The Food Talk: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages

The Food Talk: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages

by Sanjay Raja


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It is every caregiver's responsibility to teach their kids about healthy eating—the earlier the better. But nutrition has so many gray areas and changing rules that it can be very complicated for kids to figure out on their own. Even we as adults get confused. For example, eating pizza once every couple of weeks may be fine but eating it every day is not. Where do you draw the line? Once a week? Every five days? Every nine days? Furthermore, how do you get a four-year-old to draw the line?

The Food Talk shows parents how to teach their young (and older) kids about healthy eating in a way they can easily understand. I offer parents concrete, black-and-white rules for their kids about what is "good" and what is "bad" (for example, green is "good" and added sugar is "bad.") It is an approach that they can grasp right away and carry with them as they grow into adults.

While many books on kids' nutrition advocate masking healthy foods or sneaking vegetables into more "kid-friendly" junk foods, like hiding spinach in sugar-laden brownies, The Food Talk is totally against tricking kids into eating well. Rather, this book shows parents how to educate their children on how to make the best food choices for their own health. It also makes it easy for parents to set the standard for healthy eating for their young ones.

The Food Talk encourages parents to eat with intention and lead by example. We as parents lay down the rules at an early age—as soon as our children start developing their palates. Then as our kids get older, we provide them with more tools and knowledge to make their own informed choices when presented with nutritional gray areas. This 35,000-word book provides actionable steps parents can use to implement changes in their children's diets at any age.

Not only does The Food Talk stand out in the marketplace by providing easy healthy-eating rules that parents can even get their two-year-olds to follow, it is written from the unique perspective of a father with first-hand experience of the high cost of poor nutrition early in life. (That dad also happens to be a former professional MMA fighter and surgical consultant and founder of a worldwide nutrition and fitness education company dedicated to helping children and adults achieve their nutrition and fitness goals through education and cutting through healthy eating misinformation.) I have been having "the food talk" with my twins with great success since they were old enough to feed themselves.

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ISBN-13: 9781947937383
Publisher: Aviva Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2018
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Preface: A Note to Parents/Caregivers 13

Introduction: Every Journey Starts With A Single Step 15

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Table 19

Chapter 2 Eating With Intention 25

Chapter 3 Culture and Comfort Food 35

Chapter 4 Myths My Mother Told Me 43

Chapter 5 Sugar Addiction 53

Chapter 6 What Do Cocaine, Cigarettes, and Sugar Have in Common? 61

Chapter 7 Why We Need the Sugar Talk 65

Chapter 8 How to Have the "Sugar Talk" 69

Chapter 9 Why My Kids Read Label and How I Taught Them To 75

Chapter 10 Be A Food Detective: Sleuthing Nutritional Facts 79

Chapter 11 When to Say No to Natural Sugar 83

Chapter 12 The Rule of One 89

Chapter 13 Five Steps to Get Your Kids Off Sugar 93

Chapter 14 How to Avoid the Constant Barage of Marketing 101

Chapter 15 The "No Excuse" Guide to Eating 107

Chapter 16 Developing Good Eating Habits for Life, Starting with One- to Three-Year-Olds 113

Chapter 17 Radical Tactics 119

Chapter 18 Transforming Picky Eaters 127

Chapter 19 Away From Home: The Challenge of School Lunches, Birthday Parties, and Eating Out 133

Chapter 20 We're Not Hiding Anything 139

Chapter 21 Seasonal Cooking, Seasonal Life 147

Chapter 22 Foodstuff and Recipes: Breakfast 151

Chapter 23 Lunch Recipes 159

Chapter 24 Snacks 163

Chapter 25 Dinner 167

Chapter 26 Side Items 179

Chapter 27 Nut Milk and Infused Water 185

Chapter 28 Exercise Plays It's Role 189

Chapter 29 Brain and Body Food 193

Chapter 30 Make it Fun and Change It Up 195

Chapter 31 "Grown-Up" Exercise is For Kids 199

Chapter 32 Always the Foundation 203

A Final Note 207

The Food Diary 211

Bibliography 273

About the Author 281

About Team No Excuses Nutrition and Fitness Coaching 283

About Sanjay Raja's Continuing Nutrition & Fitness Education Club 285

Book Sanjay Raja to Speak at Your Next Event 287

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The Food Talk: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“The Food Talk is the perfect book for anyone who wants to teach kids the truths about nutrition and eating healthily at a young age. Your children may not thank you now, but they will in forty years when they see how much healthier they are than their contemporaries. This book is a must for every caring parent!” — Nicole Gabriel, MBA and Author of Finding Your Inner Truth, Stepping Into Your Becoming, Healing Your Dog Naturally, and Let's Get Your Book Published
Tyler_TichelaarTT More than 1 year ago
Sanjay Raja’s new book The Food Talk offers advice on how you can talk about food with your children and change their eating habits for the better. In the book, he makes the excellent point that talking about food with your children is just as important as talking to them about sex—food and sex are both very pleasurable but there is always risk involved. He also points out that if your children are able to say “macaroni and cheese” or “chicken tenders,” they’re able to say “carbohydrates” and “protein” and know what those words mean. We all want our children to eat better, more nutritious and healthier food. We just don’t know how to make that happen, and there are many culprits that try to sabotage us along the way. Raja offers step-by-step instructions in this book for parents so they can do everything from beginning to have the food talk with their children to getting them to read food labels and to eliminate sugar from their diets. He is not delusional—yes, children are bound to eat sugar—but we can also teach them about the effects sugar has on the body and teach them to cultivate tastes for nutritious foods—even broccoli and cauliflower. Raja also has advice for navigating around those culprits that would sabotage you and your kids—the birthday parties full of sugary cake and brownies, the grandparents who want to treat the grandkids, and the school lunch that offers cheese pizza and chicken tenders instead of green vegetables. Based on Raja’s advice, you’ll be able to create a plan for dealing with each of these situations and get your kids to learn how to make the right decisions for themselves. You’ll also be surprised by many of the myths about food and children’s eating habits that Raja exposes and that we, too often, accept without second thought. For example, one myth or belief we may not give a second thought to is “Kids shouldn’t eat off the adult menu.” In response to this, Raja states: “What a crock. While the portions might be smaller, children shouldn’t be limited to what is routinely offered on kids’ menus: pasta with butter, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken fingers, pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, and fried foods in general.” None of these foods are really nutritious. Instead, kids should be taught to eat what adults are eating and to be adventurous in their food choices. Raja offers advice on how to make that sense of adventure prevalent. As Raja explains, every meal is actually an opportunity to talk to your kids about food and the nutrients that the meal is offering to their bodies. With each chapter of The Food Talk, I found myself agreeing more and more with Raja. Is talking about food with children really that difficult, or have we just never given enough thought to doing it? I think The Food Talk is the perfect book to get parents started on having these educational talks with their kids. I also suspect parents will realize they have to practice what they preach, meaning they’ll be eliminating some of their bad food choices and making better ones for themselves. If you read this book and start implementing its advice, soon you and your children will be happier, healthier, and able to pass up those candy bars in the checkout aisle. It’s not a dream that can’t come true. Make it happen by beginning with this book.