The Forest Bull

The Forest Bull

by Terry Maggert


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ISBN-13: 9781539910497
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/31/2017
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Left-handed. Father of an apparent nudist. Husband to a half-Norwegian. Herder of cats and dogs. Lover of pie. I write books. I've had an unhealthy fascination with dragons since the age of-- well, for a while. Native Floridian. Current Tennessean. Location subject to change based on insurrection, upheaval, or availability of coffee. Ten books and counting, with no end in sight. You've been warned.

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The Forest Bull 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Tangen More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable and well written. Good balance of information and background. No excessive detailing of either methods of ingathering financial aspects of dispatched killers or fine points of erotica. Just enough without becoming boring or clinical. Decidedly well plotted, and finely designed at the end to leave the reader panting for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Way too short , unbelievable it is complete waste of time.
CJC67 More than 1 year ago
If paranormal fantasy is to your liking then you have found the right book!!! Three immortal hunters one male and two female have chosen a path of killing immortals who prey on the innocent for their own pleasure and existents. Only now they have been hired by a Baron to find stolen jewels. Only catch is the woman that has stolen them is his own daughter. But the hunters must first learn who and what she is besides trying to save their own town from the immortals preying on locals. Fast paced and intriguing. Be ready for a wild ride!! 
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review Terry Maggert has done a fantastic job with this paranormal fantasy. It is about immortal hunters in a world when many are preying on the immortals unless they can be stopped. Each character has its own story. This is an original story and it is a fantastic read. It took me a bit  to get into it but once I did I could not put it down. I am so anxious to read the rest of the books in the set. Although I gave 5 stars to this  book I wish I could have given Terry more than that for this fabulous read. I highly recommend it to all.
SBMorales More than 1 year ago
I have to admit the cover got my attention right away. The story within totally lives up to the cover. It's amazing!! I love paranormal reads and this one is so entertaining. The story was so original and I got to read about paranormal characters that aren't written about often. I just loved this trio. Each character has their own back story and I can't wait to find out more about how they came together and why. This was a great start to a new series. I can't wait to read the next book!!
NYM More than 1 year ago
Holy Hell! This was one great book. A paranormal thriller, The Forest Bull is a unique and intriguing tale of the fight against evil. Like vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc? Terry Maggert delivers something fresh to close your closet door against before you go to bed. Quick pace, but enough back story to really flesh out the characters, distinct voices for each of them, incredible plot, and the creepy but alluring antagonists will keep you coming back for more (or just staying up late reading "one more chapter"). Very well done Mr. Maggert. I look forward to following the story through to its completion.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from Redhead Book Services in exchange for an honest review. Where to start on this book.  I had a really hard time with it.  I felt like it just jumped around way too much.  It was really hard for me to follow.  I also felt the blurb was very misleading.  I didn’t really see any more to the relationship between Ring, Wally, and Risa than roommates.  They talked about having an unconventional relationship, but I didn’t see it.  The story did seem to get better and easier to follow once I hit the 75% mark, but it was a real chore to get there.  For a 250 page book, it seemed to take forever to finish.   2-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
AudiobookReviewer More than 1 year ago
The Forest Bull is a fantasy through and through, hooked me with the first hour, a good thing. Highly developed protagonist characters, being that there was three to develop, Maggert didn't waste time with the inconsequential information that I didn't really need to know. They were a different kind of killing family, patriarchal, with the leading man, Ring, caring and protecting his two women, which added a very interesting dynamic to the story. Maggert showed skill in being able to write from the male perspective while keeping the female characters very equal in interest. They belong to a secret society that hunt immortals, that seemed very, well, vampire crossed with the creature from Species and very tough and hard to kill. If you caught the hint, there are several sexual situations throughout, but far from erotica and tastefully done. I am so glad I took a chance and was exposed to the world that Maggert created, I will be keeping my ears ope for more powerfully written audiobooks. Audiobook provided for review by the author. Please find this complete review and many others at audiobookreviewer dot com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
THE FOREST BULL may be by a 'first-time novelist' but it shows through-out the efforts of the careful, sure hand of someone who cares deeply about 'getting it right'. Though dealing with subjects that have been done quite a bit lately in popular culture, Maggert brings a fresh viewpoint and voice that holds the reader fixed. His monsters aren't just there to make the heroes look good; they are dangerous and violent, and our three main characters are always on the edge of destruction. There is a lot of depth to this book, the world-building is well-thought out, so much so that it would be a darn shame if there isn't a sequel in the works.
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
‘The Forest Bull’ is a horror novel with truly evil creatures and a trio of hunters who will stop at nothing to rid the world of them. Ring, Waleska (Wally), and Risa are hunters who have been personally affected by the Undying and also have a few tricks of their own which come in handy while hunting. Yet there may be a bigger web they never knew of directing their lives and activities to this point. The trio has hunted all manner of creature, from vampires to ghouls and everything in between. Now they have a new deadly enemy and perhaps deadlier friend. I was impressed with ‘The Forest Bull’ from the beginning. The characters of Ring, Wally, and Risa truly work well together and I loved their dynamic as friends, hunters, and lovers. I was also impressed with the Undying creatures as they weren’t all identical or had similar powers/killing methods even though they were sired from the same creature. The mythos the author created was complex, but still easy to understand. I thought it was really interesting how Ring, Wally, and Risa would gain power from killing the Undying. I didn’t have a problem with them taking the Undying’s possessions to sell as they rarely kept anything for themselves, but donated the cash to those more deserving than the ones who had owned the items. I am hoping we see more of the hunters in a future novel because there is so much more for them to discover. ‘The Forest Bull’ is a truly engaging and fascinating story!