The Flow of Life -

The Flow of Life - "Miss Ye"s True Story

by Shun Pan Adeline Nip


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The heroine of this book is an extraordinary woman from a powerful and wealthy family, who struggled to live through some eighty years of the turbulent Taiwan-China-Hong Kong era.

She endured the bullying of her step-mother. She did not receive any inheritance from her wealthy father simply because she was his daughter, not his son.

She was separated from her children for some twenty years during the times of social and civil upheaval. In order to survive and to feed the family, she had to accept whatever jobs she could get, no matter how unsuitable for a woman of her status.

Even though she was married three times, spanning Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei, she insisted to be called Miss Ye to maintain an air of independence which is her quintessential character. And in all her marriages, she always had the last word in family matters.

The life of Miss Ye, as told in this book, has taught us that life is like flow of water. When water encounters obstacles or is blocked, it never fights head on; it just goes around instead.
While never losing sight of her final goal, Miss Ye used the flow to empower herself and her family, and to keep herself in perfect form, thus to enjoy life to its utmost.

Also, it is interesting to note that the story was told by the mother, written by her daughter and published by her grandson.

This book is about Miss Ye's story regarding her life among mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Miss Ye's philosophy are as follows:
Childhood Philosophy: A self-confidence, no comparisons, mother-taught imprinted in our minds.
Junior Philosophy: Look insight through mother's sorrow as happiness comes along your own fighting of life.
Adults Philosophy: Do everything possible for your Life, making friends and finding ways to raise funds for your senior life as well as establishment of financial management practice.
Elderly Philosophy: Finding you happiness, managing old friends fellowship, cultivation of junior generation and live in a balancing way to enjoy your Life.

The author loves her mother - Miss Ye - by dedication and presentation of this remarkable book. She currently resides in Shanghai with her husband, a retired professor of Shanghai Medical University.

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About the Author

Adeline was born in a Noble family in Shanghai, raised and grew up in the traditional scholarship mood, graduated from Shanghai Huashan Art school Hong Kong Polytechnic University as majored in business and China Academy of Art University. The San Francisco Public Library has presented her Colored Rock Painting Collection in 2011.

Adeline has been a columnist for "Singtao Daily" and presented articles in the other magazines and newspapers in HK ,Taiwan and mainland China for years. She has published two books: "Seeking Dreams in Manhattan" and "Rambling in the US" which were highly recommended by Mrs. Anna Chennault .

Now Adeline is working for Singtao Media Group as an editor in charge for "US City Post Weekly". She has been serving as a fellow member of" Overseas Chinese Women Writers Association". Adeline currently resides in California, United States.

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