The Forgotten Homeland: A Century Foundation Task Force Report

The Forgotten Homeland: A Century Foundation Task Force Report




The Forgotten Homeland gathers some of the leading homeland security experts to analyze the nation's most significant vulnerabilities and to propose strategies to reduce them. The report addresses terrorist as well as nonterrorist threats and offers ideas for strengthening all aspects of our emergency response—including our ability to respond to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Key topics covered include protecting transportation networks, upgrading "first response" capabilities, confronting the unconventional weapons challenge, and gaining better intelligence. Task force members include Catherine Allen (Banking Industry Technology Secretariat), Roger W. Cressey (formerly National Security Council), R. P. Eddy (Center for Policing Terrorism/Gerson Lehrman Group), Stephen E. Flynn (Council on Foreign Relations), John Gannon (formerly National Intelligence Council), General John A. Gordon (USAF, Ret.), Juliette Kayyam (Harvard University), Lawrence Korb (Center for American Progress), Paul Kurtz (Cyber Security Industry Alliance), Jamie Metzl (formerly Council on Foreign Relations), Martin O'Malley (mayor of Baltimore), Dan Prieto (Harvard University), Alison Silverstein (formerly Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), Steven Simon (RAND Corporation), John Tritak (formerly Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office), and Lee Zeichner (Zeichner Risk Analytics). The project directors for the task force are Robert K. Knake (Good Harbor Consulting) and Steven Simon (RAND Corporation).

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ISBN-13: 9780870784989
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Publication date: 06/30/2006
Edition description: ANN
Pages: 315
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Richard A. Clarke has served the past three presidents as special assistant to the president for global affairs, national coordinator for security and counterterrorism, and special adviser to the president for cybersecurity. Rand Beers has served on the National Security Council under presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and most recently as special assistant to the president and senior director for combating terrorism under George W. Bush. He also served as assistant secretary of state for intermational narcotics and law enforcement affairs (1998-2002).

What People are Saying About This

Admiral James Loy

"This report captures many lessons learned the hard way since 9/11. It offers the counsel of many concerned professionals as to how to take stock and how to move forward with our work. If I were still in my old job at DHS, I would take time to read it carefully and use it as a checklist against our current agenda."
USCG (Ret.), former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

Warren Rudman

"As our nation continues to slip into complacency, THE FORGOTTEN HOMELAND is a powerful reminder that the threat of terrorism has not gone away and that our government has done far too little to prevent the next attack. Rand Beers and Richard Clarke have assembled a top-tier task force of homeland security experts. We would be wise to heed their warning and move forward on the many insightful recommendations that they propose to secure our nation."
former U.S. Senator, New Hampshire

Graham Allison

"THE FORGOTTEN HOMELAND is certain to become the leading text on homeland security and what we can do to make America safer."
Douglas Dillon Professor of Government and Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

Mark Warner

"THE FORGOTTEN HOMELAND documents in stunning detail the failure to secure our nation against the threat of terrorism and provides fresh and valuable thinking on homeland security. It should be on the reading list of policymakers and citizens who want to be informed about one of the most important issues facing our nation today and in the years to come. Clarke and Beers deliver a much-needed call to action."
former Governor of Virginia

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