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The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles

The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles

The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles

The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles


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During the 1979 revolution, Iranians from all walks of life, whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian, socialist, or atheist, fought side-by-side to end one tyrannical regime, only to find themselves in the clutches of another. When Khomeini came to power, freedom of the press was eliminated, religious tolerance disappeared, women’s rights narrowed to fit within a conservative interpretation of the Quran, and non-Islamic music and literature were banned. Poets, writers, and artists were driven deep underground and, in many cases, out of the country altogether. This moving anthology is a testament to both the centuries-old tradition of Persian poetry and the enduring will of the Iranian people to resist injustice. The poems selected for this collection represent the young, the old, and the ancient. They are written by poets who call or have called Iran home, many of whom have become part of a diverse and thriving diaspora.

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ISBN-13: 9781609173296
Publisher: Michigan State University Press
Publication date: 01/01/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 182
Sales rank: 902,171
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Born in Iran, and now an American citizen, Sholeh Wolpé is an award-winning poet, literary translator, and writer.

Table of Contents

Contents Acknowledgments A Note to the Reader Introduction The State of Red And Behold - Simin Behbahani In This Dead-End Road - Ahmad Shamlou Death Sermon - Nader Naderpour The State of Red - Mandana Zandian Parts of a Pedestrian in a Tunnel - Rasoul Younan Of Sea Wayfarers - Esmail Khoi Blood and Ash - Nader Naderpour Camouflage Costumes - Granaz Moussavi Untitled - Shams Langeroodi A Mob! Tumult! - Peyman Vahabzadeh My House Is Cloudy - Nima Yushij Blood’s Voice - Mohsen Emadi If Rising from Your Grave - Naanaam Death from the Window - Naanaam Life - Naanaam The Sticky Dream of a Banished Butterfly (Excerpt) - Maryam Hooleh Our Tears Are Sweet - Simin Behbahani I See the Sea . . . - Shams Langeroodi You Said, It’s Only Grapes - Simin Behbahani Translating Silence Me - Granaz Moussavi The Poem - Mohsen Emadi From “23” - Shams Langeroodi The Shah and Hosseinzadeh - Reza Baraheni Hosseinzadeh, the Head Executioner - Reza Baraheni Ass Poem - Reza Baraheni Depression - Yadollah Royai Petition - Nader Naderpour A List of Names - Partow Nooriala Nargess - Partow Nooriala Always the Same . . . - Ahmad Shamlou I Did Not Expect - Ahmad Reza Ahmadi Of Your Uncles - Ahmad Shamlou 99 Names of Exile 99 Names of Exile - Kaveh Bassiri Ghazal 2 - Nader Naderpour Spring Story - Nader Naderpour Marco Polo - Ali Alizadeh Red-Raft Woman - Esther Kamkar Map of Ashen Roads - Sholeh Wolpé Memorial Day - Kaveh Bassiri Family of Scatterable Mines - Solmaz Sharif Airport - Granaz Moussavi Bleeding Green From Green to Green - Sohrab Sepehri The Green of Iran - Sholeh Wolpé Song of a Forbidden Woman - Granaz Moussavi At the Hamlet of Golestaneh - Sohrab Sepehri Summer Is a Green Story - Esther Kamkar A New Idea - Rumi Feminist - Maryam Ala Amjadi When a Color Stops Being a Color, Becomes Something Else Completely - Shideh Etaat Rebellious God Rebellious God - Forugh Farrokhzad Lovers! - Tahirih Return to the Wellspring - Jila Mossaed Criticizing the Veil - Iraj Mirza Collage Sixteen - Ziba Karbassi Martyrs of Iran - Roger Sedarat I Didn’t Ask for My Parents - Sholeh Wolpé God’s Poem - Nader Naderpour Fire; take a step . . . - Sepideh Jodeyri Hezbollah - Sheema Kalbasi A Homily on Leaving - Nader Naderpour Religion - Amy Motlagh Of Leaving - Sholeh Wolpé Stepping through Time The Art of Stepping through Time - H. E. Sayeh In Praise of Big Noses - Persis Karim Untitled - Peyman Vahabzadeh Those Who Stood Up for Tolerance - Hafez Rhyme by Rhyme - Tahirih Stay Light on Your Feet - Rumi Collage Eleven - Ziba Karbassi Collage Fourteen - Ziba Karbassi The Plumber’s Poem - Zara Houshmand My Hands Tremble Yet Again—A Soliloquy - Sheida Mohammadi Hot Tea, a Warm Muffin - Shideh Etaat Mulberries and Chador - Farzaneh Milani Return from My Body’s Black-and-Blue - Sheida Mohammadi Caravan - H. E. Sayeh Connection - Forugh Farrokhzad I Won’t Quit Loving - Hafez Morning Star - Ziba Karbassi Twittering - Pegah Ahmadi Someone like No One - Forugh Farrokhzad Water - Sohrab Sepehri About the Poets and Translators

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