The Five Lessons of Life: A True-Life Story about an Ordinary Woman who Survived Two Extraordinary Near-Death-Experiences in Both Heaven & Hell!

The Five Lessons of Life: A True-Life Story about an Ordinary Woman who Survived Two Extraordinary Near-Death-Experiences in Both Heaven & Hell!

by Carrie Kohan





Carrie Kohan is a National Child Advocate who has been awarded medals from the United Nations and Queen Elizabeth II for her volunteer work. But Carrie's life wasn't always this credible... She was illiterate much of her life; was placed in the 'Dummy Class' in grade 8 and failed grade 12. She was told by teachers she was lazy and would never amount to anything! So, what happened to turn her life around so drastically? Carrie's prayers were answered in the most unusual way!

She died! Not once, but twice!

Carrie was an up-and-coming actress… That is until one fateful day when her self-destructive ways got the best of her, and she slipped away into the darkness of her first Near-Death-Experience. She survived and immediately turned her life around! So, imagine Carrie's surprise when she died for a second time a year later! This death was different however. This time, she didn't venture into the Darkness... Instead, Carrie floated up and arrived in the White Void (Heaven) where she received one of the most profound and comprehensive messages imaginable!

In these remarkable pages, Carrie shares with you her extraordinary insights, downloads and wondrous Conversations with God, Jesus, The Council of Men, and her Spirit Counsellor – answering every question imaginable about Heaven, Hell and everything else in between!

Always an avid journal writer, Carrie delivers her recollections in this astonishing narrative using excerpts from her personal diary entries from 1992 and ‘93.

"When it comes to NDE's, 'The Five Lessons of Life' is my all-time favourite go-to book, because it explains everything I've ever wondered about the Afterlife and why we’re here, in such an inspiring way!" Adam Dince - Spiritwoke Podcast on Near-Death-Experiences

"The honesty, vulnerability and life-changing insights are what makes this book one you never want to put down!"

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999286002
Publisher: Freedom Masters Publishing
Publication date: 01/22/2020
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Facilitator and National Child Advocate

Table of Contents

  1. Taking Flight
  2. Encounter With An Angel
  3. The White Void
  4. The Council of Men
  5. My First Death
  6. Toe-To-Toe with the Devil
  7. Never So Grateful
  8. I AM Safe
  9. The Black Void
  10. Law of Attraction
  11. Spirit vs. Soul
  12. The Hippy-Dippy House
  13. The Risk of Earth
  14. 9D Hologram
  15. Suicide - The Repeat Button
  16. What Is Time
  17. Going Home
  18. The Five Lessons
  19. Choosing Parents
  20. Soul Pak
  21. The Phoenix
  22. Confirmation
  23. The Gift
  24. Lesson 1
  25. Lesson 2
  26. Lesson 3
  27. Lesson 4
  28. Lesson 5
  29. Keeping in Touch
  30. About the Author
  31. Acknowledgments
  32. What's Next
  33. Timeline

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