The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension

The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension

by Mary Shea


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Each part of the FIVES Path to Full Comprehension connects to specific standards to develop high levels of competence in all learners. This book walks educators through helping students develop authentic, real-world skills, focusing on Facts, Inferences, Vocabulary, Experiences, Summary, and applying knowledge acquired to write cohesive paragraphs and essays.

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ISBN-13: 9781943920013
Publisher: Learning Sciences
Publication date: 06/24/2016
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Mary Shea is a professor at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, where she teaches in and directs the graduate literacy programs. Previously, she worked for many years in western New York schools as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, and language arts coordinator. She is the author of five other texts for teachers, a chapter in an edited book, and numerous journal articles and teacher guides. Mary regularly conducts workshops for teachers, staff developers, and administrators. She recently was a visiting professor at St. Patrick's College in Dublin, Ireland. Mary has held leadership positions in local and state professional organizations and continues to work with and support these groups. York and works with grades 9-12 in various content areas, weaving literacy skills and strategies into all curricular areas. Within her position, Nancy teaches collaboratively and in lab settings. Her students include 12:1:1, 15:1, CT/504, ESL, and general education. She provides staff development to support literacy instruction across grades K-12 and addresses the Common Core ELA requirements in all content areas. Nancy also works at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, in the graduate literacy program as an adjunct professor. Her work there includes teaching and working in the clinical experience as well as teaching a course on the changing role of a literacy specialist. Previously, Nancy worked many years as a classroom teacher and literacy specialist in an elementary/intermediate parochial school in Buffalo.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

About the Authors xv

Preface xvii

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Fives Strategy 7

The Components of FIVES 8

Rationale for FIVES 14

Connection to the Common Core State Standards 18

The FIVES Path to Full Comprehension 19

Whole to Part and Back to Whole 29

Chapter 2 F Is for Facts 31

Teaching FIVES 32

Understanding the Facts 33

Working With Intervention Groups 46

Working With ELLs 47

Creating a Lesson Plan 49

Chapter 3 I Is for Inferences 53

Inferring in Daily Activities 53

Making an Inference 54

Creating Thick Prompts for Supported Inferences 56

Selecting Evidence and Phrasing Explanation 59

Working With Intervention Groups 59

Working With ELLs 62

Meeting Common Core State Standards 65

Creating a Lesson Plan 65

Chapter 4 V Is for Vocabulary 71

Determining Tiers of Words 73

Learning Words in Context 74

Examining Concepts 78

Selecting Words for Study 79

Examining Context for Meaning Clues 83

Using Resources for Word Analysis 86

Creating Thick Prompts for Word Study 88

Defining a Word's Meaning 89

Using Words Learned 89

Working With Intervention Groups 90

Working With ELLs 90

Meeting Common Core State Standards 91

Creating a Lesson Plan 92

Chapter 5 E Is for Experience 99

Making Connections 99

Understanding the Personal Nature of Associations 103

Using Discussion to Enhance Learning and Build Community 104

Creating Thick Prompts for Relevant Connections 106

Providing Evidence for Thinking 106

Working With Intervention Groups 111

Working With ELLs 111

Creating a Lesson Plan 112

Chapter 6 S Is for Summary 117

Distinguishing a Well-Constructed Summary 118

Creating Thick Prompts for Effective Summaries 124

Working With Intervention Groups 130

Working With ELLs 132

Meeting Common Core State Standards 132

Creating a Lesson Plan 133

Chapter 7 From Fives to Integrated Response Essays (IRE) 137

Examining the Prompt: Question or Petition 137

Reviewing Notes From FIVES Completed on a Topic 138

Getting Started: Using the Question or Petition to Set the Course 139

Integrating Components of FIVES Effectively Across Paragraphs 144

Writing Memorable Conclusions 145

Effectively Using Traits for Good Writing 147

Working With Intervention Groups 153

Working With ELLs 155

Meeting Common Core State Standards 157

Conclusion 159

References 163

Index 175

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