The Foreseen

The Foreseen

by Emma Coray


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Jodie has finally managed to move on from her violent husband, Jack, and is forming new relationships and establishing her own business. With CJ, her son, she has a new homethe whereabouts of which are unknown to Jackand the prospect of a normal life.

Jack, however, feels differently. He is the victim and he wants Jodie back to play the part of the dutiful wife with her life centred around his needs and desires. He is prepared to go to any length to find her and get her back under his control.

But not only is he frustrated by Barry, who was involved in getting Jodie away, he is also up against forces beyond his understanding. CJs best friends, Thomas and Kellykilled in a hit and run incidentare still not at peace. They establish contact with CJ and a medium, Mable, and are instrumental in trying to thwart Jack.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781786938312
Publisher: Austin-Macauley Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 09/29/2017
Pages: 362
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Author Emma Coray is best known for writing action-packed supernatural thrillers. It's no wonder, as growing up she had her fair share of real life paranormal encounters. She enjoys writing children’s stories too. Although she saves the spooky stuff for the adults.

Her debut novel STRUCK received five star status. This is her first book in the Jodie Vickers series. Since then she has written a lovable children’s book called FIERCE PIERCE; A PIRATE’S TALE.

THE FORESEEN is the second and concluding story in the Jodie Vickers series.

Table of Contents

Prologue - 2nd October: 12

Tues 23rd June: The Day Jack was Knocked Out 16

Jack Meets Mable 28

The School Run - Wed 24th June 36

At the 'All Day Laundry' 43

Natalie 47

Guy 54

At The Nag's Head 60

The Assailant 67

The Office - Thursday 72

25th June 72

Jodie's Present 77

The Discovery 85

What Jodie Did 89

Marie 98

'Best's Butchers' 106

Thursday Evening at the Best's House 114

Thursday Evening at Jodie's 120

The Message 127

(Friday 26th June: am) 127

The Char (Friday 26th June) 136

The Lie (Sat 27th June) 145

The Monday Meeting (29th June) 160

29th June 179

At the Quarry 185

The Unexpected Visit 200

Anyone for Cricket 205

Jodie's Regret 209

The Haywood Twins 216

Let's do Lunch 221

Jack's Promise 226

Bat and Ball 228

Small Talk 232

Jack and Marie 238

The Walk 245

Close Encounters 255

The Escape 262

Round Two 269

Monday Evening 274

The Dead of Night 283

A Small Bump 287

The Scan 295

The Plot 299

The Appointment 305

What happened at Cake's House 311

Return to the Quarry 318

Going to Bingo 321

Jodie's Fate 325

The Journey 329

Till Death Do Us Part 335

Caught 337

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth 341

Departed 351

The Body in the Quarry 354

Friends 359

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