The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices

The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices

by Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau

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The Flesh Cartel returns for a compelling second season with "Choices." Brothers Mat and Dougie Carmichael thought nothing could be worse than being snatched from their home and brutally dehumanized in preparation for sale as sex slaves. But they learn their suffering has only just begun when they’re shipped to their new master’s home.

Professional trainer Nikolai Petrovic is a master of his trade. His ultra-rich clientele pay him to create perfectly tailored playthings, and Mat and Dougie are the latest in a long line of men who have walked into his remote mountain home as terrified victims and left it permanently altered: subdued and obedient, ready and even eager for a life of service.

To achieve this, Nikolai must take a drastically different tack with each brother. Dougie, manipulated with affection and denial. Mat, controlled by pain and fear. The one thread in common for both men is choice. Nikolai prides himself on never forcing, but will Mat and Dougie submit willingly to his vision, or will they first need to learn the price of disobedience?

This title is part of the The Flesh Cartel, Season 2: Fragmentation serial.

Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes: explicit violence, non-consent.

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BN ID: 2940016097619
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2013
Series: The Flesh Cartel , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 586,545
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About the Author

Rachel Haimowitz is an M/M erotic romance author, a freelance writer and editor, and the Managing Editor of Riptide Publishing. She's also a sadist with a pesky conscience, shamelessly silly, and quite proudly pervish. Fortunately, all those things make writing a lot more fun for her . . . if not so much for her characters.

When she's not writing about hot guys getting it on (or just plain getting it; her characters rarely escape a story unscathed), she loves to read, hike, camp, sing, perform in community theater, and glue captions to cats. She also has a particular fondness for her very needy dog, her even needier cat, and shouting at kids to get off her lawn.

You can find Rachel at her website, Tweeting as RachelHaimowitz, chatting in the Goodreads forums, and blogging at Fantasy Unbound. She loves to hear from folks, so feel free to drop her a line anytime at metarachel (at) gmail (dot) com.

Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, Canada. She now lives in the rugged oil-patch frontier of Northern BC with her husband, an Irish ex-pat whose long work hours in the trades leave her plenty of quiet time to write. She has a degree in history from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in British and Irish studies; much of her work centred on popular culture, oral folklore, and sexuality, but she was known to perplex her professors with unironic papers on the historical roots of modern romance novel tropes. (Ask her about Highlanders!) When not writing, you might catch her trying to explain British television to her newborn daughter or standing in line at the local coffee shop, waiting on her caramel macchiato.

You can find her tweeting as @HeidiBelleau, email her at heidi.below., or visit her blog:

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The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
Another exhilarating read! Once again I find Mat and Dougie facing the imaginable. Dougie has just done a horrible thing to Mat only so they could have a chance to stay together. He is immediately taken away and it starts. Agonizing remorse, intolerable anguish, oppressive fear and torturous desolation. These were brought to the page brilliantly. I could feel what Dougie felt. While I was reading about Dougie, I was in the darkness with him, giving up, suffering. I wanted to stop reading. I wanted to continue. A voice inside my head kept saying that he HAD to survive, that they would be together and that it would end. My heart broke, my tears fell, but I could NOT stop reading. On it continued with Mat. The strong one. Relentless in his determination to survive this - whatever the cost - Mat's suffering cut me the deepest. To see my Mat broken and lost was unbearable. My heart was beating erratically, my fingers shook with every tap of my tablet, but I could not step away. Gut-wrenching pain, everlasting exhaustion, excruciating uncertainty. All these emotion were exhilarating and taxing to my heart. I was beyond angry. I was murderous with rage. I was sad. I was in agony. But I had to know, would things be different once they were in Nikolai's hands? Which brings me to Nikolai Petrovic. A cold-hearted bastard of a man, Nikolai turned out to be everything I was fearing. He went to the heart of my boys - to their bond and their need to be together. He was direct and never wavered. He was deceitful and played on Dougie's state of mind and Mat's devotion to his brother. To tell you the truth, I have to admire his scheming mind even if I was repulsed by his actions, because the way he manipulated those boys was original and effective. I don't have to say that the writing was phenomenal, but I will express my admiration anyway. The world that Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau created is brilliant in a cruel, screwed up way. The characters alone captivate me each and every time, but the emotions brought to the page is what brakes me and keeps me coming back. How can I abandon my boys? All they want is to be together, to get through this, to survive. I want that for them too. Like the previous episodes, this was not an easy read, but it was an amazing piece of work. From the characters to the range of emotions, this serial put its claws in me since the first episode and has not let me go. I wouldn't want it any other way anyhow. This serial continues to surprise and pull me in and I can't wait until the next episode comes out.
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
*Book source ~ NetGalley Mat and Dougie have survived (barely) the flesh auction and head to the home of their new Master’s professional trainer, Nikolai Petrovic. Only they don’t know that until they get there. Each brother doesn’t even know where the other is even though they are traveling in the same RV. Is life about to get harder for them? Or will they escape? I’m not finding this series as enthralling as I did when I started. It’s still compelling and the writing is great, but maybe my tastes have changed. I want the brothers to escape their situation, but I’m not getting much hope to cling to. Maybe that’s the problem. They didn’t sign up for any of this, so I want to see them triumph over the bad guys, but it’s just not happening fast enough for me. If it ever does? I’m not sure. I probably wouldn’t continue except I have the next section from NetGalley. Maybe things will look up for the brothers then.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is such a heart wrenching story. Luckily the brothers get somewhat of a break in this one (if you can even call it that). Their new Master is Nikolai, and he kind of refurbishes the slaves he buys and molds them into what a potential buyer would like. So unlike the brutal men who raped Mat and Dougie, this man is all about training. His goal is to beat them down and then reshape them into the perfect slaves for their owners. Poor poor Mat. Due to his fighters pride, he always seems to get the most brutal attention. Nikolai is no exception. He plans to condition Mat to keep his fighting spirit but to still be subservient to his Master, which is proving to be a difficult task. Mat is shot up with drugs that make his nervous system go haywire anytime he does something that dissatisfies Nikolai. Meanwhile Dougie is isolated at treated like a baby bird. He's cherished by Nikolai and is given a tender hand by him. But of course, one wrong misstep on Dougie's part will come with ramifications and he soon learns to make sure Nikolai is happy with him. Gosh, this was another great episode to the story. It wasn't as horrific as the first season was but that could also be because I knew what to expect this time around. I've never read a story before that had me so shocked and disgusted the entire time but still managed to keep me from putting the book down. It's like driving by an accident on the road. We've all done it, rubbernecked to see all the horrible details, this story is no exception.
shadowVP More than 1 year ago
This book was a little shorter then I wanted, but contued the story well and I will be looking for the next one in the series.