The Forbidden Door (Signed Book) (Jane Hawk Series #4)

The Forbidden Door (Signed Book) (Jane Hawk Series #4)

by Dean Koontz

Hardcover(Signed Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781984817679
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/11/2018
Series: Jane Hawk Series , #4
Edition description: Signed Edition
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 360
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

Dean Koontz, the author of many #1 New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirits of their goldens, Trixie and Anna.


Newport Beach, California

Date of Birth:

July 9, 1945

Place of Birth:

Everett, Pennsylvania


B.S. (major in English), Shippensburg University, 1966

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The Forbidden Door (Jane Hawk Series #4) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 67 reviews.
Anonymous 15 days ago
More riveting than any action movie, more thoughtful than any new age pseudo-philosophical tome...brilliance you cannot afford to miss. Or ignore.
Anonymous 23 days ago
The book is hardly about Jane at all and not too much about Travis either. Much of the book is graphic and gross. I actually ff thru the last 180 pages just to finish it. Very disappointing as the first two novels were good. I may be done with the character.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Anonymous 9 days ago
I received this book through NetGalley and its publisher, Bantam. This is the fourth novel in the Jane Hawk series. The book continues with the pursuit of the FBI’s most wanted, Jane Hawks, while Jane attempts to retrieve her son from hiding. I enjoyed the book but it is beginning to feel like more of the same from the previous books in the series. That is why I dropped the rating from four stars to three. Hopefully the next book, The Night Window, has some new twists.
JHSEsq 24 days ago
Jane Hawk is relentless in her pursuit of her adversaries and determined to protect her young son. It doesn't matter that, once a top FBI agent, she is now the most-wanted criminal in America and a fugitive. She is determined to stop the powerful Arcardians, who have already infiltrated all branches of government and some of the nation's most critically needed agencies, from implementing their mind-control technology. Tragically, she didn't realize what was happening and was unable to save her husband. But she continues to employ her tactical skills to survive. The character of Jane Hawk is universally empathetic because of her motives: the anger, outrage, a broken heart, and maternal instinct. She also has a deeply ingrained sense of right and wrong, a moral code from which she will not stray, that fuels her quest for justice. In Koontz's capable hands, Jane's internal emotional struggles are fully developed and explored, and keep readers cheering her on. In the three previous installments in the series, The Silent Corner, The Whispering Room, and The Crooked Staircase, Jane eliminates some of her most powerful enemies, while her five-year-old son is safely tucked away with trusted friends. And her in-laws are also secure. But her enemies know that the way to bring Jane to submission is to strike those she loves and they are determined to use both her son and her in-laws as bait in order to do just that. And as The Forbidden Door opens, both her son and her in-laws are in grave peril. Jane must act quickly and stealthily if she is to save them. As Jane battles her way across country to her son's side, she encounters growing numbers of victims of the evil mind-control technology, all programmed to wreak violence and stop her. Both Jane and her adversaries are in a fight for their lives. And the forbidden door unleashes unimaginable terror and mayhem. The Forbidden Door is, like the first three installments, fast-paced and pulse-pounding. But it is even more terrifying because of the magnitude of the threats Jane faces, and the fact that Koontz has brought five-year-old Travis and Jane's in-laws to the forefront of the story. Jane's inventiveness, wit, and sheer will to save those she loves propel her to nerve-wracking confrontations with Arcadians that keep readers turning the pages until . . . alas, the story is not over and readers must wait for the next book in the series, The Night Window, to see what happens next. Thanks to Net Galley for an Advance Reader's Copy of the book.
Booklover225 29 days ago
Once again Dean Koontz creates a Jane Hawk book that keeps you reading into the night. Dean is a such a masterful writer you can count on him to weave a tale that makes you want the next book when you finish one. You believe and love the characters and are kept interested throughout the book. Jane Hawk is the most wanted former FBI agent in the country and not by the good guys. Framed by those in power and they will do anything to bring her down. In order to flush her out they go after her child any friends she has been know to even know casually and any relative to get to her. She must at all costs keep her son safe and hidden. Excellent reading and now I can't wait for the next one! I received an AFC for my honest review. I love his writing and this story of Jane Hawk is a great read.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This latest installment in the story of Jane Hawk had me closing my eyes and catching my breath. The words on the page created pictures that I couldn’t un-see, and I couldn’t stop reading this very emotional revealing of the life that has become Jane’s. Dean Koontz has never written a better character, and I am so looking forward to the continuation of this drama.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Frightening !
