The Fix

The Fix

by Michael Balkind, Ryan Burr


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Finalist in General Fiction category of the International Book Awards

"Blazes like a 4.2 forty with the intrigue of a Sports Illustrated cover piece." Andrew Gross, NY Times Bestselling Author

Star college quarterback, Colt Walker, has it all... good looks, brains, one of the best arms in the game, not to mention potential for the Heisman and a first round NFL draft pick...

...until he puts it all on the line as he slides into the ugly world of sports gambling.

College football referee, Frank Gastner, is a man stewing in his own misery...
consumed by a drinking problem, heavy gambling debt and heading into a nasty divorce...

Two emotionally wrought characters, their lives spinning completely out of control...
alcohol, lies, bookies and mobsters pushing them deeper into despair...

...until they are brought together on the football field, each hoping to resolve his own dilemma...

...but will they succeed?

"Engaging characters, true to life situations, and a story that will make you rethink the headlines regarding college sports." Mike Dishmon

"One thing I love is a good mystery. More than that I love a good sports mystery. And most of all I love a good sports mystery that feels real. 'The Fix,' is all of the above."
- John Feinstein, Sportswriter, Columnist, Author, Broadcaster, Sports Commentator

"As a former college athlete and now a member of the national media I couldn't take my eyes off The Fix. The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat as a sports fan. It's a must read!" - Douglas Gottlieb, Host of The Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Radio

"Continuing to write first-rate suspense- exploring the deepest conflicts in human nature. Exquisitely crafted with an utterly surprising climax, this story will satisfy all. Balkind takes you away for a spellbinding, all-consuming afternoon." - Tonja Walker, Actress, Producer

"As a former newspaper and mag scribe, I am always looking for the story within the story and The Fix makes you wonder could this really happen today? Like every good book I have ever read the Fix made me think and that is a good thing. A must read!" - Damon Hack, Senior Writer - Sports Illustrated, NY Times, Newsday & The Golf Channel

"Sports, suspense and a compelling look at the temptations and tragedies of gambling...'The Fix' is a sure thing!" - Brian A. Crowell, PGA Professional, TV Broadcaster, author of Slice Free Golf

"Being a sports thriller, I'd say "The Fix" is a home-run, a hole in one and a touchdown. Balkind and Burr had me snookered!" - Claude Bouchard, bestselling author of the VIGILANTE series

"Fast, lively, and morally complex, 'The Fix' starts with a bang and hurtles along to a surprising, satisfying conclusion. Balkind has produced another vivid thriller set in the intersection where modern-day sports, big business, and crime collide." - Joe Wallace, author of Diamond Ruby and Invasive Species

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ISBN-13: 9781940745527
Publisher: Balkind Books An Imprint of Telemachus Press
Publication date: 01/10/2014
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

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The Fix 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
adorn More than 1 year ago
As a current student of Syracuse University, I was quickly able to resonate with this novel and become hooked after reading the first chapter.  The story of Colt Walker is an excellent portrayal of how greed and the yearning for money can cause a person to spiral out of control and lose sight of his dreams.  Although the book is about sports, any reader would be able to enjoy it because everyone can  relate to what it feels like to face hard times.  Michael Balkind and Ryan Burr come together to create a beautiful piece of literature in which is not only informative when it comes to the life of sports and gambling, but also makes for an extremely exciting read.  I very much enjoyed reading this novel and found many parts to be truly inspiring!  I look forward to reading more books by Michael Balkind and Ryan Burr as they are the type of writers that can capture the reader immediately and always keep them wondering what will happen next!
pineML More than 1 year ago
To say that i enjoyed this book is an understatement.  I am not a big reader, but when i get interested in a book, i cant put it down.  I was totally involved in this book from the beginning and it kept me on the edge with each chapter i read.  I became so engrossed in a  characters actions within a  chapter, then had to wait to find out more a few chapters later. I found myself wanting to fast forward to find out the outcome of many things.   Thank you my friend for allowing me the sneak preview and the opportunity to share my opinions with others.  The book was very well written and the order of which things happen was perfect.  I found it very easy to become part of any character, This book is a winner 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Touchdown!...Balkind and Burr toss you not only a winning sports novel, but they also have you come face-to-face with the dirty underbelly of the gambling arena.  You will be hooked by this addicting page turner with its depth of character, unexpected twists and turns and surprise ending.  Karen L. Moore
smokeKY More than 1 year ago
This story could easily be a headline in the upcoming sports pages.  Fantastic story of good ol' boy working hard to do right, but getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and over his head.  A must read for any football fan, or any fan of college sports for that matter.  Engaging characters, true to life situations, and a story that will make you rethink the headlines regarding college sports.