The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myths and Mysteries of a Battle

The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myths and Mysteries of a Battle

by Ken Allers Jr


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The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myths and Mysteries of a Battle by Ken Allers Jr

Pennsylvanians have a saying: "America was born in Philadelphia and saved at Gettysburg." In this way they acknowledge that Gettysburg was the defining battle of the Civil War.

Many books have covered the battle of Gettysburg. And even more have looked at the action in particular areas of the battlefield, at certain aspects of the conflict, or at the actions of various units or individuals. Until now, no book has focused on the confusion of the battle and the many unanswered questions that continue to this day.

The Fog of Gettysburg covers the myths, misunderstandings, and mysteries of the battle, the episodes that still provoke questions about what happened or why.

Now readers will the answers to such questions as:

  • Were the people of Gettysburg unaware that a battle was brewing, or were they awaiting it?
  • Was George Sandoe the first casualty of Gettysburg?
  • Was Jennie Wade a Southern sympathizer?
  • Why did the war start west of town instead of elsewhere?
  • Was John F. Reynolds killed by a sharpshooter or by friendly fire?
  • What were Robert E. Lee's exact orders to Jeb Stuart?
  • Who gave the order to attack at sunrise on July 1?
  • Did Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain win Gettysburg on July 2?
  • Who ordered the flank attack on July 3?
  • How did George A. Custer defeat Stuart?
  • How many people actually died?
  • How many civilians were killed?
  • Who buried the Confederates?

The Fog of Gettysburg is divided into five sections, each with approximately ten episodes, covering the period leading up to the battle, the three days of battle, and the period following the battle. Containing four maps and more than twenty-five photographs, the book is a valuable resource for anyone who is fascinated by the issues about Gettysburg that continue to this day.

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ISBN-13: 9781581826470
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 11/28/2008
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,189,365
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 9 Prologue 11 Part 1 Storm Clouds Gather
1 Gettysburg and Slavery 21
2 George Sandoe: First or a Side Note? 25
3 The Second Occupation of Gettysburg 29
4 Lee and Ewell 33
5 Words Between Lee and Stuart 37
6 Harrison: The Mystery Man 43
7 The Shoes, Always the Shoes 45 Part 2 July 1-Incomplete Victory
8 What Is the Pipe Creek Line? 51
9 What Was Heth thinking? 57
10 John Reynolds: So Little Time, So Many Mysteries 63
11 The World of John Burns 69
12 The Long Shadow of Stonewall Jackson 73
13 Getting Slocum to Move 77
14 In a Pigsty 81 Part 3 July 2-A Sea of Blood
15 Someone Blundered 87
16 Sickles: Hero or Goat? 95
17 Mahone and Anderson 101
18 What's in a Name? 105
19 The Savior of Little Round Top 109
20 The Broken 11th Corps 115
21 It Wasn't That Close 119
22 The Essential Business Meeting 123 Part 4 July 3-Death Everywhere
23 Prelude to Pickett's Charge 129
24 The Absent A. P. Hill 133
25 Fog or Smoke? 141
26 Pickett and Who? 145
27 North Carolina vs. Virginia 149
28 Where Is Pickett? Where Is Pickett's Report? 153
29 The Ignored and Neglected Child 157
30 One More Needless Death 161 Part 5 The Battle Over
31 The Attack of July 4 171
32 In Harm's Way 177
33 Who Lived? Who Died? 181
34 The Photographs Lie 185
35 Ectoplasm or Imagination? 189
36 Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree 193
37 Was the War Fought West of Gettysburg? 197 Appendixes Numbers and Units The Fog of Order 205 The Union Order of Battle 209 The Confederate Order of Battle 229 Notes 245 Bibliography 261 Index 281

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