Bookworm_Babblings 3 months ago
The Forbidden Door is book 3 of the Jane Hawk series. This novel was a rather quick read as we see young Travis depend on Cornell, as he gets comfortable with Travis enough to divulge his family history and why he's alone. We see everyone around Borrego Valley get implants and they struggle to find Travis' grandparents. Jane has a plan to get Travis to safety before the Arcadians find him. Let's hope she does before it's too late.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I love this Jane Hawk series. Can’t wait for the next book. Dean Koontz style of writing keeps me so enthralled with the story I can barely sleep, needing to get to the next chapter and reading his verse is the main goal.
Jolie 4 months ago
I am not going to go on a crazy fangirl but I love me some Dean Koontz. I have fangirled in earlier reviews and in hindsight, it made me look like a nerd. So, yes I love Dean Koontz. And yes, I have read almost every single book that he has written. That includes what he was written under his pseudonym and excludes any books written from 2007-2017. I have enjoyed reading the Jane Hawk series. So when I saw that The Forbidden Door was up for review, I jumped on it. And did a happy dance when I got accepted. The Forbidden Door is the 4th book in the Jane Hawk series. Jane is trying to get to her son after learning that her friends died protecting him. Her son is safe with an autistic genius. A genius who is nervous about being in charge of a child but determined to protect him as much as he can. While she is traveling to get her son, the Arcadians are searching for her in-laws. They want to adjust Nick’s parents and use them to find out where Jane’s son is. They think that if they have the son, then they will be able to bring Jane to her knees. But, that is not the case. Nick’s parents have become ghosts and force the Arcadians to search for them. The Arcadians also have another huge issue, besides Jane trying to take them down. Recently adjusted people are being driven insane. They are committing heinous crimes. Can Jane reach her son before the Arcadians? Can the Arcadians contain the epidemic of adjusted people going insane? Will the Arcadians find Nick’s parents? What I liked about The Forbidden Door: I loved Jane. She was as fresh and as complex as she was in the first 3 books. I like that the author chose to highlight her maternal instinct. I also liked how he balanced it with her need to find justice for Nick’s and all the other adjusted people’s deaths. Her interactions with Luther, Bernie, Travis, and Cornell were awesome. Plus, I liked seeing a heroine that wasn’t afraid to use shady connections to help her. I was so happy to see Luther make an appearance in the book. I had missed him in book 3. I was wondering what happened to Rebecca, Jolie, and Twyla (and yes, I am still tickled that I see my name in a book!!). My wondering about them wasn’t answered. I was glad to see that Jolie was safe. It was Rebecca and Twyla that was my concern. I wanted to know where they were. I am hoping that my questions are answered in book 5. I loved that Cornell was in this book. I liked that the author went more into his background and his autistic tendencies. I liked, that in spite of his limitations, that he was able to hide Travis for as long as he did. His terror at taking care of Travis made me sad for him. He was afraid that he was going to fail him. He was a gentle giant. Travis was a remarkable kid. It didn’t seem like all the upheavals that went on in his life affected him. The only sign I saw was when he called Jane “Mommy” instead of “Mom“. I am wondering if his character will be in book 5 and what will happen to him. As with all books, the secondary characters are key to keeping the book flowing. The author did a great job at introducing various characters and keeping them constant for the entire time they are in the book. He also brought in secondary characters that were in the other books. Techno Arcadians and good guys. There were 3 major plotlines in The Forbidden Door. What I enjoyed was that the author was able to bring them all together at the end of the book. I also liked that none of them were resolved. None. It
Jaruwa 4 months ago
This is my first Dean Koontz novel, so I was not aware that this is part of a series about Jane Hawke, a brilliant and highly skilled FBI operative who, against all odds, defeats the bad guys and saves the day. Think action movie with a kick-ass heroine. Even though the story doesn’t begin with this book, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. However, the end is a cliffhanger that entices you to read the next one, so if you want to know what ultimately happens, you will have to read at least one more. I’d like to read the series from start to finish to see the full picture. What I enjoyed most about this book were the unique and well-defined characters. The storyline was a little wild and crazy, but I feel as though I know and care about many of these multi-faceted, intriguing people. I was impressed with the author’s skill at creating and describing locations as well. Recommended for those wanting high intensity action. Note: I received an advance copy of the ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
JReppy 4 months ago
