The Forgotten Child
The Forgotten Child

The Forgotten Child

by D. E. White


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ISBN-13: 9780008318802
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/27/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 815
File size: 2 MB

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The Forgotten Child 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Alyson Read 3 months ago
First of all I would say to anyone considering buying this book to ignore the early less than favourable reviews that have been posted. There was an original blurb written for this book which I don't think did it any favours. I read the book and expected one type of story but got something quite different, and I think it is this that has led to some lower star reviewers. I understand it has now been amended to a better description for the book. Holly had a difficult start in life, being the daughter of one of the criminal families who ran the Seaview Estate where drugs and crime were rife. After the unsolved death of her mother and then the disappearance of her brother when his girlfriend and baby were murdered, she took her life in a completely different direction and tried to leave the past behind. Although different, ultimately things were not really much better for her, and now she finds herself living nearby and once more trying to make a new life for herself and her young son. One night the are involved in a car accident but on regaining consciousness she finds an extra child in the wrecked car. With no idea who he is or where he came from, she finds herself thrown back into the past she so desperately wanted to forget and has to fight to keep hold of those she cares about whilst never knowing who she can trust anymore. Although the child in the title is important, this is really a story about rival family gangs and the competition between them on a run down drug infested estate, involving some members who want to break free of this lifestyle and others who want to immerse themselves fully and become top dogs. It was sad to read how most of the people who disliked the lifestyle were still not brave enough to try to do something to stop it, preferring to simply accept that's how things are or run away instead. Well written, the book had a slowish start, with a lot of characters to get familiar with, and for a while it was hard to see where the story was going. However the strands did later all start to weave together to reveal the truth, and the action at the end made up for it as all questions were finally answered and things made sense at last!
amandainpa 14 days ago
This story started out amazing and spiraled downward from there. What started as a chilling mystery/thriller turned into a confusing crime drama focusing on a large cast of characters belonging to an organized crime family. Somewhere along the way, the focus of the story shifted and my interest waned very quickly. Organized crime is just not a topic that interests me in books and it was a very heavy theme throughout. Not my favorite. I received an e-arc of this book to review from the publisher and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Denice_L 18 days ago
A different kind of thriller that is not necessarily what you'd expect from the synopsis. A woman trying to escape her past gets drawn back into her family circle by circumstance. We find out quickly that her family is Family with a capital F. DE White sets an original story inside an organized crime community and then turns the imagination loose. The title Forgotten Child could be the child found at the site of a car crash or could be our main character. The story line plays out with many clues that will mislead the reader into thinking you know what will happen next, only to find out you missed something a few pages back. Again, this is not a typical mystery/ thriller, but is definitely a good read.
dlvandruff 3 months ago
Holly has finally escaped from her drug dealing family. Now she needs to divorce her cheating lying husband and maybe her and Mili can live a simple life. It's hard extracting yourself from a life of drug dealers, even if they are family. They seem to follow you 2vety place you go. As she's driving down a dark icy road a car comes up behind her and hits her bumper. Suddenly her and her son are off the road going down an embankment. When she becomes conscious, she checks her son to see how badly he may be hurt. That is when she discovers another child in her car. A young boy. She doesn't know who he is.ball she knows is that she needs to save her child and this unknown boy. As she tries to come to grips with how the drug family may be involved with her wreck and the discovery of this other child, she learns revenge, hate, live ,loyalty can all be pieces of the same puzzle. Great read!
JillB1 4 months ago
Holly wakes up after a terrible car crash and discovers another child in the car along with her young son. Hmmm this additional child wasn’t there before the accident, so what’s going on? What could have been a really good psychological thriller veers off into an organized crime story which came as a surprise to me.
Jill-Elizabeth_dot_com 4 months ago
I hate giving stars when a book is just not what was advertised/what I expected and turns out to be a genre or topic I don't much care for and would not have chosen to review. It's tough to evaluate something that is fundamentally not what you would have chosen to read... Like a number of other readers, I found this to be entirely different from the way it was advertised, and not in a good way. It started out really strongly and I was engaged completely for the first quarter of the book, despite the fact that the focus never really lay where the blurb led you to believe it would - with the child and his mysterious circumstances. But from then on, references to the eponymous child became even fewer and farther between and the focus was entirely on an organized crime family battle between a series of odious characters, and that's when it lost me in earnest. From then on I struggled to stay with it and eventually had to admit that this was not what I'd signed up for and put it down for good... It's too bad, because I really did enjoy the beginning, but then the storytelling (style and substance) shifted into a realm I just couldn't find compelling. If I had known that was what the story was primarily about, I would not have requested it - I'm just not this book's audience... Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my obligation-free review copy.
CCinME 4 months ago
The title and description were so intriguing. Unfortunately the book did not live up to either. It really didn't focus on the child but was about the seedier side and organized crime. Writing was choppy and hard to follow. Not a good fit for me.