of each school? Cost vs. Benefits? How will the school we choose affect our child's extracurricular activities? And many more...

Ibrahim Firat, President and CEO of Firat Educational Solutions, LLC, is the author of The Firat Guide, and it is subjective. The Firat Guide will discuss the strengths of each school. There is no one school that is the best school for all students reading The Firat Guide. Firat Educational Solutions, LLC and Ibrahim Firat have always had the philosophy that each student is different, and there is a school for each.

Each student has particular goals, interests, personalities, and learning requirements. The Firat Guide will help you decide which school is right for your child.

The Firat Guide will also assist you in the process of choosing the schools to which you would like to apply, tips on the application process, test taking timelines for entrance exams, how to decide which school to actually attend once accepted, and how to successfully transition from the middle school to the high school mindset.

Leave behind the rumors and what everybody else has said. Read The Firat Guide - in its entirety. Read the reviews of the schools that you have been considering for your child. Take notes. Read the reviews of the schools which you have not originally considered. You may find a nuance or two that resonate - not only with you but with your child. Take notes. Once the guide is finished, speak to your family and compare notes (everyone in the household must "buy in" to this process). Discuss the pros and cons of each school under consideration with your family. Ask for his/her opinion - have him/her explain reasons. Create a list of 3-6 high schools, and take the next steps to prep.

The Firat Guide started out as a compiled list of schools and data. Firat Educational Solutions, LLC (FES) gathered data from each of the private high schools in the Greater Houston Area. This data included items such as number of students, student-to-teacher ratios, religious affiliations, and much more.

This data, along with a questionnaire, was sent out to the admission directors of each of the private schools. The questionnaire asked them to discuss some main points about their schools, and they were asked to update the data that we sent them from their websites, if needed. The Firat Guide is more up-to-date than many of the school websites.

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ISBN-13: 9781721508303
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/15/2018
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Ibrahim C. Firat is a recognized educational consultant and Co-Founder of Firat Education in which he works with students of all ages and their families nationally and internationally. Firat regularly appears on local and national TV, radio, and podcasts and publishes works on matters related to education, high school, and college admissions. Firat is a professional member of IECA and NACAC.

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