This was an enjoyable follow-up to the third book. While I do not care much for the nano brain implant aspect of the plot, Mr. Koontz used it quite well in this book to create chaos and horror through the effect of the "whispering room." Some characters from earlier books were re-introduced and well utilized to advance Jane's efforts to save her son, Travis. I liked the interaction between Travis and Cornell. Be forewarned that Koontz spends a lot of time in this book focusing on nihilism, which some readers may dislike. The only real downside to the book is how Koontz deals with two of the main Techno Arcadian hunters, which was disappointing, bordering on idiotic. I received a copy of the e-book from NetGalley in exchange for a review.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Could not put it down. Every page held my attention. The story line, the detailed scene descriptions put me into the plot as an observer. Bravo.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Absolutely love this series! Mind blowing, action packed wild ride. You can't put it down! Anxiously awaiting the next book. Hats off to Dean Koontz for another excellent read!
MauCarden6 4 months ago
I’m gonna start with a secret. For long time readers there is some exquisite satisfaction to be found in The Forbidden Door. No, to casual readers of this review-I did not mean porn type. To interested readers of this review, the book could be read as a standalone if you like heart racing action; but why not quadruple your pleasure and read all of the Jane Hawk books? It is a bit unwieldy to keep referring to the bad guy elites as the techno Arcadians. Let’s simplify and refer them as the Mauve team. The Mauves are mostly made up of the well educated, moneyed people who are often in the tech, media, financial, law enforcement and intelligence fields. Let’s call Jane Hawk, the rogue FBI agent, her amazing friends and the good people of America, the Teal Team. The Mauve Team is aiming for world domination by injecting the Red Team with nanoconstructs that cross the blood/brain barrier and changes people into willing slaves. I would say some are now turning into violent zombies, but that would give zombies a bad name. As a hint to the horror of this adjustment, the first two triggers for these “adjusted people were “Let’s play Manchurian candidate”, then after Jane discovered the first trigger, “Uncle Ira is not Uncle Ira”. Before the Mauves started their plans, a computer composed the Hamlet list picking people who showed potential for future greatness and leadership; they were consequently injected with the nanoconstructs and ordered to commit suicide. Jane Hawk’s husband, Nick, was among these people. This terrible tragedy launched Jane into a crusade to bring down the Mauve team. The tension of this book never lets up. There were some heartbreaking losses in the third book. In The Forbidden Door, Jane’s beloved five year old son, Travis, is staying with an autistic genius, Cornell. He is the resident and designer of a library and bunker in case of an “apocagedden” –one of the best portmanteau words ever. The Mauve Team knows Travis is in the area and launches a full scale effort to find him. Jane, with the help of two Teal friends, launches her own clever plan to rescue him. There is also a secondary story line concerning the relentless search by a Mauve nihilist to find and “adjust” Nick Hawk’s parents. Maybe, parts of this story line were dragged on too long. I am also irritated that Jane did not search for GPS tracking devices as a matter of basic counter-surveillance. I am fascinated as always, either by Koontz’s knowledge of or imagination concerning his surveillance and counter surveillance technologies. I wish he had an afterward on which is which. Dean Koontz is an outstanding writer. He has never gotten stale or repetitive. I know more people who will mention one of his books as being on their personal top ten lists than just about any other writer. The Forbidden Door belongs amongst his best; his characters are better developed, his descriptions more complete, and his plotting more intricate and careful. As to his villains and heroes; they are what I have come to expect from Koontz. Hey, I wonder if there will be a new Orange hero in the final book. Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for this fair and honest review. (less)
Anonymous 4 months ago
Dreaded finishing it. Could not put it down now I have to wait for the next which is so hard to do
Anonymous 5 months ago
This is another excellent book in the wonderful Jane Hawk series. Once again, Dean R. Koontz outdoes himself with this riveting series of tales that are filled with heroism, suspense, thrills, and an enemy worth fighting against. I am so glad he is a fast and prolific writer, as I do not want to wait long for the next title in the Jane Hawk books. #NetGalley #ForbiddenDoor #DeanRKoontz
4MartyAnne 5 months ago
Jane Hawk is now public enemy number one. The smear campaign against her is going full steam, but people are beginning to wonder, is this the full story? Meanwhile, the Techno-Arcadians have uncovered the secret of who is guarding Jane's son, Travis. Jane is putting all her available resources to work in order to get him once again safe. The Arcadians have considerable resources and are well-connected inside the government, but they are not a majority, and they are not without a soft underbelly. If you have followed Jane Hawk this far, you really don't want to miss this book! I'm already wishing the next one was out!
anneinaz 5 months ago
