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The First Steps

The First Steps

by Lara Johnson
The First Steps

The First Steps

by Lara Johnson


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Pole fitness is an amazing sport, it isn't judgmental, there is styles and techniques for all genders, ages, shapes and sizes. What I love about it is the sense of achievement, every new move is a new goal. It is so empowering! That constant feeling of growth, both mentally and physically draws so many to this amazing art.

The pole fitness industry itself has grown rapidly. So much so that it seems people have forgotten where to start. This has led to many unsafe practices from a lacking of understanding of safe progressions or regressions. There is no go-to place that shows you the steps to take for an absolute beginner. This book is designed to fill that gap. The literal, where to start, from day dot. To allow an understanding of how your body works around the pole, to create safe habits, and grow your strength as you learn more through the sport. Each section is broken down with explanations and step by step instructions with the aim of being easy to understand for many learning types. It is written so that you don't need to know how the body works to understand, but if you do know how the body works, it explains where the focus is.

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