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The First Fall of Lord Marris: Vaal'bara Historical Society - Volume II

The First Fall of Lord Marris: Vaal'bara Historical Society - Volume II


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-Warning: Book 2 in an ongoing series (spoilers below)-

What does it mean to be human? Is it the exhale of a breath, the beat of a pulse? Is it the intent behind your choices, the perceptions of one's self? At what point does a human cease to be... human? As our heroes Jack, Laurence, and Jillian have already learned, the answers to these questions are anything but simple. Without comprehending the consequences of their actions, they have been thrust into a scenario worse than the darkest of dreams.

Laurence has been stripped of his mortal body and trapped inside a mysterious crystal, leaving him bereft of most human senses, but imbued with other, strange abilities. Mor'dresh, an ancient sword suffused with dark powers, nearly consumed Jillian's soul, but instead claimed the life of our heroes' only ally, Wenton. Jill, having been brought back from the dead as a strange, dark creature, has barely managed to walk the knife edge keeping her from undeath and demonhood. Worst of all, Jack has seemingly lost his ability to defy the will of Mor'dresh, and has disappeared through an unstable portal to another world. Jill and Laurence, deprived of other options, have given chase, but their destinations may very well prove different from his, far from his.

In this second Volume of the Vaal'bara Historical Society series, our heroes press on in their quest to save humanity from a bleak, nightmarish future. But as they are forced to continually question their own values, their own motives and desires, how long will it be until they lose sight of their objective? Will they prove selfless enough to sacrifice all they hold dear in order to achieve victory, or has evil already stripped humanity of everything it once was?

For those searching for the truth, look no further; you have found what you seek. For those looking for a fantastic story, set in rich, continually-growing world, the Vaal'bara Historical Society series is an amalgamation of fantasy genres, with dark themes regarding death and demonic magic, but also a unique sense of humor that pervades the series. Time travel, technology, and alternate timelines intermingle with traditional fantasy elements, such as a unique magic system and mythical creatures. There are complex heroes and villains who often question their own values and morals when facing world-changing events, but also several offbeat and unusual characters who bring some humor and light to otherwise grim circumstances. What starts with a fleeting glimpse into a child's tragic accident, rapidly grows into a universe-encompassing, mind-bending journey toward what lies beyond the stars.

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ISBN-13: 9781952529016
Publisher: Vaalbara Historical Society
Publication date: 04/20/2020
Series: Vaal'bara Historical Society , #2
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.08(d)

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