The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz is the forth in the Jane Hawk series and finds Jane still on the run from the conspirators that are taking over the government from within and inspiring countless people to end their lives prematurely. This time, her primary mission is to move her son, Travis, from his current hiding place to a safer one. Her enemies know she is coming for him and are waiting for her and doing their best to find him before she does. It is a complex journey; one that she is not sure will end well. She has many contacts from her time in the FBI...not all above board but most willing to help, for a price. Jane is a complex and compelling character. She is smart, fearless, loving, and loyal. She is not lacking in courage and is so desperate that she will try anything. She is a planner and her plans seem to work. Some of the characters from the conspiracy have interesting depth and consistency, giving one pause, as the live situations that have formed their personalities are rampant on our society. The plot is complicated, a myriad of roadblocks thrown in Jane's way, keeping the reader in constant suspense. Will she get past this one? At the same time, books and movies like inspire constant worry in those of us who have lost faith in the government. I recommend this book for action/thriller readers. It could be read as a stand-alone but would probably be a better experience if read as part of the series. It is a page-turner with plot twists at every turn. I received a free ARC of this book in order for a fair and honest review. #netgalley
TamWindsor_69 5 months ago
Jane Hawk is a character that has come to feel almost like family to me. Throughout the series, she has been written in such a realistic and vibrant way, that I have found it very easy to become heavily invested in her plight to prove that her husband, and others, did not commit suicide but were programmed to do so through the experimental use of invasive, biological, nanotechnology. In this fourth novel of the series, Jane continues to show courage and determination as she battles, tirelessly, to stay alive and keep her young son safe from those that would use him in the most nefarious of ways. Since she has been labeled a rogue FBI agent and 'hawked' (pun intended) to the public as an exceedingly dangerous and unstable criminal that has committed treason, she must employ the use of clever disguises to hide her identity. She finds that she must rely on the help of not only strangers she befriends along the way, but those who are involved in the types of illegal activities for which they should, lawfully, be arrested. Through everything, she continues to be hunted, mercilessly, while trying to gather the evidence she needs to expose the secret society of extremely powerful people that are running the horrific project which is turning innocent people into mindless, biddable, husks willing to do anything they are told to do, including murder, prostitution and suicide. Once again, Koontz brings the techno thrills and cyber chills that have been the driving force in this series, while also giving you a kick butt, take-no-prisoners heroine with the heart of a mother lioness that you can really champion. And, I applaud him for his unique ability to stay fresh, modern and relative in a very demanding and exacting niche of the literary market. #TheForbiddenDoor #NetGalley *I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley & Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I just can't get enough of this character. The best in the series so far. 467 or pages. Fast moving and plenty of action. Highly recommended. ( but if you haven't read any other in the series, recommend starting from book #1)
mweinreich 5 months ago
This has become for me a seriously addicting series. Although it is what might be considered a long book, the pages fly by and one is totally immersed in Jane Hawk's quest to undo evil and protect her beloved son, Travis. In this book, the fourth of the series, Jane is once again battling the evil members of the Arcadian group who through the ability of nanotechnology are able to infiltrate one's brain literally doing away with free will and putting the recipients in the total power of the Arcadians. This diabolical group has infiltrated all levels of government, business, having successfully succeeded in painting our heroine Jane appear as a serial killer. Of course Jane is on every wanted list imaginable, and the Arcadians's goal is to stop her and find her son in order to do so. Jane is a masterful character. She is astute, cunning, and has all the makings of a terrific female lead character. She is searching for the leader of this organization who is able to enslave people with just an injection. You find yourself cheering Jane on as she battles, with the help of a few wonderful friends, this evil organization. There are some topnotch additions to the series with the characters of Bernie Riggowitz, the Auschwitz survivor, Cornell Jasperson, app inventor with a touch of autism and Luther Tillman, ex-cop and freedom fighter. If you enjoy a book that combines a touch of humor, horror, suspense, and reading into the middle of the night, this series comes highly recommended. So looking forward to the next in the series. Until then, this reader will be pulling for Jane and waiting for her to cut the head off the snake who is leader the Arcadians.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Koontz's Jane Hawk series is his best. That said, I have enjoyed them all.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Cannot wait for the next book in the series! Love it!